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Fire Emblem Engage – All Paired Endings and Mementos

Alear can S Support anybody!

Romance has been a staple of the Fire Emblem series, but it works a little differently in Fire Emblem Engage. Alear can bond with any character, regardless of gender. Alear does so by using the Pact Ring, which players can pick up through the Paralogue called "The Connector." Players can then give the Pact Ring to any ally who they've earned an S support with. When giving the ring, players will receive a special ending along with a little memento to commemorate their bond.

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All Paired Endings & Mementos in Fire Emblem Engage

Paired endings for Fire Emblem Engage will be listed according to each unit's recruitment time.


The number one cheerleader still cheers on the Divine Dragon when Framme gets a chance. Afraid of her clumsiness, she keeps the Pact Ring in a treasure box. Her memento is her hat.


Clanne will only wear the Pact Ring when he is alone, as he still harbors aspirations of being the Divine Dragon's most faithful steward. His memento is his signature ribbon.


Vander tries to maintain his usual, stoic self. That being said, he gives the Divine Dragon warm glances from time to time. He never brings out the Pact Ring for fear of damaging it. Vander's memento is his velour choker.


Always a fan of training, Alfred continues to stay in shape while keeping the Pact Ring in a decorated bag. His memento is embroidery from the Firene Royal Family.


As a softie, Boucheron refrains from wearing the pact ring since he might start crying. He still remains supportive of the Divine Dragon, though. Boucheron's memento is one of his favorite books.


Etie remains watchful of the Divine Dragon's health, while helping with menial tasks like opening jars and the like. Etie's memento is the tiara that she sports throughout the game.


Appropriately, Celine's memento is a special tea set. She continues to have regular tea parties with the Divine Dragon and also wears the Pact Ring when they are together.


Chloe ends up placing the Pact Ring in a case decorated with Pegasus feathers. Her memento is folk food, and she shares it with the Divine Dragon as often as possible.


Instead of generally people watching, Louis fixes his eyes on the Divine Dragon while keeping the ring polished. His memento is a ring from his own family.


Jean's ambition of becoming a doctor is still shown through his attentive care of the Divine Dragon. They even go looking for herbs on occasion. Jean's memento is a spare hat.


After receiving the Pact Ring, Yunaka no longer feels like she needs to keep her past a mystery. She opens up to the Divine Dragon while keeping the ring in a gold box. Yunaka's memento is one of her signature stickers, which is made of pure gold.


Throughout her supports, Anna looks to find an item to sell on Sweetheart's Day. Therefore, her memento is a handmade Sweetheart's Day pendant. After getting the Pact Ring, she collaborates with the Divine Dragon on new business ideas.


The low self esteem that Alcryst suffers from seems to lessen after receiving the Pact Ring from the Divine Dragon. He only wears the ring as he sleeps, and his memento is a special stone from Brodia.


Lapis and the Divine Dragon become very active after the giving of the Pact Ring. The two can be seen crafting and gardening together. Her memento is Brodian yams.


Citrinne dreams of accompanying the Divine Dragon to a ball one day. Until then, she keeps the Pact Ring on an ornamental pedestal. Here mementos are flowers and a sentimental pebble.


Diamant's memento is a ring with the Brodian sigil decorated on it. It brings him pleasure to see the Divine Dragon wear it as they both try to take care of Brodia in his father's absence.

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Amber and the Divine Dragon can be seen speaking "Alpacan" on occasion. Amber even gave the Divine Dragon an Alpaca doll as a memento.


As to be expected of an Armor Knight, Jade's memento is her shield. After receiving the Pact Ring, she works on a book which covers the exploits of the Divine Dragon and the knight together.


Ivy is touched by the fact that the Divine Dragon would give her the Pact Ring, as she was a worshipper beforehand. Her memento is the headdress that she is seen with throughout the game.


Careful as always, Zelkov keeps the Pact Ring in a locked box (there is another locked box dedicated to the key). Zelkov also drops his guard around the Divine Dragon somewhat. His memento is a self-made necklace.


Kagetsu wears the ring with pride and often proclaims his love of the Divine Dragon aloud. The memento he provides is a hair band that is made with materials from the Pale Sands.


Despite being a bit more genuine towards the Divine Dragon, Fogado remains the prankster he usually is after receiving the Pact Ring. His memento is his own golden necklace.


Always thinking with his stomach, Bunet now enjoys cooking after his new alliance with the Divine Dragon. Bunet's Memento is his jabot.


After a blessing, Pandreo gave his scarf as a memento. He has grown more comfortable around the Divine Dragon after receiving the ring, which he keeps atop an altar.


Along with the Divine Dragon, she still creates campfires like she used to in the Solm Desert. Her memento is the golden hair accessory she sports around.


Having received the Pact Ring, Panette finally grows comfortable as the Divine Dragon's ally, since she was a bit intimidated at first. The green hair accessory she wears serves as her memento.

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Fascinated with legend, Merrin writes her own involving the Divine Dragon. The initial draft of this legend ends up being her memento.


Hortensia turns a new leaf by being incredibly nice. She then makes friends with many people in Elyos, but she always finds time for Alear. Her memento was a fashionably cute ribbon.


Always waxing poetic, Seadall enjoys walking and talking with the Divine Dragon beneath the stars. His memento is the traditional scarf that he wears throughout the game.


As a skilled artist, Rosado now focuses his work on portraits of the Divine Dragon. Praising cuteness above all else, he offers his hair clip as a memento.


Goldmary works diligently to make sure that the Divine Dragon is often praised. She also hooks the Divine Dragon up with packed lunches. Goldmary's hairpin is her memento.


Lindon switches from being an enemy to focusing on his experiments with the Divine Dragon. His memento is an ancient silver locket.


Saphir enjoys a life sparring and training alongside the Divine Dragon. Her memento is the hair clasp that she normally wears.


Similarly to how he watched over Veyle, Mauvier took excellent care of the Divine Dragon, polishing the Pact Ring daily. His memento is his circlet, which is enchanted to keep the holder safe from harm.


Looking to atone for her past, Veyle helps people alongside the Divine Dragon after accepting the Pact Ring. Her memento is an ornamental stone.

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Fire Emblem Engage – All Paired Endings and Mementos

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