Roblox Overlook Bay Release Date

Overlook Bay is one of the more hotly anticipated games coming to Roblox in the near future. We’re taking a quick look at the known information on when it will be released. You won’t have to wait too long, because the game is looking more and more complete with every screenshot we get a chance […]

Roblox Overlook Bay Pets – Pet Rarity List!

Overlook Bay is an upcoming game that will allow you to adopt pets, play mini games, purchase and customize a home, dress up, and explore the town of Overlook Bay! You can take up jobs to earn yourself some gems like growing selling fruit from fruit trees, catching fish, finding secret treasure, and a whole […]

Overlook Bay is going to be available for free!

It looks like Overlook Bay is coming out of what could be defined as a paid beta and will be available for free very soon. If you’ve been awaiting this new Roblox game that shares many similarities with Adopt Me, then your delay will soon be over. Overlook Bay will be available for free on […]

Overlook Bay Shiny Pets Update

Overlook Bay’s beta has been out for a couple of weeks now, and they have seemingly squashed a bunch of bugs in the meantime. It looks like they are now we’re going to start getting some content updates! This is pretty good news, especially if you’re a pet love because the first major update is […]

Roblox Overlook Bay How to Make Money/Gems!

Overlook Bay is coming to beta soon, so you’re likely wondering how you can get money in the game! Well, we’re going to go through all the known ways to do that in this guide. The main currency is gems, and there’s a variety of different options you can take part in to collect them. […]