Genshin Impact 1.6 | Leaks, New Characters, Release Date!

Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm, and now fans are already eagerly awaiting the next upcoming update. MiHoYo is getting ready to keep the content flowing and the hype increasing.

We've compiled all of the known and leaked information from a variety of sources. Right now, we're pretty confident that the majority of this is right, but some things may change by the time the update is released. But as always, take everything with a pinch of salt.

A big thank you to Zeniet, AE Entropy, Project Celestia, Honey Impact, Lumie, Genshin Intel, and Arkywzx.

Genshin Impact 1.6 Release Date

Genshin Impact version 1.6 update is scheduled for June 9, 2021. This is subject to change, but from miHoYo's own official post from the production team, they are trying to organize a consistent update schedule every six weeks.

This is our road map of when the updates should be released. However, anything after 1.3 is purely guesswork based on the six week update period.

  • Version Update 1.6—Scheduled for June 9, 2021.
  • Version Update 1.7—Scheduled for July 21, 2021
  • Version Update 1.8—Scheduled for Aug. 2, 2021

Genshin Impact 1.6 Trailer!

1.6 Pre-Install

Pre-install for v1.6 for both PC & Mobile begins on March 15 at 9 pm CT. This is the second time Mobile users have been able to pre-install a Genshin Impact Update.

Mobile (iOS & Android) Travelers can pre-install the update by going to the Paimon Menu > Settings > Other > Pre-Install Resource Package.


When Genshin Impact 1.6 goes live, maintenance will occur for roughly 5 hours. This begins on June 9, 4 pm CT. As compensation for the downtime, everyone will be given 300 Primogems if they are above Adventure Rank 5 or higher. Even if the update takes less than 5 hours, you will still earn the 300 Primogems.

Compensation will be given within 5 hours after the update has been completed. Everyone who wants the 300 Priomogems must be logged in before 1.6 ends.



  • Beidou is hosting some kind of tournament to win a Vision; battle arena is located in the islands
  • Kazuha had a monologue about Inazuma / having doubts about what the Electro Archon is doing
  • Kazuha story quest; Beidou makes an appearance

Quality of Life

If you target an enemy via Journal, it automatically targets the next one when you kill the first one instead of having to open the Journal each time.

Can view enemy list + conditions before you enter a dungeon.

Developer Notes

  • Increased load limit in Teapot
  • Skipable Tubby dialogue
  • Second floor Base/House rooms are opened
  • Improvements to the Weapon Upgrade System
  • Crafting Bench in Coop
  • Teammates during Coop will now appear on the map if faraway from you.

Klee Rerun Banner

The first Event Wish banner in the 1.6 update will be led by everyone's favorite pyro prankster, Klee. Klee's rerun banner has been highly anticipated for some time now. Klee will also be leading the bulk of the Midsummer Island Adventure events.

New Character


Kazuha has been datamined to be a Five-Star Anemo Sword user, a character model has been found, unlike Yoimiya.

"A wandering samurai from Inazuma who is currently with Liyue's Crux Fleet. A gentle and carefree soul whose heart hides a great many burdens."

We do have Kazuha's Skills, Constellations, and Ascension!

Kazuha's story quest is going to feature Beidou and her crew, which in theory revolves around the Inazuma Islands.

New Region in Genshin Impact 1.6

Inazuma Islands

Regions are what many players are waiting for in Genshin Impact. These add whole new areas for people to explore, for new materials, secrets, plus more. A few regions have been leaked, but they have not come to fruition yet.

Inazuma is not coming to 1.6, but the Inazuma Archipelago are. These are are new region of smaller islands, that you can explore.

Traveling between Islands

Due to there being boats, there will have to be some Waypoint or travel icon to initiate for traveling to occur. Well, Dimbreath has discovered a Skill Waypoint that summons a skiff to navigate the waters between the islands.

Oddly enough, the travel is not instantaneous behind a loading screen. Instead, the skiff is actually armed with cannons you will have to use, so your skiff does not get damaged. Though damage will occur naturally over time.


Mystical Skiff Challenge

Skiffs are going to be an essential mechanic revolving around 1.6, so an event about them makes sense. This Mystical Skiff challenge will be divided into two different portions, the sea and in the air. You will accumulate points depending on how long it takes you to complete the challenge, and also for collecting Wavesplitter Insignias.

Sudden Endless Battle

Event Overview

This event is very much like Contending Tides from 1.5.

Fierce foes have appeared all over the archipelago! Challenge and defeat them within the time limit to collect points and unlock prizes. The difficulty you have chosen for the challenge will increase the multiplier of the point you receive.


You must be Adventure Rank 20 or higher to take part.


Every challenge has a different feature that will grant buffs. Very much like the 1.5 Contending Tides event. Defeat Beserker opponents or use harpastums to destroy Momentum Discs to obtain Momentum. Once you have acquired enough Momentum, you will gain the corresponding Momentum Blessing, which will provide you with various buffs.

Thanks to Project Celestia for this information!

Windborne Martial Legend

This event will be like the Hypostatic Symphony, but with a Primo Vishap, Oceanid, and Maguu Kenki. You will head to a new Domain and challenge never-seen-before bosses. Choose the difficulty level and earn points with a high multiplier based on what you have chosen. This event has four difficulty levels and seven different stages.


Flairs are an added difficulty on top of the difficulty you have already chosen, such as extra debuffs, and negative effects. These will affect the score that you will earn at the end. Thanks to Project Celestia.

The event functions similarly to the Hypostasis Event. Like that event characters will have bonuses, but which ones are unknown at this time.

  • New debuffs added:
    • When your attacks crit, you will receive self-inflicting damage that is five percent of your character's max Health, this debuff triggers every five seconds.
    • Shield effect debuff and increase damage taken when switching between party members, these factors will greatly decrease your survival chances.
  • The shortest time limit is 120 seconds this time.
  • The Maguu Kenki clones will be roaming around the arena, if you can't kill them in groups, it's going to be hard for you to finish the challenge in time.
    • The Maguu Kenki clones have a health sharing ability, you have to kill them all.
  • The domain for Maguu Kenki will be catered to Keqing, you can utilize her Area of Effect burst to try and defeat the clones at once.
  • The seventh stage (Day Seven) is Primo Geovishap, Oceanid, and Maguu Kenki, the debuffs available are Hydro, Pyro, and Physical resistance increase for the enemy, and Geo isn't strong against Primo Geovishap.

Main Cannons, Make Ready... Fire!

Pilot your own Waverider on the open seas and destroy enemy towers by using powerful cannons to blast away the monsters' floating structures. You may need to get crafty, as some of these structures are shielded by protective barriers. And that's not all—you'll also need to watch out for dangerous whirlpools while navigating the ocean!

Screenshot via miHoYo

Kaboomball Kombat!

This event is more akin to classic pong or better Baseball. A magical fortress is firing Kamboomballs at you, and you have to deflect the projectiles back at it, using Light Shields.

Of course, timing is essential, as if you deflect it back at the perfect moment, you get a Perfect Return. But over time, the fortress will gain Fury and start lobbing more Kaboomballs at you at a faster velocity. This Fury can be counteracted by hitting the fortress or taking damage, as both will deplete this Fury gauge.

Echoing Tales

Scattered around the islands are special shells called Echoing Conches that carry sealed voices of the past. Gathering the Echoing Conches allows you to hear these long-preserved utterances, and collecting enough Conches will earn you all kinds of rewards—including Barbara's brand new "Summertime Sparkle" costume skin.

Screenshot via miHoYo

New Boss

A new boss is coming with a new Elemental Stone material drop. The new enemy's name is called Maguu Kenki. The Elemental Stone is called rumored to be called Maguu Kishin and is for Kazuha. We are not sure if Yoimaya will use the same stone.

Thanks to Lumie and Unari, we can see a render below.

Image via Lumie and Unari


Costumes are coming to 1.6, but at the moment only for two characters that we know of, Barbara and Jean. Barbara can be earned for free by taking part in her event, but Jean will have to be purchased from the shop. You can see the two pictures of the costumes below, thanks to Project Celestia.

Serenitea Pot Companions

Upon finishing the tutorial task "A Teapot to Call Home: Part II," you can place up to eight characters you own inside your teapot, both inside and outside your home. Characters that are left in the Serenitea Pot will accumulate Character Companionship Experience faster, especially as the Adeptal Energy Rank also increases.

Each character will have their own favorite furnishing set. When players collect and place one of these sets inside the Serenitea Pot, that corresponding character will give a gift to the player and have special dialogue unlocked!

Screenshot via miHoYo


With the Homeworld release of 1.5, more furniture is making it's way with 1.6. Not much is currently known on how many pieces we are getting. But thanks to Project Celestia, we know of at least this one majestic piece—Pure Gorgeous Summer.

New Weapons

With a new updates comes new weapons, and here are a few that have been leaked for 1.6.

Dodoco Tales

  • Type
    • Catalyst.
  • Passive | Dodoventure!
    • Normal Attacks hit on opponents increase Charged Attack Damage by 16 percent for six seconds.
    • Charged Attacks hit on opponents increased Attack by eight percent for six seconds.

Mitternachts Waltz

Screenshot via miHoYo
  • Type
    • Bow.
  • Passive | Evernight Duet
    • Normal Attack hits on opponents increase Elemental Skill Damage by 20 percent for five seconds.
    • Elemental Skills on opponents increase Normal Attack Damage by 20 percent for five seconds.


Screenshot via miHoYo
  • Type
    • Sword.
  • Passive | Millennial Movement
    • Sword increases damage by 10 percent and whenever the wielder triggers Elemental reactions, they get a Sigil of Rebellion.
      • Two sigils consumes them and grants nearby party members Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance for 12 seconds.
      • Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance increases normal, charged, and plunging attack damage by 16 percent and increases attack by 20 percent.

New Items

  • Hot Pod: A bomb that explodes violently and does small amounts of Pyro damage in an area, super effective against Cryo shields.
  • Realm Dispatch: A new Artifact that enables character placement in furnishing sets within the Serenitea Pot.
  • Wind-Blessed Harpastum: Made from pure bird feathers, with unknown effects.
  • Straight Shooter: A lightweight, easy-to-control bomb that deals large amounts of Pyro damage to a single target.
  • Floaty Splody: A cunningly designed bomb explodes with shrapnel, dealing Pyro damage in a large area.

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  1. It’s kinda unfair that they still don’t wanna put a dendro character until version 1.9, i would’ve loved to see at least one sooner. Anyway i love Barbra’s new outfit, she really looks cute in it, hope they DO keep it as active for the future.

    Thanks for update for us Non-bata Testers.

    1. I completely agree with you. Especially when we’ve known about it since 1.1. Yeah, the costumes are great, and I’m glad they’re not over the top; they match each character amazingly. Me too. If the costumes are season-specific, it’ll be a major letdown.

      Thanks for commenting 😀

  2. My comment isn’t really a comment but more of a question☺️ I am wondering when the next pet event will come out because I was a day away in rank to do the event and I am very sad about it so I am hoping there will be another pet event very soon💜🥺

    1. I haven’t heard anything yet about a pet event, sadly. If we go based on when the two pet events were released, the first in 1.2 and the second in 1.4. You might have to wait until 1.6, but this is pure speculation! I do keep looking, so keep popping back every so often and something might have been found 😀 fingers crossed!