List of Easter Eggs in GTA 6 (Confirmed By Leaks)

Rockstar Games and easter eggs go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Each of their massive titles contains several winks and nods to various elements from real life and other titles. So, it shouldn’t be shocking that as part of the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak there were a handful of easter eggs revealed. Here […]

Grand Theft Auto 6 footage has leaked online

Shortly after midnight on September 18, 2022, someone decided enough was enough. Taking to the GTA forums and Reddit, a series of images and some footage of the hotly anticipated GTA 6 was leaked online. The last official entry in the main series was Grand Theft Auto V, which was released in 2013, nearly a […]

Most Expensive Clothing in GTA V Online

The prices of clothing range from free to over $397,000 for a single piece of gear. Once players start to reach the end-game or become a powerful presence in GTA Online, they want to show off how much they have accomplished by wearing the most expensive clothing money can buy! You’ll find some of the most expensive […]

All Voice Actors in GTA 5 – Full Cast List

GTA 5 is widely recognized as the gold standard of open-world games. Its highly immersive storytelling experience and replayability make it the most profitable game of all time. A major part of the game’s success can be credited to its unforgettable characters and the actors that voiced these roles to breathe life into them. Here’s a […]