Brawl Stars Brawlers List – How-to Unlock each Brawler

Let's take a look at a full list of the current Brawlers in Brawl Stars!

Brawlers are an integral part of Brawl Stars, and you will want to know how to unlock all of them as you progress in the game. Each one has its own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, so choose your fighter wisely. We have a complete brawlers list so you can learn how to unlock each brawler in Brawl Stars.

How to get Cordelius in Brawl Stars

Image via Supercell

To get Cordelius in Brawl Stars, open the Mythic Boxes. You can buy them for Gems and Star Points, but there is almost no chance to pull Cordelius this way. Another way to get this Mythic Brawler is to collect 10 Mythic Brawler Tokens. They can be obtained by opening Brawl Boxes, completing Daily Missions, and participating in Events. The fastest way to get Cordelius is to buy the Brawl Pass.

How to get Hank in Brawl Stars

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You can unlock Hank in Brawl Stars for 925 Credist or 169 Gems at Starr Road. Another way to get Hank is to visit Chromatic Shop and unlock him for 299 Gems.

How to unlock Ash in Brawl Stars

Ash from Brawl Stars
Image via Supercell

You can get Ash in from the Chromatic Shop or via Brawl Pass in Brawl Stars. Ash is a Chromatic Brawler with very high health and a short-range attack. His entire kit revolves around the special rage meter. The meter gets filled when he receives or inflicts damage on enemies. His attack and movement speed scales depending upon the level of his meter.

Ash Attack: Clean Up

Ash angrily smashes down with his broom. Get out of the way or you might bite the dust!

Ash Super: Little Helpers

Robotic rats for cleaning up? That's right, they explode on contact, dealing damage to opponents and greatly increasing Ash's Rage level

Ash Gadgets in Brawl Stars

Chill Pill

Though furious, Ash has to collect himself. A full rage meter will recover 2500 health when this Gadget is popped - less Rage, less recovery

Rotten Banana

Ash loses 40% health and instantly gains 40% rage.

Ash Star Power in Brawl Stars

First Bash

When hitting an opponent with his attack charges full, Ash gets even more angry. His Rage goes up by 200%.

Mad As Heck

Ash progressively gains up to 30% faster reload speed, equal to how enraged he's become.

How to get Barley in Brawl Stars

Screenshot via Supercell Youtube

Barley is a Rare brawler that can be unlocked via Brawl Boxes in Brawl Stars. He does an area-of-effect type of damage. He throws bottles, and when they break, they do damage on impact. Bottles spread a damaging puddle on the ground that deals damage if an enemy stands in it.

Barley Attack: Undiluted

Barley lobs a bottle, breaking it on the ground. Enemies take damage from the splash, and more damage over time if they stay in the puddle.

Barley Super: Last Call

Barley hurls a flurry of fiery bottles, covering a huge area in flames. This one's on the house!

Barley Gadgets in Brawl Stars

Sticky Syrup Mixer

Barley drops a sticky concoction that leaves a puddle, slowing down all enemies that makes contact with it.

Herbal Tonic

Barley throws a healing potion at nearby allies that creates an area that heals for 500 health per second.

Barly Star Power in Brawl Stars

Medical Use

Barley regains 200 health from each main attack.

Extra Noxious

Adds +200 damage per second to Barley's attack.

How to get Bo in Brawl Stars

Image via Supercell

You can get Bo in Brawl Stars as a reward for collecting 3,000 trophies for Trophy Road. Bo is an archer who fires three exploding arrows with every shot. If they miss their target, they will explode and deal damage in a small area. He has pretty high health, which makes him hard to kill.

Bo Attack: Eagle-Eyed

Bo release a trio of exploding arrows, tearing up enemies like an eagle's talons.

Bo Super: Catch a Fox

Bo hides explosive traps in the ground. When triggered by an enemy, the traps explode after a short delay, knocking back and damaging enemies.

Bo Gadgets in Brawl Stars

Super Totem

Bo drops a totem that recharges his and any allies' Supers within the area of effect. The totem slowly loses its health over time.


Bo triggers all of his mines after 1.5 seconds. During the delay the mines are completely undetected to opponents.

Bo Star Power in Brawl Stars

Circling Eagle

Bo spots enemies hidden in bushes from an uncanny distance. Shared with teammates!

Snare a Bear

Instead of a knockback, Bo's traps now stun the enemy for 2.0 seconds!

How to get Brock in Brawl Stars

Image via Supercell

You can get Brock by obtaining 1,000 trophies via Trophy Road in Brawl Stars. Brock is a Sharpshooter and is a higher skill cap style of character due to the tighter window you have to hit enemies. His rockets do quite a bit of damage and can cover quite a bit of area, and will do damage in a small area at the end of their range.

Brock Attack: Rockin' Rocket

Brock lets fly with a single Rockin' Rocket that really goes the distance.

Brock Super: Rocket Rain

Brock fires a rocket barrage that takes out enemies and obstacles. He only wants to see you bathing in the Rocket Rain!

Brock Gadgets in Brawl Stars

Rocket Laces

Brock blasts the ground below him and propels himself into the air. The explosion deals 500 damage to nearby enemies.

Rocket Fuel

Brock's next attack is a mega rocket that is bigger, badder, faster and destroys walls.

Brock Star Power in Brawl Stars

More Rockets!

Rocket Rain now rains down 44% more rockets.

Rocket No. Four

Brock loads a fourth rocket into his launcher, increasing his ammo capacity (and discarding the thermos bottle he's been keeping in his launcher's #4 tube).

How to get Belle in Brawl Stars

Image via Supercell

You can get Bell in Brawl Stars from the Chromatic Shop or as a reward from Brawl Pass. She's a marksman class that can deal long-range damage with her bolt gun. You better run if someone close to you, as Belle has low health.

Belle Attack: Shocker

Belle shoots a long range Electro-Bolt, dealing damage to any target hit. After a short delay, the bolt will jump to any nearby target, deal damage and jump to the next one.

Belle Super: Spotter

Belle fires a spotting shot that marks any opponent it hits. The marked opponent takes extra damage from any source. Only one target can be marked at a time.

Bell Gadgets in Brawl Stars

Nest Egg

Belle places a trap on the ground that will explode when triggered by an opponent. The trap deals 500 damage, and slows down anyone within its blast radius for 3 seconds.

Reverse Polarity

Belle's next Electro-Bolt bounces from walls.

Belle Star Power in Brawl Stars


Getting marked by Belle's Super prevents the target from reloading for 3 seconds.

Positive Feedback

Belle gains a 20% shield whenever her Electro-Bolts hit a target.

How to get Bull in Brawl Stars

You can get Bull in Brawl Stars by obtaining 250 total trophies. Bull is a Heavyweight Brawler and has high health, and functions well as a tank. If you want to deal damage, though, you'll have to get really close to your target because his range is limited.

Attack: Double-Barrel

Bull's double-barreled shotgun deals heavy damage. It has very short range, so Bull likes to get up close and personal.

Super: Bulldozer

Bull puts his head down and bulldozes through opponents and obstacles. He's always been headstrong!


T-Bone Injector

Bull instantly rejuvenates himself for 1500 health.


Bull can interrupt his Super charge and slow all nearby opponents with a massive stomp for 1.5 seconds.

Star Power


When Bull falls below 40% health, his reload speed doubles!

Tough Guy

When Bull falls below 40% health, he gains a shield that reduces all damage he takes by 30%.


If you are looking to get Colt as a Brawler, you can unlock him as a Trophy Road reward by getting 60 total trophies. He can hit targets at long range, but has a small area of damage. If you can land all of your shots, you can do quite a bit of damage.

Attack: Six-Shooters - 300 Damage per bullet

Colt shoots six straight long-range shots out of his revolvers.

Super: Bullet Storm - 300 Damage per bullet

Colt rattles off a massive burst of bullets that shoot extra far and destroy cover.

Star Power: Slick Boots

Colt's movement speed is increased by a pair of slick new boots.


Crow is a Legendary Brawler and Toxic Assassin. He throws multiple daggers from a long range that due damage over time if one of them is landed. He's a hard Brawler to unlock due to his Legendary status, and can only be obtained via Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Switchblade - 280 Damage per dagger

Crow throws a triple threat of daggers. Enemies nicked by the poisoned blades will take damage over time.

Super: Swoop - 280 Damage per dagger

Crow takes to the skies, throwing a ring of poisoned daggers around him both on take-off and landing.

Star Power: Extra Toxic

Crow's poison saps the strength of enemies, who deal 10% less damage while poisoned.


Darryl is a tankier Super Rare Brawler that has high health and can deal quite a bit of damage with his two double barrel shotguns to any enemy that gets into range. He can be unlocked via Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Double Deuce - 260 Damage per shell

Darryl's double barrel shotguns fire two staggered blasts of heavy close-range damage.

Super: Barrel Roll - 400 Damage

Darryl rolls forward inside his barrel, knocking back enemies and bouncing off walls. His Super recharges over time!

Star Power: Steel Hoops

Darryl's Super reinforces his barrel, reducing all damage he takes by 30% for 3.5 seconds.


Dynamike is a common Brawler that can do a lot of damage if you can land your dynamite accurately. He can be unlocked by obtaining 2,000 Trophies in Trophy Road.

Attack: Short Fuse - 760 Damage per dynamite

Mike tosses two sticks of dynamite, passing over any obstacles in the way. The fuses are cut as short as Mike's explosive temper!

Super: Big Barrel O' Boom - 2,000 Damage

A big-bada-barrel of dynamite blows up cover. Any surviving enemies get knocked back on impact!

Star Power: Dyna-Jump

Dynamike can ride the blast wave of his explosives to jump over obstacles!

El Primo

El Primo is a Heavyweight Rare Brawler that has high health and can tank quite a bit of damage. If you are able to bring your enemies in close, you can beat them up quite well with his attack. El Primo is unlocked through Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Fists of Fury - 360 Damage per punch

El Primo fires off a furious flurry of four fiery fists. That's a spicy jalapeno knuckle sandwich!

Super: Flying Elbow Drop - 800 Damage

Leaping high, El Primo drops an Intergalactic Elbow that knocks around enemies and destroys cover!

Star Power: El Fuego

Enemies caught in El Primo's Super will burn for 600 damage over 4 seconds.


Frank is an Epic Heavyweight Brawler and is another in the line of the tankier choices. He winds up a swing with his huge hammer and sends a shockwave of damage that can hit multiple people near him. You can stun enemies with his Super, which can be quite useful for allowing your faster dps to get eliminations. You can only unlock Frank via Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Hammer Hit - 1,200 Damage

Frank takes a while to wind up his hammer blow, but the hit is so hard it sends a shockwave.

Super: Stunning Blow - 1,200 Damage

Frank's greatest hit sends a shockwave that destroy environment and stuns enemies for a while.

Star Power: Power Grab

Frank can see and steal the power of a defeated enemy Brawler, increasing his damage by 30% for 10 seconds!


Jessie is a Common Fighter Brawler that is more in the Support category. She does decent damage with her attack, but the most interesting part about her is the Turret she deploys with her super. This can be a very strong option in games where you want to prevent your enemy from occupying such as Gem Grab. You can unlock Jessie by reaching 500 total trophies in Trophy Road.

Attack: Shock Rifle - 820 Damage

Jessie fires off an energy orb. After hitting a target, the orb bounces at the next target in range, hitting up to three enemies.

Super: Scrappy! - 2,800 Turret Health, 240 Turret Damage

Jessie deploys a gun turret that automatically shoots at enemies. It's made of 100% recycled materials!

Star Power: Energize

Jessie can repair her gun turret for 800 of its missing health by zapping it with her attack.


Leon is a Legendary Stealthy Assassin Brawler that does a ton of damage and is one of the best Brawlers at the moment for DPS. It's important when uses that you get up right next to your target to deal the maximum amount of damage with your Spinner Blades. This can be made a lot easier by using the Smoke Bomb super that turns you invisible and can get you real close to your target. Leon can only be obtained by Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Spinner Blades - 500 Damage per blade at close range

Leon flicks his wrist and fires four Spinner Blades. The blades deal less damage the farther they travel.

Super: Smoke Bomb

Leon becomes invisible for 10 seconds. If he attacks, he will be revealed. Enemies close to Leon will be able to spot him.

Star Power: Smoke Trails

When Leon uses his Super, he gains a boost of movement speed for the duration of his invisibility.


Mortis is a Mythic Dashing Assassin Brawler who dashes forward at his enemies for quick and personal attacks. You'll have to be in and out fast so you don't get blown up by the other team, and your Life Blood Super can help heal you back up if you eat too much damage when you jump into the fray. Mortis can only be obtained via Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Shovel Swing - 800 Damage

Mortis dashes forward with a sharp swing of his shovel, creating business opportunities for himself.

Super: Life Blood - 800 Damage

Mortis calls forth a swarm of vampire bats that drain the health of his enemies while restoring his. Creepy!

Star Power: Creepy Harvest

Mortis can see and reap the life essence of defeated enemy Brawlers. Collecting an essence restores 1,000 of his health.


Nita is a Common Fighter Brawler who has reasonable attack damage. The main part of Nita is the powerful Bear she can summon with her Super. This Bear has a ton of health and can tank damage while you escape or flank an attack. Nita is very easy and early to unlock, only needing 10 total trophies in Trophy Row.

Attack: Rupture - 740 Damage

Nita sends forth a shockwave, damaging enemies caught in the tremor.

Super: Overbearing - 4,000 Bear Health, 400 Bear Damage

Nita summons the spirit of Big Baby Bear to hunt down her enemies.

Star Power: Bear With Me

Nita recovers 300 health whenever her bear hits an enemy. When Nita deals damage, her bear regains 300 health.


Pam is an Epic Healer Brawler who basically doubles as a tank. She doesn't do much damage, so she's mainly relegated to eating damage and healing up her team with her turret from her super. You can unlock Pam via Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Scrapstorm - 250 Damage per bullet

Pam sprays a large area with bursts of scrap metal. Safety goggles advised!

Super: Mana's Kiss - 2,800 turret Health, 320 Healing per second

Pam's healing turret will fix up her and teammates who stay in its area of effect.

Star Power: Mama's Hug

Whenever Pam hits enemies with Scrapstorm, she heals herself and nearby friendly Brawlers for 30 health.


Penny is a Super Rare Sharpshooter Brawler that can deal quite a bit of damage. She's a bit of a support Brawler though due to her Old Lobber Super that deploys a cannon that can hit enemies at long range and even behind cover! Penny can be unlocked from Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Plunderbuss - 840 Damage

Shoots out a pouch of fool's gold. If the pouch hits an enemy, it bursts and coins pepper targets behind the first enemy.

Super: Old Lobber - 2,800 Cannon Health, 1,200 Cannon Damage

Penny sets up her cannon! It can shoot at enemies at a long range, even if they are behind cover.

Star Power: Last Blast

When Penny's Cannon is destroyed, it shoots out one last barrage of bombs, each dealing 1,680 damage.


Piper is an Epic Sharpshooter Brawler that is unique in the fact that she is best used at long distance. She is the opposite of Leon, who is more powerful up close. Her super will bounce you away and leave a few grenades on the ground for any unfortunate enemies who get too close. You can unlock Piper via Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Gunbrella - 1,640 Damage at max range

Piper fires a sniper shot from the tip of her parasol. The shot gains more oompf the farther it flies!

Super: Poppin' - 800 Damage per grenade

Piper hops away to avoid pushy suitors. She leaves them a lady's favor though: three live grenades from her garter!

Star Power: Ambush

Piper's attack deals +400 extra damage (at max range) when she's hidden in a bush.


Poco is a Rare Healer Brawler that does pretty decent damage, but is mainly used for its big heal that hits itself and group members. You can unlock Poco via Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Power Chord - 660 Damage

Poco strums his guitarron, sending forward bone-jarring sound waves. Enemies hit by the waves take damage.

Super: Encore - 1,840 Heal

Poco heals himself and all friends he can reach with his uplifting melody. Deos not affect enemies.

Star Power: Da Capo!

When Poco's attack hits friendly Brawlers they now heal for 400 health.


Ricochet is a Super Rare Sharpshooter Brawler that is unique in the fact that his bullets bounce off walls that will give you the ability to hit covered targets. You will want to be constantly bouncing your shots so they gain range, but also gain damage when using your super. Ricochet is available via Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Bouncy Bullets - 280 Damage per bullet

Ricochet's bullets bounce off walls, gaining range. They can hit enemies behind cover.

Super: Trick Shot - 280 Damage per bullet

Ricochet fires a long burst of bullets that pierce through enemies and bounce off walls, gaining range.

Star Power: Super Bouncy

Ricochet's bullets, from attack and Super alike, get supercharged by their first bounce and deal +80 damage!


Shelly is the Starter Brawler you get and is a Fighter type. She's a good all-around choice, does decent damage when you land your shots and her super is a good burst that can finish people off. She's better when you get close to your enemy so you can land multiple shells. She's obtained by downloading and playing Brawl Stars!

Attack: Buckshot - 300 Damage per shell

Shelly's boomstick fires a wide spread of pellets to a medium range. The more pellets hit, the greater the damage.

Super: Super Shell

Shelly's Super Shell obliterates both cover and enemies. Any survivors get knocked back.

Star Power: Shell Shock

Shelly's Super shells slow down enemies for 2.5 seconds!


Spike is a Legendary Sharpshooter Brawler and is good at hitting multiple enemies that are grouped together. He has strong attacks, but is pretty low health and relies on being evasive. You can unlock Spike via Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Needle Grenade - 480 Damage per spike

Spike fires off a small cactus that explodes, shooting spikes in different directions.

Super: Stick Around! - 400 Damage per second

Spike lobs a thorny grenade. Enemies caught in the blast area take damage and are slowed down.

Star Power: Fertilize

After using Super, Spike regenerates 500 health per second by staying in its area of effect.


Tara is a Mythic Skirmisher Brawler that is more of a rounded hero who has good health and damage. Her super can be used to punish enemies who group together too closely. She can be unlocked via Brawl Boxes.

Attack: Triple Tarot - 380 Damage per card

Tara flicks her wrist, snapping off three tarot cards that pierce through enemies. Quite a trick!

Super: Gravity - 800 Damage

Tara conjures up a mind-boggling gravity well! Enemies in the area of effect get pulled in, crashing together painfully hard.

Star Power: Black Portal

Tara' Super crack open a dimensional portal! A shadowy version of Tara appears and attacks her enemies.

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Brawl Stars Brawlers List – How-to Unlock each Brawler

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