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Fortnite Season 4 Week 3 Challenges Guide

It's time to take a look at all the challenges from week 3 of the Season 4 battle pass in Fortnite!

It's time to go over another week of Fortnite Season 4's battle pass challenges! We are on week 3 now, and this week we will be watching a replay, dealing damage with pistols, searching chests in Lonely Lodge, finding rubber duckies, following a treasure map found in Salty Springs, eliminating people with sniper rifles, and eliminating people in Tilted Towers!

Each week of the battle pass allows you to tier up faster and gain further xp boosts, outfits, gliders, pickaxes, back bling, dance, emotes, and the new spray paint sprays! Some weeks have unique challenges, but others remain mostly the same just having you search through chests and eliminating enemies in specific areas.

If you don't know already, it's important to finish each of the weekly challenges in season 4. If you complete each of the weeks, you will eventually unlock a mystery legendary skin via the Blockbuster Challenges!

Season 4 Battle Pass Challenges for Week 3

If you haven't already, be sure to complete your Week 2 Challenges! Also, check out our full overview of Fortnite Season 4!

Watch a Match Replay

This challenge was removed due to it being buggy!

Is this the easiest challenge of all time?! All you need to do is click on the career tab at the top of the screen, click replays, and then watch you destroy your competition! The match replay system is relatively new, it records all of your gameplay. You can scrub through it and do a ton of cool stuff!

Revive Players

This challenge replaced the "watch a match replay" challenge due to it being buggy. This isn't too difficult if you queue yourself up into squads, or head on over to the 50v50 LTM where people are needing revives constantly!

Deal damage with Pistols to opponents

Pistols are one of the weaker weapon classes in Fortnite, but the suppressed pistol and the hand cannon are pretty solid. If you are really struggling with this challenge try to hold onto a pistol in duos or squads and use it to finish off downed opponents.

Check out our Fortnite Pistol Tips Guide to learn more about this class of weapon!

Search Chests in Lonely Lodge

Lonely Lodge is a fairly quiet landing zone, but now that we have a challenge to come here it's going to be popping. As you can see from the map below, your best bet is to stay to the west and circle south east to try to hit the chests. There are a lot of chest spawns in the attic of the small cabins, so be sure to run around those and listen for the delightful chest sound.

Lonely Lodge Chest Locations

Search Rubber Duckies

If you are looking for the Rubber Duckies to complete this week's challenge, they can be found on the map below! Check out our more detailed guide that explains where each duck is right here: Fortnite Rubber Duck Locations Guide!

Follow the treasure map found in Salty Springs (HARD)

Don't bother with heading to Salty Springs, just take a trip to the shopping cart race cart track and find the treasure location as indicated on the map below!

Sniper Rifle Eliminations (HARD)

This was a challenge in a previous season that they actually dropped down to 1 kill. It seems getting sniper kills is one of the more difficult things to do for people. It might actually be slightly easier to do this in solos because when you kill someone there they are immediately eliminated. The problem you might have in duos or squads is that some sniper eliminations are far away and give their teammates a chance to revive them.

If you are still struggling with your sniper eliminations, check out our Fortnite Sniper Tips Guide!

Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towers (HARD)

If you thought Tilted Towers was popping before, then you haven't seen it when there's a challenge to be done! I actually don't think this will be too hard, if you dive right on a weapon and get it you usually get a free kill or two. Just keep heading there and aiming yourself for the lowest point on the map so you can glide to the top of a building first. If you get a rifle, try to get a quick pick on other roofs. If you get a shotgun, immediately try to drop down and catch people looking for weapons!

Hidden Battle Star for Week 3

Now that we don't have the placeholder image for our earned loading screen, you can find the hidden battle star to south east of Fatal Fields!

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