Airhead is a leaked Epic skin. It's a bit of an odd skin with a lot of little details all over the body. The head is just a red balloon which seems precarious in a game with bullets flying around. It features some knight like armor, and has what appears to be TNT strapped to its hips. The neck piece is interesting as well, and could be depicting a bear trap which would make this skin even a danger to itself!

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Pop into action.

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  1. Evident! i have news about this skin!

    Its in the Combine game mode during the Zip-line Coarse
    When you Shoot the Dummies, it says “-InsertPlayerName- Eliminated Airhead!

  2. My Son has been waiting for this skin since he first saw it back in June … he would really be happy to get it we both think itโ€™s Crazy Cool !!!

  3. I really hope they release this skin soon..Ever since he wss leaked I’ve been saving my VBucks for this guy! I love how bizarre he is <3

  4. To be honest i dont think this skin will ever be released i mean the air hand will look kinda weird shooting guns with.

  5. This skin has been teased for so long now to be completely honest I don’t even know if they will release it or not because the K Bop skin has been teased ever since at least Season 6 and it still hasn’t been released but Airhead is a pretty unique skin it’s not all the time that you see a skin like it.

  6. Do you think this could be a battle pass skin? Probably not but onesie was leaked for a while and was in the season 7 one. It looks like it could maybe be the tier 47 skin or something if it was.

  7. 3 things if you could get the date when this would be out i would be really happy 2nd thing now my favorite skin 3rd thing I love it