Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider Skin

Renegade Raider is a Rare Fortnite Outfit from the Storm Scavenger set.

Renegade Raider is one of the rarest skins in the game. You could only get it if you played during Fortnite Season 1, and you needed to level up to 20 to get a chance to purchase it. If you were playing back then, reaching that level unlocked it from what was known as the "Season Shop" for 1,200 V-Bucks.

In the 8.10 patch, Renegade Raider was given a new style. This doesn't mean the skin will be in the shop.

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Renegade Raider Styles & Images

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Renegade Raider PNG

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Storm Scavenger Set

Renegade Raider is part of the Storm Scavenger set! You can find all of the items that belong to it below.

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  1. I feel like as if they should at least rerelease one of these rare skins as a great blessing to the community! Please and thank you!

        1. I believe that it may come back but as a new form like the x lord for example. I don’t want it to be fully rereleased as im one of the people that own that skin and the raiders revenge.

  2. Bro this skin isn’t even good looking it’s just that people want it because it’s rare but if it comes back out it won’t be anymore

    1. Why would it be Legendary? Also, I don’t mean to be a Grammar Nazi, but I think you mean: “Seriously, who doesn’t like the Renegade Raider? Just be real, dude, it’s so epic so why isn’t it Legendary?”

  3. People seriously judge how much they like a skin by rarity.

    People absolutely love renegade raider, and yeah she’s pretty cool, but I think people like her only because she’s so rare. I mean, look at rust lord! He looks amazing and awesome, but people hate him because he was a low battle pass tier.

    Imagine if nothing was rare at all. Everyone had everything. What skin would you want to use? Not because it’s rare, in this canario nothing is rare. Just choose something you think looks awesome.

    1. some players love renegade because they couldnt get it before like i was in season one i have mako and i wish had but i didnt have vbucks also i think that red nosed raider is awesome

        1. For sure recon expert would be entirely unused but im not so sure about ghoul trooper and especially around the Halloween season