Can you skip cutscenes in Harvestella?

If you find cutscenes tedious, you aren’t alone. Many video game fans opt to fast-forward past the story details and get back into the meat of a game. Sadly, Square Enix has opted not to include this option with Harvestella. There are small exceptions, but they are few and far between. How do you skip […]

Harvestella Review: Flawed fantasy farming

The farming sim and JRPG genres combine in Square Enix’s Harvestella. On paper, the blending of the two seems like a fantastic idea—but it always had the potential to deliver a half-baked experience on both fronts, as there are numerous mechanics to balance between the two. Unfortunately, while Harvestella does shine in certain areas, its […]

Best Harvestella Combat Tips

Want to be a great and victorious fighter in Harvestella? So do we! That’s why we put together this helpful guide to lead you down a stable path of combat improvement. Pace yourself, be prepared with supplies, and be aware of your party arrangement to maximize your fighting prowess truly. Best Combat Tips in Harvestella […]