How to unlock Outfits in Harvestella

Many simulation games offer some basic level of freedom regarding character customization, especially with clothing. While Harvestella has approached this aspect of gameplay in a slightly unorthodox fashion, you can still change apparel via the Job system. Here’s how to do it! How do you unlock Outfits in Harvestella? You have several different outfits that […]

How to unlock Bombs in Harvestella

To unlock Bombs in Harvertellla, you must wait until you complete your very first Quietus Dungeon in the game. The first Quietus Dungeon will unlock at the end of Chapter one when the first spring season ends. After the First Spring Season ends, the Quietus Dungeon will open up at the Old Well location just north of your farm. Once you […]

How to restore health in Harvestella

While playing Harvestella, sometimes the enemies hit harder than expected. You’re trash-talking a Goblin one second, and the next, you’re respawning at a waypoint. If you still need to obtain the materials to upgrade your weapon, it can take longer to finish enemies off, leaving you vulnerable to attacks. When your health is low, and […]

What do the icons above enemy health bars mean in Harvestella?

Harvestella is quite the unconventional farming simulator due to its inclusion of combat. The game features real-time combat with monsters, allowing you to use abilities and healing to gain the upper hand. You can view an enemy’s health bar during fights to ascertain their level and current HP. However, there are small colored icons that […]