How to download Discord on Xbox console

Discord is a great communication app that allows players to communicate and simultaneously play the best multiplayer games on mobile or PC. It is free to use and only requires accounts to be set up with a reliable email account and for the user to be 13 years or older. Now Discord users can call and chat […]

Discord Upload Failed – Possible Causes and Fixes

Discord is a great tool for chatting and creating communities online. But it’s super frustrating when you have issues sending or receiving files. In that case, you’re likely to see the annoying error message “Discord Upload Failed.” But what causes this annoying Error and how can you fix it without giving up on your image? […]

Bad Network Request on Discord – How To Fix

It’s another Discord outage, which has annoyingly become more common these days as the app continues to be the most popular source for communication and voice chats at work. Many users are receiving multiple error messages trying to connect to Discord, including a “bad network request server error.” Typically, Bad Network usually means there is […]

How to change fonts on Discord

If you are wondering how to change fonts on Discord, it is easy. Start by opening the Settings menu on Discord by pressing the gear icon at the bottom left of your screen. Under the Settings menu, you can then change various options for your Discord font under the Appearance tab. Some options include how messages are displayed, their size, […]

How to use Discord Voice Chat on Xbox Consoles

Xbox fans have been dreaming of a streamlined Xbox-Discord experience for years, and it’s finally here. While the update is rolling out for Xbox Insiders first, it’s well on its way for Xbox gamers in the near future. Here’s how you’ll be able to set it up when the update fully releases. Does Discord Voice […]