How to farm for Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal

As you take on the hordes in Diablo Immortal, you will come across Legendary Gems. Not to be confused with Legendary Items, Legendary Gems are extremely rare drops that can significantly enhance your build and damage with unique effects. You must know how to farm Legendary Gems to get stronger. Diablo Immortal contains normal and Legendary […]

What is the Helliquary in Diablo Immortal? How to unlock, how many players, & more

Apart from the Elder Rift and Challenge Rift, another exciting way to face and battle powerful demons in Diablo Immortal is the Helliquary. This machinery identifies powerful Wrathborne Demons and tracks them down to a rift-like dungeon, wherein you can try your hand at besting them in a raid team of eight. Defeating demons in […]