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Our pro tip? Emblem Micaiah!

Aside from challenging tactical battles, another part fans look forward to in every game is the support conversations. The case is no different in Fire Emblem: Engage. Though, Fire Emblem: Engage has one of the biggest recruitable rosters in the franchise (36 characters), which means dozens of support conversations you can see. And all of these characters are recruitable and playable in one playthrough.

List of all character support conversations in Fire Emblem Engage

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The fortunate thing about all this is the fact that many of these characters only have support conversations with a handful of people—usually with Alear, their stewards, members of their own nation, and other characters they have shared hobbies with.

To help you position your characters in battle and build successful bonds, below is a list of every character and the people they can build rapport with. We’ve omitted Alear from the list since they automatically have supports for all of them.  

Note: This list contains major story spoilers. Don't read it if you've yet to visit all four nations.

All support conversations with people from Lythos

CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
VanderClanne, Framme, Goldmary, Lindon, Alfred, Amber, Mauvier, Pandreo, and Saphir
ClanneFogado, Framme, Jean, Hortensia, Louis, Vander, Veyle, Zelkov, Citrinne, and Etie
FrammeAnna, Boucheron, Chloe, Goldmary, Kagetsu, Lapis, Timerra, Vander, Clanne, and Diamant

All support conversations with people from Firene

CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
AlfredDiamant, Timerra, Vander, Veyle, Amber, Yunaka, Boucheron, Bunet, Celine, Etie, and Ivy
BoucheronAlfred, Etie, Framme, Lindon, Panette, Zelkov Goldmary, Kagetsu, Lapis, and Alcryst
CelineAlcryst, Alfred, Fogado, Hortensia, Jean, Kagetsu, Lapis, Chloe, Etie, Louis, and Mauvier
EtieAlfred, Clanne, Boucheron, Fogado, Goldmary, Jade, Lapis, Celine, Panette, and Yunaka
LouisCeline, Ivy, Jade, Pandreo, Yunaka, Zelkov, Clanne, Rosado, Saphir, and Chloe
ChloeAmber, Bunet, Framme, Hortensia, Jean, Celine, Citrinne, Louis, Merrin, and Seadall
JeanClanne, Jade, Lindon, Chloe, Zelkov, Bunet, and Celine

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All support conversations with people from Brodia

CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
AlcrystPandreo, Saphir, Boucheron, Diamant, Fogado, Hortensia, Ivy, Lapis, Seadall, Celine, and Citrinne
DiamantAlcryst, Alfred, Amber, Citrinne, Framme, Jade, Kagetsu, Ivy, Saphir, Timerra, and Veyle
CitrinneClanne, Diamant, Merrin, Seadall, Veyle, Yunaka, Zelkov, Alcryst, and Chloe
LapisCitrinne, Etie, Fogado, Alcryst, Anna, Boucheron, Celine, Framme, Goldmary, and Rosado
AmberAlfred, Chloe, Diamant, Jade, Mauvier, Merrin, Panette, Seadall, Vander, and Zelkov
JadeJean, Kagetsu,Amber, Bunet, Diamant, Etie, Lindon, Louis, Rosado, and Timerra
SaphirAlcryst, Diamant, Goldmary, Lindon, Louis, Panette, and Vander
YunakaCitrinne, Zelkov, Etie, Louis, Merrin, Alfred, Fogado, Goldmary, Panette, and Seadall

All support conversations with people from Solm

CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
FogadoBunet, Celine, Lapis, Pandreo, Rosado, Timerra, Yunaka, Clanne, Etie, Hortensia, and Alcryst
TimerraAlfred, Anna, Diamant, Fogado, Framme, Jade, Ivy, Merrin, Panette, Seadall, and Veyle
MerrinAmber, Bunet, Chloe, Rosado, Timerra, Veyle, Yunaka, Citrinne, Kagetsu, and Panette
PanetteGoldmary, Ivy, Merrin, Amber, Boucheron, Etie, Pandreo, Saphir, Timerra, and Yunaka
BunetAlfred, Anna, Chloe, Fogado, Jade, Jean, Kagetsu, Mauvier, Merrin, and Pandreo
PandreoAlcryst, Bunet, Fogado, Louis, Rosado, Seadall, Vander, Veyle, Mauvier, and Panette
SeadallTimerra, Veyle, Yunaka, Alcryst, Amber, Chloe, Citrinne, Kagetsu, Pandreo, and Rosado

All support conversations with people from Elusia

CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
HortensiaClanne, Fogado, Goldmary, Alcryst, Anna, Celine, Chloe, Ivy, Lindon, Rosado, and Veyle
IvyAlcryst, Alfred, Diamant, Mauvier, Panette, Timerra, Veyle, Zelkov, Hortensia, Kagetsu,and Louis
KagetsuIvy, Merrin, Seadall, Zelkov, Boucheron, Bunet, Celine, Diamant, Framme, and Jade
ZelkovBoucheron, Citrinne, Clanne, Amber, Anna, Ivy, Jean, Kagetsu, Louis, and Yunaka
RosadoFogado, Goldmary, Hortensia, Jade, Lapis, Louis, Mauvier, Merrin, Pandreo, and Seadall
GoldmaryBoucheron, Etie, Framme, Hortensia, Lapis, Panette, Rosado, Saphir, Vander, and Yunaka
LindonMauvier, Saphir, Vander, Boucheron, Hortensia, Jade, and Jean
AnnaZelkov, Bunet, Framme, Hortensia, Jean, Lapis, Mauvier, and Timerra

All support conversations with people from Gradlon

CharacterAll characters that have supports with them
MauvierPandreo, Amber, Anna, Bunet, Rosado, Celine, Ivy, Lindon, Vander, and Veyle
VeyleDiamant, Hortensia, Alfred, Citrinne, Clanne, Ivy, Pandreo, Seadall, Timerra, Mauvier, and Merrin

All characters, except Alear, can only have support conversations up to Rank A. For Alear to open with a potential romance or life-long S-bond friendship with someone, they need to gift them a Pact Ring near the end of the game.

How to raise support bonds fast in Fire Emblem Engage

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Fire Emblem: Engage introduces a ton of activities two characters can bond. These include:

  • Taking action beside each other in battle
  • Letting a unit spam Heal on the person you want them to “bond” with
  • Cooking and eating meals together on Somniel
  • Occasionally fighting each other in the Arena (the battle matchups are randomized)

Emblem Micaiah (unlocked in chapter six) grants its equipped the ability to use a staff, so Heal spam method is possible for all characters! We also found that reloading save files spawns random battles across the map, so you have unlimited opportunities to max out everyone’s bonds in one go if you’re willing to put in the effort.

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Alear can also gift every character a Pretty Pebble and Spirit Gem to raise affection. You can find these items randomly after battles and around Somniel as sparkling items on the ground. It’ll only take one Spirit Gem (or three Pretty Pebbles)  and a couple of skirmishes on the battlefield to move up a support rank with another unit.

How to trigger support conversations in Fire Emblem Engage

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Bonds between any unit will not advance until you’ve seen the previous conversation with them. To do this, simply open your menu with + and go to Reference. From Reference, select Support. Supports are different from Bonds, which are for Emblems.

For more help with Fire Emblem: Engage, take a look at Best Weapons in Fire Emblem Engage, ranked and Best Emblems in Fire Emblem Engage Tier List here at Pro Game Guides.

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