Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Event – Challenges Guide, Skins, Details

We're taking a look at Borderlands 3's upcoming event called Bloody Harvest! This is a spooky Halloween based event that will have a new map to explore and some scary monsters to fight! If you can survive long enough, you'll be able to fight a familiar boss from the game's story mode. So, if you're curious about the event, you'll learn everything you need to know about it with our guide!

What is the Bloody Harvest Event?

It's a Halloween themed Borderlands 3 limited-time event that will have you facing off against some unique scary monsters! The event will give you a chance to earn some spooky cosmetics for your Vault Hunter, weapons, and other skinned items!

Bloody Harvest Release Date

The Bloody Harvest event started on October 24th, 2019! The event will last for quite a while actually, and ends on December 5th, 2019!

Is the Bloody Harvest Free?

Yes! This is a free event that everyone can take part in as long as you have gotten to at least the Sanctuary III ship in the story.

How-to Start the Bloody Harvest Mission

Talk to Maurice, he's now on your ship near where you can switch Mayhem mode difficulties. Who is Maurice? Well, he's your new dinosaur friend!

This is Maurice...

How Does the Event Work?

You will come across "Haunted enemies" while traveling around the galaxy. These are enemies that have a ghostly green or red glow floating around them. Once you kill one, a Ghost will spawn which you will also need to kill. The Red Ghosts from Badasses drop additional loot if you kill it! You will want to slay either of these to collect Hecktoplasm that can be turned in back at Sanctuary to Maurice.

You'll need to collect 25 Hecktoplasm to unlock entry to the Bloody Harvest map. This is where you'll fight against many Halloween themed monsters including Rakk-O'-Lanterns and other evil looking enemies. This is also where you will fight against the Baron of the Bloody Harvest! He's your old friend Captain Traunt who you have likely taken down in story-mode. He is now Captain Haunt, and will be potentially a difficult battle depending on how geared you are!

After you've completed the event, you will need to collect another 25 Hecktoplasm to enter Heck again!

Bloody Harvest Challenges List

There's 15 total challenges you'll be able to complete, and at 4, 8, 12, and 15 you will gain a cosmetic reward!

  • An Eye for Quality Hecktoplasm (20)
    • Kill Loot Ghosts.
  • Chaotic Good Cleric (500)
    • Kill Ghosts in Mayhem Mode.
  • Charon's Toll (50)
    • Collect Blood Harvest loot.
  • Easy as Pumpkin Pie (1)
    • Solve the pumpkin puzzle.
  • El Campeon Fantasmal (1)
    • Kill Haunted El Dragon Jr.
  • Exorcist (150)
    • Kill Haunted Badasses.
  • Friends Don't Die (1)
    • Kill Haunted Demoskaggon.
  • Heckraiser (1)
    • Loot a Blood Harvest Legendary.
  • I am Rakkman! (1)
    • Kill Haunted Rakkman
  • Lawful Good Cleric (250)
    • Kill Ghosts.
  • My Boss Has Been Ghosting Me All Week (25)
    • Kill Captain Haunt.
  • Nate's Hostile (1)
    • Kill Haunted Borman Nates.
  • Pumpkin Spiced (1)
    • Equip 3 pieces of Blood Harvest loot at the same time.
  • Reap What You Sow, Bro (1)
    • Kill Captain Haunt with a Blood Harvest gun.
  • Snowball's Chance in Heck (100)
    • Kill Haunted Enemies with Cryo Damage in The Heck Hole.

Bloody Harvest Challenges Guide

An Eye for Quality Hecktoplasm (20)

You'll need to kill 20 Loot Ghosts to complete this one. These are the gold colored Ghosts that will spawn from gold aura enemies.

Chaotic Good Cleric (500)

Haunted Enemies spawn all over the Borderlands universe. You'll know they are haunted by the greenish or reddish glow that surrounds them. Once you kill one of the enemies, a Ghost will spawn out of their body and you need to kill it! You'll need to kill 500 of these in Mayhem Mode to complete this challenge.

The best way to farm these is just to jump into a Proving Grounds, there's a ton of enemies and a lot of them are Haunted.

Charon's Toll (50)

Make sure to pick anything up that has the Terror Anointment on it, and it will count towards this challenge!

Easy as Pumpkin Pie (1)

This is pretty easy, right before you drop down into one of the holes in Heck you will see some differently lit jack-o-lanterns. In the room with the hole in it, there will be four colored skulls connected to chains. You need to pull the chains in the order of how the jack-o-lanterns are colored from left to right. Once you do that, you will complete the challenge. This will also open up a room near the hole that you can go into and loot!

El Campeon Fantasmal (1)

You need to kill Haunted El Dragon Jr. (look for the green glow) to complete this challenge. You'll find El Dragon Jr on Eden-6 at Jakobs Estates. He's pretty close to the starting fast travel station.

Exorcist (150)

You can find Haunted Badasses on just about all planets. You'll know they are haunted if they have the red aura around them. The higher you bump up your Mayhem difficulty, the more badasses will spawn!

Friends Don't Die (1)

The Demoskaggon can be found on Pandora in the Droughts. It's directly north west of the fast travel station.

Heckraiser (1)

You need to collect a Blood Harvest Legendary to complete this challenge. You'll probably just want to farm Captain Haunt who is the boss of Heck. It has to be a Legendary specific to the event, not one that has dropped previously.

I am Rakkman! (1)

You can find Rakkman over on Pandora in Carnivora. You're probably going to need to keep an eye out for the Rakkman Signal in the sky to make sure he's going to spawn.

Lawful Good Cleric (250)

This one has you killing Ghosts in normal mode instead of in Mayhem. However, killing Ghosts in Mayhem mode counts towards this challenge!

My Boss Has Been Ghosting Me All Week (25)

Looks like you're going to need to farm Captain Haunt regardless of if you want that Bloody Harvest Legendary or not!

Nate's Hostile (1)

Borman Nates can be found in the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea. He's in the upper level of a structure that is very close to the fast travel location.

Pumpkin Spiced (1)

As far as I know, there's four different pieces of Blood Harvest loot. This just means any piece of loot that contains an Anointed Terror bonus. It can be any rarity, just look for an item that features that buff.

Reap What You Sow, Bro (1)

You need to use any weapon that features the Terror Anointment, which can be found during the event. You will then have to make sure that weapon is what you use to finish off Captain Haunt!

Snowball's Chance in Heck (100)

Finally, you will want to equip a Cryo weapon and slay Haunted Enemies in The Heck Hole to complete this final challenge.

Bloody Harvest Skins/Rewards

There's some pretty nice rewards you can get for participating in the event! There's skins for each of the Vault Hunters to be earned, you can check these out below.

Bloody Harvest Skins

You'll also be able to potentially earn an ECHO Device Skin, Weapon Trinket, and a Global Weapon Skin to your collection! The cosmetics can be earned by completing challenges that are exclusive to Bloody Harvest. The progress is tracked automatically, and you'll obtain a cosmetic by completing certain numbers of the challenges.

You will earn the Shrunk 'n Dead trinket for 4 challenges, HECKO-3 Echo Device skin for 8 challenges, 12 challenges unlocks one of the If Spooks Could Kill skin for your particular Vault Hunter, and completing all 15 challenges will get you the Ghoul Metal Gray weapon skin!

Ghoul Metal Gray Weapon Skin

Not only that, you'll also be able to possibly find two new Legendary guns as well as a shield and grenade mod! There are also going to be Anointed weapons that play off the new Terror mechanic that is being introduced in this event. The debuff can be inflicted by haunted enemies and will affect your aim and cloud your vision. These will somehow be applied to weapons you'll be able to collect.

Here's a look at the Fearmonger, one of the Legendary weapons you'll be able to potentially collect.

Bloody Harvest Trailer

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  1. Pumpkin Spice and You Reap What you Sow are easier than indicated. You don’t need legendaries, just need something that uses the terror traits.

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  2. Would like to ammend that pumkin spiced only requires you to equip gear with an anointed feature unique to bloody harvest. Using gear that works with terror worked for me. The same is also true for Reap what you sew bro, the kill shot was done with a blue anointed “terror” rifle.

    1. Fixed, thanks!

  3. Thanks for the write up! From playing I’ve got some more info. The loot ghosts are the gold colored ones and can spawn anywhere. The pumpkin spiced challenge only needs 3 items with a terror modifier on them; the same goes for the Charon’s Toll challenge. I hope this helps!

    1. Thanks for the info, I’ve fixed the post!

  4. You’d have to link me to it, I couldn’t find that confirmation.