All Founts of Blessing (Spell) Locations in Forspoken

With these spells, become the savior of Athia.

In Forspoken, you get to explore the beautiful world of Athia, uncovering various secrets and different types of magic. Frey, the protagonist of the narrative, can wield several types of magic, and you can learn them while progressing in the storyline. Founts of Blessing are locations where Frey can learn new spells, located all across Forspoken's regions.

Where to find the Fount of Blessing in The Barren Plains in Forspoken

The first Fount of Blessing you will come across is located at The Barren Plains. This Fount can be spotted right after leaving Cipal, it's impossible to miss. You will get the Leap ability from this Fount, which gives Frey the ability to leap off walls adding to her magical parkour skills.

Where to find the Fount of Blessing in The Citadel in Forspoken

The next Fount of Blessing you will come across is located at The Citadel in Praenost. This Fount falls in the path of the main quest, so it is hard to miss. However, the area is surrounded by high cliffs, which means you need to use the magical parkour ability to move across the mountains and reach the Fount. You will get the Shimmy spell and which allows them to accelerate by kicking off from the ground.

Where to find the Fount of Blessing in the Brass Hollow in Forspoken

The other Fount of Blessing at Praenost is located at the Brass Hollow, and this area is located north of the Citadel. After leaving Cipal, head for the Guardians Way: Belfry. Use the Cuff Scan to see which locations are nearby, and you'll find the Dianthus Wood Refuge. You need to move toward Dianthus Wood Refuge to find the map for the Brass Hollow Refuge. Travel east and shortly east from there to reach Brass Hollow. The Fount of Blessing is located northeast of the Brass Hollow Refuge. The Burrow spell sends out items seeking roots to find loot.

Where to find the Fount of Blessing in The Mustering Ground in Forspoken

Head west of Praenost Castle, until Mount Garrison Belfry. From there, head south until you find Mustering Ground Belfry. Then head directly southwest to find the Rosewood Fount of Blessing. You are heading down lots of cliffs, so be mindful of your stamina and fall damage. You will get the Beacon spell from this Fount, and it increases stamina regeneration while making Frey more visible to the enemies.

Where to find the Fount of Blessing in The Water Garden in Forspoken

The next Fount of Blessing is located at The Water Garden in Avolet. As you enter Avoalet, follow the path until you reach the Water Garden: Central Refuge. Here you will find Merveil Bridge, jump off the bridge into the water below. In the water, head northwest to find the Fount of Blessing. The Soar spell allows Frey to climb even higher with multiple leaps in quick succession.

Where to find the Fount of Blessing in the Golden Hills in Forspoken

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When you get into Avoalet, stop at the Untrodden Forest Refuge. From there, head southwest past the Ruins of Tahiri and the Golden Hills: Southern Refuge. From Forest Refuge, it is 1.46km away, so it will take a while to get there. But Rush is a very helpful momentum ability to help on your travels.

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How to get to the Fount of Blessing in Visoria The Windy Hills in Forspoken

You must have completed the game, and got access to Junoon once again to visit the Fount of Blessing in Visoria, The Windy Hills. Fast travel to Junoon Castle Town Refuge and head to Physic Garden Belfry. From there, move northwest toward the Physic Garden Refuge and west on to Sundar. Travel southwest to the Then Wolfwoods Belfry, and further south to the Shepherd's Meadow: Western Belfry. Go south to the Shepherd's Meadow Refuge, and further down to the Graenn. From here, go west to find the Founts of Blessing. This is where you get the Fortify spell which improves crafting skills to increase the amount by which the cloak or necklace improves Frey's defense.

Where to find the Fount of Blessing in Visorian Plateau in Forspoken

Alb is the next spell you will learn, and it can be acquired from the Fount of Blessing located at Visorian Plateau. Start at the Visorian Castle and exit from the Main Gate located east of the castle. Take a sharp turn and move north, scaling the cliffs. From here, travel straight to find the Fount of Blessing in Visorian Plateau. Alb radically reduces the damage taken from incoming unblockable or piercing attacks.

Where to find the Fount of Blessing in Inner Visoria in Forspoken

The next spell is Float, and it is acquired from the Fount of Blessing in Inner Visoria. To visit this Fount of Blessing, you must travel from Inner Visoria to the valley surrounded by mountains. Follow the mountain range until you reach a turn that leads inwards to the valley. You will come across several enemies while moving through the valley, and it's best to keep moving ahead. You'll eventually reach a spot from where you can move down underneath the cliffs. After getting down in this area, move straight ahead to find the Fount of Blessing. You can follow the route shown with the yellow arrows in the image above to reach this spot quickly.

Where to find the Fount of Blessing in Junoon Physic Garden in Forspoken

Spoof is the next spell you can find from the Fount of Blessing in Junoon Physic Garden. Start by fast traveling to Junoon Castle Town Refuge. From here, move east toward the Cipalian Way: Southern Belfy. After that, head north to the Cipalian Way: North Belfry. From here travel northeast, and you will come across the Physic Garden Belfry. Keep in mind there are countless enemies you'll encounter along the way, so it's best to avoid them and head directly for the Fount.

Where to find the Fount of Blessing in Samum Coast in Forspoken

In Avaolet, head to Samum Coast: Western Refuge, which is east of Avoalet Castle. From there, you want to head north or northeast and ultimately to the Photo Spot is before the bridge to the castle. From there, head southeast to an island. Cross the island and see a Belfry to the east called Samun Coast: Western Belfry. From there, you want to head east to the Samun Coast: Eastern Refuge.

Now from the refuge, you have to head southeast, as you cannot scale the cliff to the north. Keep following the cliff's edge until you can climb up to the next area easily. Then head northwest and follow the edge of the cliff up, it may be best to use the Belfry on your right to get more map markets. On your right will be the Ruins of Yulidis, from there, head north-northwest up the hill. When at the top, head right, and follow right until the rocks are no longer blocking your view.

From there, head south, skirting the mountain on your right, passed the giant boulder, and head left to the rest stop Moulderings Refuge. From here, look over the cliff edge to find grappling stones. Jump down carefully, then grapple your way up the stones. At the top, keep it plain sailing south, then east to the Fount to get Suppression.

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How to get to the Junoon Crosstide Coast Fount of Blessing in Forspoken

Fast travel to Junoon Castle Town Refuge from there, head northwest, past Junoon Castle. It may be easier to go around it to the north. Go past the Physic Garden Belfry, and head west to find Physic Garden Refuge. Continue heading west, but go slow, as there is a kill box if you try to get down the easy way from a height. Travel down the cliff to be in Sundar. From Sundar, head northwest to find the Depths of Corruption: Junoon.

From there, head north-northwest to find the way up to the fort, where you have to kill nightmares. Behind the fort is the Found of Blessing that holds Diversify.

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All Founts of Blessing (Spell) Locations in Forspoken

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