Destiny 2: What is the Overload rotation schedule?

Stay ahead of the clock.

In Destiny 2, you can reap all of the rewards in Terminal Overload after beating the Lightfall campaign and collecting Terminal Overload Keys. The type of activity you'll do, its location, and the Legendary weapon reward changes daily, so you'll need to keep up with the rotation to know where it will occur each day. Here's the Destiny 2 Terminal Overload schedule.

Destiny 2 Terminal Overload Schedule and weapon rotation for 2023

Terminal Overload events are held in Neomuna on Neptune and are scheduled on a three-day rotation. The Legendary weapon reward changes between Basso Ostinato, Synchronic Roulette, and Circular Logic for the rest of 2023, making Terminal Overloads the perfect opportunity to farm for God Rolls in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

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Here's the Terminal Overload schedule for 2023, starting in April through December:

April Terminal Overload rotation schedule and weapon rotation

DateNeomuna LocationLegendary Weapon
April 1Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
April 2Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
April 3Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
April 4Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
April 5Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
April 6Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
April 7Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
April 8Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
April 9Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
April 10Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
April 11Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
April 12Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
April 13Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
April 14Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
April 15Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
April 16Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
April 17Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
April 18Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
April 19Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
April 20Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
April 21Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
April 22Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
April 23Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
April 24Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
April 25Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
April 26Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
April 27Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
April 28Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
April 29Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
April 30Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato

May Terminal Overload rotation schedule

DateNeomuna LocationLegendary Weapon
May 1Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
May 2Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
May 3Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
May 4Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
May 5Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
May 6Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
May 7Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
May 8Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
May 9Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
May 10Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
May 11Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
May 12Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
May 13Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
May 14Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
May 15Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
May 16Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
May 17Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
May 18Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
May 19Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
May 20Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
May 21Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
May 22Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
May 23Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
May 24Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
May 25Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
May 26Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
May 27Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
May 28Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
May 29Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
May 30Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
May 31Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette

June Terminal Overload rotation schedule

DateNeomuna LocationLegendary Weapon
June 1Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
June 2Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
June 3Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
June 4Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
June 5Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
June 6Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
June 7Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
June 8Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
June 9Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
June 10Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
June 11Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
June 12Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
June 13Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
June 14Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
June 15Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
June 16Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
June 17Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
June 18Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
June 19Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
June 20Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
June 21Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
June 22Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
June 23Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
June 24Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
June 25Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
June 26Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
June 27Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
June 28Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
June 29Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
June 30Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette

July Terminal Overload rotation schedule

DateNeomuna LocationLegendary Weapon
July 1Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
July 2 Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
July 3Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
July 4Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
July 5Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
July 6Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
July 7Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
July 8Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
July 9Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
July 10Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
July 11Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
July 12Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
July 13Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
July 14Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
July 15Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
July 16Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
July 17Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
July 18Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
July 19Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
July 20Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
July 21Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
July 22Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
July 23Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
July 24Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
July 25Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
July 26Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
July 27Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
July 28Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
July 29Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
July 30Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
July 31Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic

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August Terminal Overload rotation schedule

DateNeomuna LocationLegendary Weapon
August 1Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
August 2Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
August 3Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
August 4Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
August 5Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
August 6Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
August 7Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
August 8Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
August 9Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
August 10Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
August 11Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
August 12Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
August 13Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
August 14Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
August 15Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
August 16Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
August 17Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
August 18Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
August 19Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
August 20Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
August 21Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
August 22Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
August 23Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
August 24Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
August 25Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
August 26Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
August 27Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
August 28Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
August 29Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
August 30Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
August 31Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato

September Terminal Overload rotation schedule

DateNeomuna LocationLegendary Weapon
September 1Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
September 2Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
September 3Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
September 4Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
September 5Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
September 6Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
September 7Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
September 8Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
September 9Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
September 10Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
September 11Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
September 12Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
September 13Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
September 14Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
September 15Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
September 16Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
September 17Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
September 18Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
September 19Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
September 20Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
September 21Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
September 22Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
September 23Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
September 24Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
September 25Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
September 26Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
September 27Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
September 28Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
September 29Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
September 30Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato

October Terminal Overload rotation schedule

DateNeomuna LocationLegendary Weapon
October 1Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
October 2Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
October 3Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
October 4Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
October 5Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
October 6Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
October 7Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
October 8Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
October 9Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
October 10Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
October 11Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
October 12Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
October 13Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
October 14Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
October 15Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
October 16Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
October 17Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
October 18Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
October 19Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
October 20Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
October 21Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
October 22Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
October 23Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
October 24Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
October 25Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
October 26Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
October 27Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
October 28Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
October 29Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
October 30Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
October 31Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette

November Terminal Overload rotation schedule

DateNeomuna LocationLegendary Weapon
November 1Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
November 2Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
November 3Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
November 4Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
November 5Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
November 6Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
November 7Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
November 8Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
November 9Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
November 10Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
November 11Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
November 12Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
November 13Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
November 14Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
November 15Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
November 16Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
November 17Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
November 18Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
November 19Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
November 20Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
November 21Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
November 22Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
November 23Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
November 24Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
November 25Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
November 26Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
November 27Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
November 28Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
November 29Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
November 30Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette

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December Terminal Overload rotation schedule

DateNeomuna LocationLegendary Weapon
December 1Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
December 2Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
December 3Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
December 4Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
December 5Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
December 6Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
December 7Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
December 8Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
December 9Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
December 10Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
December 11Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
December 12Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
December 13Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
December 14Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
December 15Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
December 16Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
December 17Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
December 18Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
December 19Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
December 20Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
December 21Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
December 22Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
December 23Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
December 24Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
December 25Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
December 26Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
December 27Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
December 28Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic
December 29Ahimsa ParkBasso Ostinato
December 30Liming HarborSynchronic Roulette
December 31Zephyr ConcourseCircular Logic

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