Pokemon Go How to Get Espeon and Umbreon (After Name Trick)

If you’ve been collecting Eevee in Pokémon Go, you’ll probably have noticed that the standard Candy-based evolution method will give you a random evolution. But what if you really need a particular evolved form – like Generation II’s Espeon and Umbreon? We’ll be covering two methods for obtaining each of these Pokémon, and you’ll probably […]

Pokemon Go How to Feed Buddy

It’s time to take a quick look at how to feed your buddy in Pokemon Go! This new system has you doing all sorts of things with your buddy Pokemon, and you are rewarded with various perks and bonuses if you can level them up. Feeding your buddy is important because it will get them […]

Pokemon Go How to Battle With Buddy

Battling with your buddy is another way you can gain hearts and turn that good buddy into a best buddy! We’re taking a look at how to easily battle with your good friend so you can complete that daily activity each day. The new buddy system will gain you additional perks and get you some […]

Pokemon Go How to Play With Buddy

Our Pokemon Go how to play with your buddy guide will quickly walk you through the process of interacting with your friend Pokemon in this new update! The buddy update brings a whole slew of new ways you can interact with your buddy Pokemon, and that includes getting to play with them. How to Play […]

Pokemon Go How to Walk With Buddy

We’re taking a quick look at how to walk with your buddy in Pokemon Go! This is a very simple process, but once you’ve got it done you’ll be able to see your buddy Pokemon on your map! If you become better friends with your buddy, you will unlock some nice perks and bonuses that […]