How to get hay in Going Medieval

Hay is one of the resources you will need for certain things like beds in Going Medieval. So to get hay, you will first need to find grass, as shown below. You can find grass growing in Going Medieval in various places on the map, just have a look around, and you are sure to find it. When you find […]

How to make smoked meat in Going Medieval

One of the many ways in which you can preserve and prepare meat in Going Medieval is by smoking it. However, before you can smoke meat, you will need to first build a smokehouse and research the technology preserving food. To build the smokehouse, your going to need to research the technology that unlocks it first. So […]

How to get Iron fast in Going Medieval

Iron is your best bet for armor and weapons when starting out in Going Medieval, and it’s also needed for other items. That being said, you can get iron quickly by mining it from iron ore veins, as shown above. However, before you can turn the iron into useable material, you must research the technology smelting […]