GTA San Andreas Cheats for Switch

Grab your cheats for Switch GTA San Andreas here!

Cheats have always been a widely sought-after tool in most Grand Theft Auto games, including GTA San Andreas. Such remains the case for the Switch release, but you must search for a list with cheat codes that work. Luckily the list below has all the working cheat codes available for the Nintendo Switch version of GTA San Andreas.

All GTA San Andreas Cheats for Switch

If you want to activate any of the cheats below, you must input a control pattern, or the cheats will not work. There is also no cheat menu like Red Redemption 2's cheats. Instead, all codes for the game are input manually using the Switch's controller or Joy-Cons. That said, here's the complete list of all GTA Sand Andreas Switch Cheat codes you can use.

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R, ZR, L, B, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, UpGives 250k, Health, and Armor
A, A, L, A, A, A, L, ZL, R, X, A, XSpawns the Rhino Tank
Up, Up, Down, Down, Y, A, L, R, X, DownMakes all cars have a Beach Party Theme
ZR, A, R, ZL, Left, R, L, ZR, ZLMakes NPC drivers aggressive
A, R, A, R, Left, Left, R, L, A, RightSpawns the Trashmaster garbage truck
Down, R, A, ZL, ZL, B, R, L, Left, LeftSpawns the Bloodring Banger vehicle
ZR, A, , Up, L, Right, R, Right, UP, Y, XMakes cars in the game fly
A, ZL, UP, R, Left, B, R, L, Left, AMakes all Vehicles black
R, A, ZR, Right, L, ZL, B, B, Y, RSpawns a Hotring racer car version A
RIGHT, Up, R, R, R, Down, X, X, B, A, L, LSpawns a Monster truck called Monster next to you
Up, Right, Right, L, Right, UP, Y, ZLSpawns the Rancher SUV
L, A, X, L, L, Y, ZL, Up, Down, LeftMakes all cars have an Elvis theme.
R, R, A, ZR, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, DownLowers Wanted Level
A, B, L, A, A, L, A, R, ZR, ZL, L, LSpawns the hunter helicopter next to you.
Down ZR, Down, R, ZL, Left R, Left, RightSpawns the Romero Hearse
R, Up, Left, Right, ZR, Up, Right, Y, Right, ZL, L, LSpawns a Tanker truck
R, R, A, ZR, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, RightRaises Wanted Level
X, X, Y, A, B, L, ZL, Down, DownSpawns the Vortex HoverCraft
B, L, Up, Y, Down, B, ZL, X, Down, R, L, LPedestrians attack with various weapons
Down, Y, Up, ZR, ZR, Up, Right, Right, UpAllows you to recruit anyone in your gang
Left, X, R, L, Up, Y, X, Down, A, ZL, L, LGives all cars Nitrous Oxide Systems
A, Right A, Right, Left, Y, X, UPLocks your current Wanted Level
X, Up, Right, Down, Y, ZR, RSlow mode
ZR, L, A, Right, L, R, Right, Up, A, ZRSpawns a Hotring racer car version B
Up, L, R, Up, Right, Up, B, ZL, B, LIncreases cars max speed
ZR, ZL, R, L, ZL, ZR, Y, X, A, X, ZL, LDestroys all cars in-game
A, L, Down, ZL, LEFT, B, R, L, Right, AMakes all cars Pink
Down, Up, Up, Up, B, ZR, R, ZL, ZLPedestrians attack with rocket launchers
A, A, L, X, L, X, Y, Y, L, X, A, XFast-forwards time
ZR, Up, ZL, Left, Left, R, L, A, RightSpawns a Stretch Limo
Up, Left, B, X, R, A, A, A, ZLSuper Punch mode
X, X, L, Y, Y, A, Y, Down, AGives all cars a carnival theme
X, X, Y, A, B, L, L, Down, UpSpawns the Hydra Jet next to you
ZL, Right, L, Up, B, L, ZL, ZR, R, L, L, LTurns all Traffic cars into junk cars
X, Up ,Up, Left, Right, Y, A, DownRaises fat stat to max level
X, R, R, Left, R, L, ZR, LMakes vehicles easier to drive.
Right, R, Up, ZL, ZL, Left, R, L, R, RMakes all cars, Sports cars
A, UP, L, ZL, Down, R, L, L, Left, Left, B, XSpawns a Stunt Plane
X, Up, Up, Left Right, Y, A, RightLowers both Muscle and Fat to the lowest level
Down, Left, Up, Left, B, ZR, R, ZL, LMakes all Pedestrians riot
Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Y, A, X, R, ZRSpawns the Quadbike next to you
L, R, X, Down, ZR B, L, up, ZL, ZL, L, LRaises Respect to max level
Up, A, X, B, X, B, Y, ZR, RightRaises Stamina to max level
Down, Left, L, Down, down, ZR, Down ZL, DownAllows the player to breathe underwater.
L, ZL, R, ZR, Up, Down, Left, Right, L, ZL, R, ZR, Up, Down, Left, RightSpawns a Jetpack
ZL, Up, R, R, Left, R, R, ZR, Right, DownOnly Gang members will appear on the streets
X, Left, Y, ZR, UP, ZL, Down, L, B, L, L, LMakes all cars Farm vehicles
Down, Y, B, Left, R, ZR, Left, Down, Down, L, L, LIncreases weapon skills to max level
Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, BBig Head Mode
A, L, Up, R, ZL, B, R, L, A, BSpawns a Cady next to you
L, ZL, ZL, Up, Down, Down, Up, R, ZR, ZRMakes cars Invincible
Right ZR, A, R, ZL, Y, R, ZRMakes cars able to drive on water
ZR, A, UP, L, Right, R, RIGHT, UP, Y, XMakes boats fly
L, R, Y, R, Left, ZR, R, Left, Y, Down, L, LUnlimited Ammo for weapons
X, Y, A, A, Y, A, A, L, ZL, ZL, R, ZRMakes bikes able to jump in the air in 100 degrees
 Up, Up, X, X, Up, Up Left, Right, Y, ZR, ZRSuper Jump
B, Down, UP, ZR, Down, X, L, X, LEFTTurns off traffic and Pedestrians
X, Up, Right, Down, ZL, L, YFast gameplay mode
ZL, Right, L, X, Right, Right, R, L, Right, L, L, LMakes all Pedestrians fight each other
Right, ZL, Down, R, Left, Left, R, L, ZL, LSuicide Cheat
A, Right, A, Right, Left, Y, B, DownMax wanted level
Up, B, X, B, X, B, Y, ZR, RightGives all taxi cars Nitrous and Hydraulics
ZR, L, L, Right, Right, Up, Up, B, L, LeftSpawns the Dozer next to you
ZR, R, B, X, B, X, Up, DownGives all Pedestrians lethal weapons
X, Up, Up, Left, Right, Y, A, LeftRaises Muscle stat to max level
A, X, X, Up, A, R, ZL, Up, X, L, L, LRaises Sex Appeal to max level
Y, ZL, B, R, ZL, ZL, Left, R, Right, L, L, LRaises Vehicle Stats to max level
Left, Right, L, ZL, R, ZR, ZR, Up, Down, Right, LSpawns a Parachute

All Weather Cheats in GTA Sand Andreas

The following are cheats that you can use to change the weather to various different kinds of weather in GTA San Andreas:

  • ZR, B, L, L, ZL, ZL, ZL, Down
    • Makes the weather in San Andreas sunny.
  • ZR, B, L, L, ZL, ZL, ZL, X
    • Makes time stuck at midnight.
  • Left, Left, ZL, R, Right, Y, Y, L, ZL, B.
    • Makes the sky orange, and the time is stuck at 9 am.
  • ZR, B, L, L, ZL, ZL, ZL, B
    • Makes the weather Foggy
  • Up, Down, L, L, ZL, ZL, L, ZL, R, ZR
    • Makes a Sandstorm appear
  • ZR, B, L, L, ZL, ZL, ZL, A
    • Makes the weather stormy
  • ZL, Down, Down, Left, Y, Left, ZR, Y, B, R, L, L
    • Makes the weather Cloudy

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All GTA San Andreas Weapon set cheats

The following cheats can be used to spawn various melee weapons and guns for your characters. Like with the cheats above, you must type all of these cheats using the controls for the Switch. Make sure to press all buttons fast or they will not work in time.

  • R, ZR, L, ZR, Left, Down, Right, UP, Left, Down, Right, Up
    • Spawns Brass knuckles, Baseball Bat, Spray Paint cans, a 9mm Pistol, shotgun, Mirco-SMG, Ak-47 Rifle, Molotov Cocktails, and a Rocket Launcher
  • R, ZR, L, ZR, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Left
    • Spawns a Knife, Sawn-off Shotgun, Tec-9, Sniper Rifle, Flame Thrower, Grenades, Fire Extinguisher, and an M4 Carbine
  • R, ZR, L, ZR, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down
    • Chainsaw, Silenced 9mm, Satchel bombs, M4 Carbine, Snipe Spas 12, MP5, and Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher

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