Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List

Which ones are worthy to serve the heir of the dragon?

Dragonheir: Silent Gods takes you on an epic journey with many worlds to explore and enemies to fight. To accomplish that, you will of course need heroes to populate your party with.

But not all heroes are made the same, and this got me wondering what the top-tier heroes are because I don't want to spend too much time experimenting and creating sub-optimal builds. To help you with this conundrum, we have created a tier list of the best heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Tier List - Best Heroes

SAcilia, Elecebre, Errich, Ergander, Felicity, Flora, Nastjenka, Tonalnam
AFrurbath, Gillian, Grishnaar, Hochadir, Horrus, Jathalea, Khrysos, Lorentheel, Oggok, Schaltar, Scharch, Sylvester
BBionphray, Corrin, Donella, Durango, Gaiolere, Heksandra, Huldork, Isitarian, Ivellios, Lorentheel, Nedda, Questa, Ripekas, Sifris, Varna, Voresh
CDench, Eches, Eli, Enna, Garrika, Hegio, Lorarii, Noteera, Sagomir, Sutha, Tioh, Vidimir, Zadok
DAuster, Berengar, Brody, Clovis, Dane, Dorkuraz, Eurion, Fungal-Glow, Hvitar, Kamari, Korth, Lelwanis, Lydia, Mithrasea, Pargu, Philto, Talwer, Thelendor, Thea, Thia

All the best heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, ranked

We ranked all the heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods according to their overall in-game performance and value. Certain heroes are rarer than others, but I noticed that the heroes in the higher rarity tier don't necessarily have to be better, which is a welcome change from the practice all other gacha games have. To unlock more heroes, keep an eye out for any new Dragonheir: Silent Gods codes and Twitch drops that might come out.

Best S-tier heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods


Nastjenka is the best dauntless pick, according to the current Dragonheir meta. Her battle skill lets her teleport to the enemy with the lowest HP and deal lightning damage three times in a row. Furthermore, her ultimate ability boosts all allies’ Attacks by 30% in all battles, making her a must-pick if you have her.


Elecebre is, without a doubt, the best support hero in the game. It's great for PvE and works even better for PvP with her ability to upgrade the HP of all allies by 30%, which is very overpowered, in my opinion. Her ultimate raises the allies' Defense Up II for 10 seconds and has a chance to Charm her enemies for 5 seconds.

Best A-tier heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods


Frurbath is an excellent defense-oriented hero and a must-have in all dungeon battles thanks to his aura, which boosts allies’ defense by 24% in dungeon battles. His ultimate ability allows him to deal poison damage within the area of effect while also slowing the affected enemies down.


Jathalea is one of the best-poisoned picks, as her battle skill lets her attack the enemy three times with a good chance of dealing poison stacks. After the initial attacks, she gets Enlightenment Up for 5 seconds. She has no aura ability, but she more than makes up for it with the strength of her other skills.

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Best B-tier heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods


Donella is a very decent support hero in Dragonheir, with her accuracy-boosting aura and her battle skill that deals radiant damage while also stunning enemies. Her ultimate ability dishes massive radiant damage while dealing Accuracy and Attack penalties to enemies.


Isitarian is a decent summon due to his battle skill that boosts his allies' attacks by 15% for 5 seconds. His ultimate ability fires two fireballs in succession, which deal necrotic damage. He's missing an aura skill, making him go down a single tier.

Best C-tier heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods


Lorarii is a solid poisoned-type hero who deals melee damage. He is missing an aura skill, but his battle skill allows him to deal two stacks of poison damage to enemies, while his passive lets him circumvent 2.5% of the target's defense.


Noteera works similarly to Lorarii, with one distinctive difference—her ultimate ability. It works by dealing poison damage to any enemy she charges, and if the target dies, it becomes a toxic bomb, which further spreads poison damage in an area of effect. This ability allows you to chain explosions nicely if you have a crowd of enemies with low hp.

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Best D-tier heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods


Berengar is a decent defense hero, especially in City of Trials battles, due to his aura skill, which boosts all allies' HP by 45%. His battle skill deals necrotic damage and inflicts fear status on all enemies caught within range for three seconds, and his ultimate spits fireballs, which deal necrotic damage and have a chance to de-buff enemies.


Dorkuraz is a frost-type ranged character with some basic freezing abilities. He has no aura skill, and his battle skill lets him deal frost damage to enemies while also recharging his ultimate. His passive further deals frost damage to enemies while prioritizing the units that are not afflicted.

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Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List

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