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Best Brawlers for Basket Brawl – Brawl Stars Tier List

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online battle arena featuring a host of fast paced matches,\ and various game modes. Every brawler comes with a unique set of skills, Gadgets, and Star Powers, all of which can be beneficial in strategizing a win. However, not all brawlers are suited for every game mode. If you're looking for the best brawlers to shoot hoops with in the Basket Brawl game mode, look no further; here is a comprehensive tier list of the best brawlers for Basket Brawl in Brawl Stars.

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Best Brawlers Tier List for Basket Brawl - Brawl Stars

SEl Primo, Gale, Bea
AFrank, Colette
BEmz, Griff, Bibi
CFang, Stu
DMax, Surge

Best Brawlers for Basket Brawl in Brawl Stars, ranked

The best brawler depends on an individual's playstyle and the game mode. In Basket Brawl, the best brawlers tend to be tanks that can absorb tons of damage, and tank counters that can deal massive damage to high health opponents. Apart from that, attacks that can knock, stun, or slow enemies are a must, since they cause the opponents to drop the ball. The following are the best brawlers for Basket Brawl in Brawl Stars, ranked.

S Tier

El Primo

El Primo is undoubtedly one of the best brawlers for Basket Brawl, thanks to his unique Trait which charges his Super ability from damage taken. Because of this he can spam his Super ability which causes opponents to drop the ball, or shoot hoops from a greater distance to secure three-pointers frequently. Unlocking his Suplex Supplement Gadget and Meteor Rush Star Power further enhances his crowd control ability and aids in movement speed.


Gale is another top pick for Basket Brawl, thanks to his decent damage and high crowd controlling abilities. Not only does his primary attack deal heavy damage, unlocking his Freezing Snow Star Power will additionally slow enemies with each hit. With his Super ability, Gale blasts a wide gust of wind and snow, damaging opponents and pushing them back significantly. Using this ability, he can keep rushing opponents at bay while simultaneously forcing them to drop the ball.


Bea is a brawler with one of the highest pick rates in Basket Brawl. She is great at countering tanks, thanks to her Big Sting primary attack which becomes supercharged upon landing on opponents, causing the next attack to deal earth-shattering damage to opponents. Once you unlock the Honeycomb Star Power, she also gains a shield when Big Sting is supercharged. Apart from that, Bea can slow down enemies with her Super ability, as well as by utilizing her Honey Molasses Gadget, both of which are great for the small map in Basket Brawl.

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A Tier


As mentioned, tanks are one of the best classes for Basket Brawl, and there are few tankier than Frank. This brawler specializes in absorbing tons of damage, and his Super ability can deal massive damage while simultaneously stunning enemies for a significant duration. Unlock his Irresistible Attraction Gadget for increased damage and crowd control, and opt for the Sponge Star Power to increase his health and turn him into a nigh indestructible brawler.


Colette is a damage dealer that excels at taking down targets with high health, thanks to her taxing damage abilities. Along with that, both her Star Powers grant unique buffs to her Super ability. With the Push It, all enemies hit with her Super get dragged to the further point of the ability range. Alternatively, Mass Tax grants her a temporary shield buff each time she lands shots on her opponents. Therefore, if a tank-slayer is what you're looking for, you cannot go wrong with Colette.

B Tier


Emz is yet another brawler who is great for dealing with high health opponents and tanks. Although not as effective as Colette, she excels at dealing damage over time with her primary attack and Super ability. He Super ability also slows down enemies caught within its range which is great for pushing toward the opponent's side of the court without them being able to catch up. Unlocking her Friendzoner Gadget will also grant an additional knock back effect that deals damage in an area around her.


Griff is a good choice for players who want to deal constant damage to enemies and control their pushes. With his primary and Super ability, Griff throws projectiles that have long range and deals significant damage to enemies. With his Business Resilience Star Power unlocked, Griff regains health at a rapid rate. However, his lack of crowd control effects means players need to move smart and constantly keep the pressure up by attacking opponents.


Stu is an assassin class brawler who specializes in mobility and damage. With each primary attack on an opponent, Stu charges his Super ability Nitro Boost. Therefore, he can use his Super quite frequently as long as you keep landing attacks on opponents. Utilizing his Speed Zone Gadget can help the entire team gain a movement speed boost to rush the court, and his Gaso-Heal Star Power grants a small health regen while using his Super.

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C Tier


Fang is an assassin class brawler who moves quick, and can deal damage at both short and long range. While his primary and Super ability deals hefty damage, it is with his Gadgets and Star Powers where he can really shine in Basket Brawl. With Roundhouse Kick, he can stun all opponents around him ,causing them to drop the ball and allowing him to snatch it for a quick score. Additionally, with his Divine Soles Star Power he can become quite tanky by reducing incoming damage every three seconds.


Bibi is a tank class brawler that can knock back opponents, inflict slowdown effects, heal herself, and can gain shields and increased movement speed. While all of these effects are massively useful in Basket Brawl, the abilities at your disposal depends on the Gadgets and Star Powers you unlock. For this reason, Bibi fails to rank higher up in the tier list. However, if you manage to choose the correct combination of Gadgets and Star Power, she can be a winning pick in almost any team comp.

D Tier


Max, similarly to Stu, is a brawler with incredible movement speed who can charge up her Super ability just by moving around. The Run n' Gun Star Power increases her weapon reload speed when she is moving, which will be all the time in Basket Brawl. To add to her mobility, use the Phase Shifter Gadget to dash to a location while gaining immunity from all attacks during the dash period. However, her lack of crowd control abilities land her in the D tier.


Surge is a damage dealer with the unique ability to upgrade his Super up to three times with each use. At stage one, he gains boosted movement speed, with the subsequent stages granting weapon range and the ability to split his primary attack into six projectiles (instead of two). However, Surge loses his Super ability upgrades upon defeat. This can be countered by unlocking his Serve Ice Cold Star Power, which makes his stage one upgrade permanent for the rest of the match. But, Surge falls firmly in the bottom of the tier list due to his lackluster Gadget choices, and lack of crowd control abilities.

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Best Brawlers for Basket Brawl – Brawl Stars Tier List

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