Fortnite Serrated Slicers Harvesting Tool

Serrated Slicers Harvesting Tool

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Cosmetic Details
Release Date February 21st, 2020
Last Seen July 22nd, 2020
Days Ago 1426
Rarity Rare
Shop Occurance Days ago
July 22nd, 2020 1426
June 18th, 2020 1460
May 10th, 2020 1499
February 22nd, 2020 1577

Serrated Slicers is a Rare Fortnite Harvesting Tool from the Artificial Evolved set. It was released on February 21st, 2020 and was last available 1426 days ago. It can be purchased from the Item Shop for 800 V-Bucks when listed. Serrated Slicers was first added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

Artificial Evolved Set

Serrated Slicers is part of the Artificial Evolved set! You can find all the items that belong to it below.