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Grand Summoners Tier List (2024) – All Characters, Ranked

Summon your heroes.

If you want to play JRPG-style mobile game, then you must try Grand Summoners. Just don't expect some particularly original story, as this is a typical good vs. evil fight in a magical kingdom game. But what really sets this game apart is the unbelievable number of heroes you can play with. In fact, there are so many of them, you'll have a problem finding the best. That's why you need this Grand Summoners tier list with all characters ranked.

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Grand Summoners Tier List - Best Characters

SAinz, Albedo, Asirpa, Censtina (Earth), Cestina (Light), Chloe (Fate), Draken, Emperor Isliid, Empress, Fitoria, Gerald, Hart (Earth), Illya, Juno, Liza, Lucy Heartfilia, Mako, Melty, Mikey, Miranda, Miyu, Mizuki the Twelfth, Narberal, Orvell (Fire), Raphtalia, Rem (GS), Rin & Luvia, Riviera (Dark), Saber Alter, Saitama, Sanstone, Shalltear, Shirou Emiya, Sylphiette, Thetis (Light), Kisaragi, War Hero Fen, Yoh Asakura
AAiri, Amane, Angelas, Aristela, Bakoo, Batiste, Beatrice, Beguiler Selia, Benimaru, Berwick (Magic), Berwick (Physical), Celia (Dark), Celia (Light), Charlotte, Courtney, Dead Master, Duke, Emi, Emilia, Eris, Ezra Scarlet, Feena, Fen (Dark), Fen (Earth), Filia, Filo, Forte, Priestess, Gaia, Ganan, Garou, Ginzo Battle Form, Goblin Slayer, Grad, Gran Brave, Gray Fullbuster, Groitz, Hao, Hart (Dark), Hatsune Miku, Hiei, Hight Elf Archer, Liese (Dark), Lozze, Luahn, Lyla, Marzex (Dark), Marzex (Light), Millenia, Mitsuya, Naofumi, Natsu Dragneel, New Years Milim, New Years Rimuru, Norn, Nui Harume, Orvel (Light), Parlot, Pricilla (Fire), Priscilla (Water), Platina, Ram, Rayas, Rem (Re:Zero), Ren Tao, Rimuru (Human), Rits, Riviera (Earth), Rosetta (Earth), Rosetta (Water), Roxy, Roy (Fire), Rudeus, Ryuko, SAnta Shion, Sakura Miku, Sakuya, Santa Milim, Santa Rimuru, Shuri, Simon, Sonic, Strength, Summer Cestina, Summer Juno, Summer Leone, Summer Liza, Fosly, Tamae, Thetis, Valerie, Veronica, Vox, Vultee (Earth), Vultee (Water), Weaver
BAbaddon, Adele, Aesis, Alche, Alma, Aluze, Alvina, Anna Kyoyama, Arcana, Ashe, Ashe Toto, Belle, Boros, Cathemilla, Chifuyu, Chloe (GS), Cosmo, Daki, Diaz, Duran, Eagle, Eden, Edram, Elizabeth, Elmessio, Eternia, Feld, Garlan, Giliam, Ginzo, Grohl, Hellish Blizzard, Hijikata, Ifrit, Kane (Dark), Kayas, Kazuma, Kurama, Leon, Lian, Lione, Lygor, Marika, Melia (Water), Melissa, Mira (Earth), Mizuki, Mizyna, Musse, Nier, Nies, Noel, Nogia, Number 2, Olgeth, Onfuan, Orgah, Pheles, Quon, Rhodia, Saar, Salyssa, Satsuki, Serah, Shadie, Sharon, Soleil, Sonije, Sophie, Strife, Sugimoto, Sumire, Tallis, Tami-nyan, Teridos, Terrible Tornado, Toguro, Valhalla, Victoire, Virago, Wargul, Yusuke, Zechsia, Zeela, Zenon, Zeorg (Dark)
CAlulu, Arosdea, Badoul, Catilou, Coco, Crunchyro Il-Hime, Cygnet, Cynthia, Dahlia, Dargeon, Est, Favelle, Freed, Genos, Honoka, Keiones, Keit, Leone, Lily, Luda, Maquines, Melia (Dark), Milim, Mixie, Pola, Regulus, Radak, Ragsheru, Raine, Raki, Rhiothis, Selia, Shiki, Sly, Valentia, Vermilia, Vitz, Yomi, Zecht, Zoroas
DAnna, Arth, Ashleigh, Clyde, Corsair, Daisy, Elfalla, End, Herck, Iris, Jack, Jill, Kane (Earth), Lalleh, Liese (Light), Louvet, Mamori, Mira (Fire), Nerim, Palamicia, Ragna, Rasaou, Reyon, Riana, Rishley, Roy (Water), Saku, Shasha, Takemischi, Vaid, Voghan, Vogue, Zeorg (Light), Zoldes

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Best Grand Summoners Characters

Best Support Characters in Grand Summoners


Having a multipurpose hero in your party is always a great idea. So if you're looking for an excellent all-around support character, Priestess is a great choice. She can heal and buff allies and debuff enemies, inflicting Blind on them.

War Hero Fen

War Hero Fen is one of the best characters in Grand Summoners because of his powerful buffs. Thanks to his abilities, allies will be more accurate and able to deal critical damage more often.

Best Attackers in Grand Summoners


While you'll find attackers that deal more damage, Saitama is fantastic in boss fights, as he'll deal 50% more damage to huge bad guys. Besides that, he refuses to die, as he gets damage immunity for 20 seconds to damage when he's low on health.


Kisaragi is on fire, literally, with her ability to deal fire damage with an attack increased by 50%. Not many characters in Grand Summoners can match her damage output. She's so efficient I'm sure she would be awesome fighting next to Genshin Impact characters in a crossover.

Best Breakers in Grand Summoners


Courtney can really make enemies miserable by reducing their break resistance, defense, and attack in several ways. Think of her as an offensive support unit that can also break very efficiently.


While the breaker class is not as popular as others, you can still find valuable characters like Platina. While her breaking power is good, she's valuable because of her passive ability to save an ally facing certain death. She'll give them damage immunity and clear most debuffs.

Best Defenders in Grands Summoners


If you're looking for a character that can keep your characters alive, Sanstone is an excellent choice. She shields allies from damage and buffs their resistances so you can focus on dealing damage with everyone else.


Gerald is a typical tank-class character, focusing on directing damage to himself while building a damage barrier that makes him almost immune.

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Grand Summoners Tier List (2024) – All Characters, Ranked

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