All Dead by Daylight Status Effects, Explained

You can have a Status Effect!

There are so many new perks and so many effects that I often forget which one does what. We're here to help you memorize all Dead by Daylight Status Effects so you can get through your matches without getting killed.

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All Available Status Effects in DBD


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The Blessed Status Effect is a Survivor buff that applies the effects of a Boon perk on Survivors that are standing in its area of effect. Once they leave, the Effect will also be removed. The Boon perks that can inflict the Blessed Status are Circle of Healing, Dark Theory, Exponential, and Shadow Step.


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The Blindness status effect will temporarily block the Auras of other Survivors, meaning that the outline that appears when Survivors are using certain perks or when they're being hooked will not appear. The same goes for the Killers as well, so they won't be able to detect Auras until the effect wears off. There are, however, exemptions to the Blindness Status Effect for both Killers and Survivors.


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The Bloodlust Status Effect will only activate for the Killers in Dead by Daylight. When chasing a Survivor and running after them for a prolonged time, the Bloodlust status will be implemented, increasing the Killer's Movement speed to help them catch the survivor. This usually helps with catching the Survivor unless the Survivor really knows how to loop. It always works on me since I'm not great at it.


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The Broken Status Effect is a pain for survivors, quite literally. Certain Killer Perks and Add-ons will inflict this Status. When it activates, the Survivor cannot be healed anymore, even if they have a medkit, another Survivor nearby to help, or the Self-Care perk. How long it lasts is all dependent on the Killer Perks and Add-ons.

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If you see this appear on your overlay, then it means that there is a Hex Totem in play on the map that is making you cursed. These glowing skulls are hidden in secret places and need to be destroyed to get rid of the Cursed status effect. They will also affect other perks, so as a Survivor, you will want to cleanse Totems as soon as possible.

Deep Wound

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Several Killer Perks, Add-ons, and Powers inflict the Deep Wound Status Effect. It causes an additional small, orange health bar to appear on the Survivor's HUD. This health bar is progressively depleting if you aren't actively running. You can also stop depletion by Mending yourself or being Mended by other Survivors. If the bar is fully depleted, you will instantly be downed and put into the Dying State.


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The Endurance Status Effect allows Survivors to resist additional Damage from Killers. Instead of the killer being able to swipe you down in one go, you will gain a White Aura that deflects the attacks of the killer.

This status effect is canceled if you start performing a Conspicuous Action like cleansing a Totem. Protection also can't be applied to a Survivor who is suffering from the Deep Wound Effect.

For Killers, the Endurance Status Effect lets them resist the Survivors' Stuns and reduces the duration of a Stun when it happens.


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The Exhausted Status Effect comes into play in order to level the playing field. Survivors have perks that, if used too frequently, would make the trial too easy and give them the upper hand on the Killer. To avoid this, perks will have a Limit, and when used too often, you will become Exhausted to avoid overuse. The Killer can also inflict exhaustion. The Exhausted Status will progressively disappear once you are not running.


Image via Dead by Daylight Wiki

The Exposed Status Effect is very handy for the Killers. This will enable them to down a survivor in one hit rather than two and put them into a Dying State. It is activated through the use of Add-ons, Perks, Glyph, and even Killer Powers, like with Ghostface and Michael Myers. Honestly, if they manage to jumpscare me, they should be allowed to take me down in one hit.


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The Glyph Status Effect is applied to the Killers when they are interacting with the Orange Glyph. This Status increases the Cool-down duration of Basic Attacks, reduces the recovery time when getting stunned by Pallets, and reduces the speed for breaking walls, Pallets and damaging Generators.


Image via Dead by Daylight Wiki

When the Haemorrhage Status Effect is initiated, it makes it so that Survivors Bleed more than usual, making the Blood Pools more visible to the Killer. This helps them find the injured Survivor easier. The Healing progress for Survivors also progressively goes down by a percentage unless they get fully healed.


Image via Dead by Daylight Wiki

The Haste Status Effect is available to both Survivors and Killers. When activated, Haste will increase the Movement speed for a short period of time - which can be useful for either escaping the Killer, or helping to catch Survivors. I always love getting this Effect when I jump across pallets with Lithe.


Image via Dead by Daylight Wiki

The Hearing Status Effect is currently inactive, as it can't be applied to either Survivor or Killer. This Effect rendered the Survivors unable to hear with a Hag add-on. This means that all noises pertaining to the killer and other players cannot be heard for a certain amount of time, making the map more difficult to traverse.


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When applied to the Survivor or the Killer, the Hindered Status Effect reduces their Movement speed for a period of time. It is a temporary Status Effect whose strength depends on what is applying it.

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The Incapacitated Status Effect will make a Survivor's time in a match more difficult by blocking them from using certain Props. While the status effect is in play, players will not be able to Bless or Cleanse Totems, Sabotage Hooks, Use Items, Repair Generators, or Interact With Other Survivors.


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The Madness Status Effect is specifically for trials where Survivors face off against The Doctor. The Madness comes in different tiers and is based on what add-ons The Doctor has active when entering the match. Tier three Madness is the most helpful to the Killer, as the Survivor will have to try and find a way to snap out of the Status Effect.

When under the influence of tier three Madness, a Survivor will be unable to heal amongst other activities and will often scream involuntarily, allowing the Killer to pinpoint their location.


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The Mangled Status Effect makes it so that healing is slowed down by 20%, making it harder to regenerate health before the killer finds the survivor. This is enabled only when healing from an Injured State to full health.


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The Oblivious Status Effect cloaks the Killer's Terror Radius, in turn making the survivor "oblivious." While this is in effect, they will not be able to detect the Killer, meaning they will not hear the heartbeat or be able to see their Aura. However, when in a chase, the Survivors will still hear chase music.

Sleep Penalty

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The Sleep Penalty Status Effect is specifically for trials where Survivors face off against The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger). When this Status is in effect, the Survivors will be taken to the Dream World, where they can see Freddy, and Freddy can injure them. To remove this Effect, you need to be woken up by other Survivors.


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The Undetectable Status Effect is only accessible to certain Killers and is only available in particular Perks and Add-ons. When in play, Undetectable makes it so that the Survivors suffering the status effect cannot detect the Killer. The Terror Radius will become silent, the red stain will disappear, and their Aura will be blocked.


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The Vision Status Effect was applied only to Survivors. This Effect meant that they had activated Aura reading Perks, and the range of their Aura reading was boosted to a certain extent.

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All Dead by Daylight Status Effects, Explained

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