All Green Hell Crafting Recipes

Your Amazonian survival guide.

Green Hell is an open-world survival simulator where your character has found themselves abandoned and lost in the Amazon Rainforest. Alone in the jungle, you must do whatever you can to survive. In such extreme conditions, you’ll struggle for even the basics. So, you’re going to need to start making your own shelter, which means needing tools. You'll also need to stay alive when faced with some hostile locals, which means making yourself armor and weapons. Below, you’ll find all the Green Hell crafting recipes you’ll need to ensure you stay alive.

What are all of the crafting recipes for Green Hell?

To craft an item in Green Hell (once you have the materials), open your Inventory by pressing Tab on your keyboard. Select Crafting from the righthand menu, then drag the materials you need onto the Crafting Rock that appears on-screen. Alternatively, press C and select Craft from the menu wheel. Once you have all the materials on the Crafting Rock that you need to craft an item, the Craft Button will appear. Note that the Tribal Firestarter is the only recipe that you can’t use until you unlock it, and you can find it at the West Native Camp.

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The items you need below are largely found by harvesting objects, which is achieved by right-clicking them. For example, right-click a Long Bamboo Stick to get two Bamboo Sticks. Note that some items need other crafted items to be crafted first. If a crafted item will be too big for your backpack, instead right-click the large item while it is on the ground and choose Craft from its drop down menu.  

Weapon recipes

  • Arrow: Bird Feathers (x2), Small Stick
  • Bamboo Blowpipe: Long Bamboo Stick, Rope
  • Bamboo Bow: Long Bamboo Stick, Rope
  • Bamboo Spear: Bamboo Stick
  • Blade Axe: Wood Stick, Stone Blade (x3)
  • Bone Axe: Wood Stick, Bone (x2), Rope
  • Bone Knife: Bone, Rope
  • Bone Spear: Long Stick, Bone, Rope
  • Bow: Long Stick, Rope
  • Four-pronged Spear: Long Stick, Small Stick (x2), Rope
  • Four-pronged Bamboo spear: Long Bamboo Stick, Small Stick (x2), Rope
  • Metal Arrow: Metal Arrowhead Cast, Bird Feather (x2), Small Stick, Rope
  • Metal Axe: Metal Axe Cast, Stick, Rope
  • Metal Blade: Metal Blade Cast, Rope
  • Metal Pickaxe: Metal Blade Cast, Stick, Rope
  • Metal Spear: Metal Blade Cast, long Stick, Rope
  • Obsidian Axe: Obsidian, Rope, Wood Stick
  • Obsidian Blade: Obsidian, Rope, Small Stone
  • Obsidian Spear: Obsidian, Rope, Long Stick
  • Poison Darts (x5): Unfinished Darts, Poison Frog, Frog Stretcher
  • Stick Blade: Small Stick (x2), Small Stone, Rope
  • Stone Axe: Wood Stick, Small Stone
  • Stone Axe (stronger version): Wood Stick, Stone Blade, Rope
  • Stone Blade: Small Stone (x2)
  • Stone Spear: Long Stick, Rope, Stone Blade
  • Unfinished Darts: Bamboo Stick, Fiber
  • Weak Spear: Long Stick

Armor recipes

  • Armadillo Armor: Banana Leaf, Armadillo Shell, Rope (x2)
  • Bamboo Armor: Banana Leaf, Bamboo Stick (x3), Rope (x2)
  • Bone Armor: Banana Leaf, Bone (x3), Rope (x2)
  • Leaf Armor: Banana Leaf, Rope (x2)
  • Metal Armor: Banana Leaf, Metal Armor Cast (x3), Rope (x2)
  • Stick Armor: Banana Leaf, Stick (x3), Rope (x2)

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Tool recipes

  • Bamboo Fishing Rod: Long Bamboo Stick, Rope, Bird Feather (x2), Brazil Nut Shell
  • Bone Hook: Bone Needle
  • Coconut Bidon: Drinkable Coconut, Rope
  • Fire Bow: Bow, Small Stone, Small stick, Plank
  • Fish Hook: Fish Bone
  • Fishing Rod: Long Stick, Rope, Bird Feather (x2), Brazil Nut Shell
  • Hand Drill: Wood Stick, Small Stick
  • Hand Drill Plank: Small Stick, Plank
  • Torch: Stick, Rope, Tree Resin
  • Tribal Firestarter: Small Stick (x2), Rope (x2)
  • Weak Torch: Stick, Rope

Mold recipes

  • Armor Mold: Empty Mold, Melted Iron Ore, Stick
  • Arrow Mold: Empty Mold, Melted Iron Ore, Arrow
  • Axe Mold: Empty Mold, Melted Iron Ore, Stone Axe
  • Blade Mold: Empty Mold, Melted Iron Ore, Stone Blade
  • Empty Mold: Mud Brick
  • Mud Brick: Mud (x2), Ash

Medicine recipes

  • Ash Dressing: Leaf Bandage, Ash
  • Goliath Dressing: Leaf Bandage, Goliath Birdeater Ash
  • Honey Dressing: Leaf Bandage, Honeycomb
  • Leaf Bandage: Molineria Leaf
  • Lily Dressing: Leaf Bandage, Plantain Lily Leaf
  • Tobacco Dressing: Leaf Bandage, Tobacco Leaves

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All Green Hell Crafting Recipes

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