Best spells to learn early in Forspoken

In Forspoken, your character interlopes into an entirely new world of Athia. The only weapon you have to defend yourself is your magic, which is granted to you by the cuff you’re wearing. Like every other role-playing game, Forspoken also has a progression system and a skill tree that allows you to unlock new magic […]

Forspoken Giant Nightmares and Breakstorms explained

Forspoken has a massive explorable world with a variety of creatures, from zombified humans to a flying Dragon. Athia also has different terrain features and variable weather conditions across the continent. In this guide, we’ll find out what are Breakstroms, where do they occur, and why they bring the deadliest of beings with them. What […]

All map Icons and what they mean in Forspoken

In Forspoken, players can explore the massive open world of Athia. The continent has four different provinces with varying landscapes and a variety of creatures to fight. Different legends denoting different locations can be seen while analyzing the map. Here’s a guide on all the map icons in Forspoken and what they represent. All Forspoken […]

How to increase Stamina in Forspoken

As you progress through the storyline in Forspoken, the bosses will keep getting more challenging. Besides your character’s base health, you’ll also need to keep track of her stamina, which is consumed when you perform actions such as magic parkour and heavy attacks. Here’s how to get more stamina and boost your movement and combat […]