Best Rise of Shadows Decks – The Top Meta Lists So Far!

Rise of Shadows is bringing in the next Standard rotation which means a lot of new decks are going to shine, and we're taking a look at the absolute best options!

We're taking a look at the Best Rise of Shadows Decks in Hearthstone so far! These are going to be the best performing decks for the ladder in the early stages of the release for Rise of Shadows. This post is updated frequently, and has the top decks for each class in Hearthstone!

Rise of Shadows marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon and brings along the Standard rotation. This is one of the most exciting times to start playing Hearthstone because things are very fresh and the available card pool is at its lowest point. There's also some free stuff to be gained by hopping in once an expansion launches, not only is there a free Legendary ( Archmage Vargoth ) but you'll be getting some packs just for completing some minor quests.

Keep in mind that early in every expansion that it's best to be cautious in how you decide to craft your cards. It's always going to be better to wait it out and let the meta settle before investing too much dust into one deck. There's usually at least one or two decks that look promising early on in a release that end up being at the bottom of the barrel even a few days later. Try to build around the cards you open in packs, and keep some of that Hall of Fame Dust you got for crafting some cards later.

The expansion is live, and we've been adding a bunch of new stuff to each class! We're removing some of the lists that haven't been performing as well as we'd hoped.

Deck Updates

Best Rise of Shadows Decks

We're featuring some of the best pro decks, and along with those we have some deck guides for you to better learn how to pilot some of these new lists.

Best Druid Decks

Druid has been getting hit hard by nerfs, and it is even losing Naturalize to the Hall of Fame. Mecha'thun and Mill Druid have been their main decks, with some Malygos and Token decks thrown in there. It's not a great time for the class, especially with so many powerful class cards being rotated out of Standard. Rise of Shadows only looks slightly encouraging as it seeks to push a potential Heal Druid and adds some support for Token decks.

Druid in Rise of Shadows

Token Druid is the most popular deck on the ladder due to it being pretty easy on the wallet, and it giving you a chance to win at just about every stage in the game.

Druid Deck Guides

Token Druid

Druid Neutral
2x - Acornbearer 2x - Argent Squire
2x - Crystalsong Portal 2x - Mecharoo
2x - Dreamway Guardians 1x - Archmage Vargoth
1x - Keeper Stalladris
2x - Power of the Wild
2x - Wrath
2x - Blessing of the Ancients
2x - Landscaping
2x - Savage Roar
2x - Soul of the Forest
2x - Swipe
2x - Wispering Woods
2x - The Forest's Aid

Deck Code

Copy Code

Best Hunter Decks

Hunter required some nerfs to get back down to a tolerable level due to it having so many powerful deck options. From Spell to Deathrattle, and then back to the tried and true Midrange Hunter, the class has had its way with the meta for a few expansions now. The class is now losing a lot of the cards that supported those archetypes, so it's going to need some help from Rise of Shadows to stay relevant. Deathrattle might still be around, but it's going to be a totally different deck. Mech synergy is looking potentially promising, but the class might need some more help to get a fully cohesive deck.

Hunter in Rise of Shadows

Hunter has quite a few good options for the ladder, and is probably the best overall class right now.

Hunter Deck Guides

Mech Hunter

Hunter Neutral
2x - Tracking 2x - Mecharoo
2x - Bomb Toss 1x - Dire Wolf Alpha
2x - Fireworks Tech 2x - Galvanizer
2x - Venomizer 1x - Whirliglider
2x - Spider Bomb 2x - Explodinator
1x - Unleash the Hounds 2x - Replicating Menace
2x - Ursatron 1x - Leeroy Jenkins
1x - Boommaster Flark 2x - Wargear
1x - Zilliax
2x - Missile Launcher

Deck Code

Copy Code

Secret Hunter

Hunter Neutral
2x - Rapid Fire 2x - Secretkeeper
2x - Explosive Trap 2x - Sunreaver Spy
2x - Freezing Trap 2x - Masked Contender
1x - Rat Trap 2x - Lifedrinker
1x - Snake Trap 1x - Subject 9
1x - Snipe
2x - Animal Companion
2x - Eaglehorn Bow
1x - Kill Command
1x - Unleash the Hounds
2x - Marked Shot
1x - Baited Arrow
1x - Unleash the Beast
1x - Vereesa Windrunner
1x - Zul'jin

Deck Code

Copy Code

Midrange Hunter

Hunter Neutral
2x - Shimmerfly 2x - Dire Wolf Alpha
2x - Springpaw 2x - Hench-Clan Hogsteed
2x - Timber Wolf
1x - Tracking
2x - Headhunter's Hatchet
2x - Scavenging Hyena
2x - Animal Companion
2x - Kill Command
2x - Master's Call
2x - Unleash the Hounds
2x - Dire Frenzy
1x - Tundra Rhino
1x - Savannah Highmane
2x - Unleash the Beast
1x - Zul'jin

Deck Code

Copy Code

Best Mage Decks

Mage had some hard times over the last expansion, but it eventually fell into having an Odd Mage version that really worked for the class. However, it lost its trusty Mana Wyrm to a nerf, and is losing all of the odd cards that kept the class afloat. The cards it's getting in Rise of Shadows look to be incentivizing the class to head in a spell based direction, and maybe even tempo with the addition of Magic Dart Frog. The class also had some success with Dragon Mage, which could end up seeing some more play in the future. We'll see where the class heads as we get deeper into the launch of the expansion.

Mage in Rise of Shadows

Khadgar Dragon Mage is the top deck for the class right now, all other options are pretty weak at the moment.

Mage Deck Guides

Khadgar Dragon Mage

Mage Neutral
2x - Book of Specters 2x - Acidic Swamp Ooze
1x - Khadgar 2x - Firetree Witchdoctor
2x - Messenger Raven 1x - Sunfury Protector
2x - Conjurer's Calling 2x - Scaleworm
2x - Astromancer 2x - Spellbreaker
2x - Power of Creation 2x - Twilight Drake
1x - Kalecgos 1x - Dragonmaw Scorcher
1x - Zilliax
2x - Crowd Roaster
1x - Alexstrasza
2x - Mountain Giant

Deck Code

Copy Code

Best Paladin Decks

Paladin has had a pretty good year and swapped back and forth between Odd and Even builds that each held the top of the meta at different times. The class even saw a revival to Secret Paladin that ended up being a quality option for the ladder in the later part of the Rastakhan meta. If you weren't a fan of more aggressive decks, then you could even try your hand at Holy Wrath, OTK DK, and Shirvallah Paladin. You had a lot of options if you were a fan of the Paladin class, but with the rotation about to happen, we'll see how it fares without Genn & Baku. Rise of Shadows appears to be flirting with keeping Secret Paladin around after the rotation, but also brings back Dragon synergy to the class after a long layoff.

Paladin in Rise of Shadows

Mech Paladin has taken the best parts of Secret Paladin and paired it with heavy Mech synergy to give Paladin a viable deck for the ladder.

Paladin Deck Guides

Mech Paladin

Paladin Neutral
1x - Autodefense Matrix 2x - Sunreaver Spy
1x - Hidden Wisdom 1x - Harrison Jones
2x - Never Surrender! 2x - Wargear
2x - Redemption 1x - Zilliax
2x - Mysterious Blade 2x - Mechanical Whelp
2x - Aldor Peacekeeper 1x - Countess Ashmore
1x - Commander Rhyssa
2x - Annoy-o-Module
2x - Bellringer Sentry
2x - Blessing of Kings
2x - Consecration
1x - Kangor's Endless Army
1x - Tirion Fordring

Deck Code

Copy Code

Best Priest Decks

Priest has had an interesting Year of the Raven, it never really got to enjoy the Odd and Even decks that most other classes got to use. However, it found some unique lists like the more standard Control Priest, the exciting Clone Priest, and enjoyed some late popularity with Wall Priest becoming somewhat of a phenomenon. Rise of Shadows seeks to still support some of that resurrect style of play, as well as trying to bring Priest back to the days of Purify and Silence Priest.

Priest in Rise of Shadows

Resurrect Priest and Nomi Priest are the best options for the class, but both decks are not top tier.

Priest Deck Guides

Resurrect Priest

Priest Neutral
2x - Forbidden Words 1x - Archmage Vargoth
2x - Power Word: Shield 2x - Witchwood Grizzly
1x - Topsy Turvy 1x - Zilliax
2x - Inner Fire 2x - Damaged Stegotron
2x - Northshire Cleric 2x - Mosh'Ogg Enforcer
1x - Divine Hymn
2x - Divine Spirit
1x - Shadow Word: Death
1x - Shadow Word: Pain
1x - Shadow Madness
1x - Hench-Clan Shadequill
1x - Convincing Infiltrator
2x - Mass Hysteria
1x - Catrina Muerte
2x - Mass Resurrection

Deck Code

Copy Code

Nomi Priest

Priest Neutral
2x - Circle of Healing 1x - Acidic Swamp Ooze
1x - Forbidden Words 2x - Wild Pyromancer
2x - Lazul's Scheme 2x - Acolyte of Pain
2x - Power Word: Shield 2x - Gadgetzan Auctioneer
2x - Regenerate 1x - Chef Nomi
2x - Silence
2x - Topsy Turvy
2x - Northshire Cleric
2x - Divine Hymn
2x - Seance
1x - Mass Hysteria
2x - Grave Horror

Deck Code

Copy Code

Best Rogue Decks

Rogue's been kind of hit or miss for a while, but it still has had many pretty good options. Miracle, Pirate, Tempo, and even Quest Rogue returning periodically throughout the last year or so. Rise of Shadows is looking to push Rogue down the path of being a thief once again, and gave it some pretty strong cards that will add a card from another class in your hand. We'll see if it ends up being strong enough to work, because it would be a pretty fun deck to have the option to play!

Rogue in Rise of Shadows

Tempo Rogue remains one of the best options for taking to the ladder right now! Thief Rogue has fallen back now that the meta has started to settle.

Rogue Deck Guides

Tempo Rogue

Rogue Neutral
2x - Backstab 2x - Southsea Deckhand
2x - Preparation 2x - Dread Corsair
2x - Shadowstep 2x - Lifedrinker
2x - Deadly Poison 1x - Captain Greenskin
2x - Eviscerate 1x - Leeroy Jenkins
2x - Sap
2x - EVIL Miscreant
1x - Edwin VanCleef
2x - Raiding Party
2x - SI:7 Agent
2x - Waggle Pick
1x - Myra's Unstable Element

Deck Code

Copy Code

Thief Rogue

Rogue Neutral
2x - Backstab 1x - Zilliax
2x - Preparation 1x - Safeguard
2x - Shadowstep
1x - Togwaggle's Scheme
2x - Eviscerate
2x - Underbelly Fence
2x - Blink Fox
2x - EVIL Miscreant
1x - Edwin VanCleef
2x - Fan of Knives
2x - Academic Espionage
2x - Hench-Clan Burglar
2x - Vendetta
1x - Walk the Plank
2x - Sprint
1x - Tess Greymane

Deck Code

Copy Code

Best Shaman Decks

Shaman has had an interesting year, with it mostly relying on Even Shaman to take it through the meta. It did also have some other options. Shudderwock has been a pretty powerful ally for the class, and powers an Elemental version and just a straight up all-in battlecry version. Rise of Shadows has brought back the Murlocs to Shaman, and it looks like early on this could be a winning strategy for the class. Shudderwock will still be a player, especially with the new Hagatha card that looks strong as we head into the release of the expansion.

Shaman in Rise of Shadows

Murloc Shaman was pretty strong early on, but has quieted a bit and lost its top spot to Big Shaman.

Shaman Deck Guides

Big Muckmorpher Shaman

Shaman Neutral
2x - Ancestral Healing 1x - Zilliax
2x - Earth Shock 1x - Cairne Bloodhoof
2x - Ancestral Spirit 1x - Ysera
2x - Big Bad Voodoo 1x - Big Bad Archmage
1x - Witch's Brew
2x - Far Sight
2x - Haunting Visions
1x - Spirit of the Frog
2x - Hex
2x - Hagatha's Scheme
2x - Muckmorpher
2x - Eureka!
1x - Al'Akir the Windlord
1x - Hagatha the Witch
2x - Walking Fountain

Deck Code

Copy Code

Murloc Shaman

Shaman Neutral
2x - Zap! 2x - Murloc Tidecaller
2x - Lightning Bolt 2x - Toxfin
2x - Sludge Slurper 2x - Murloc Warleader
2x - Voltaic Burst 2x - Sunreaver Warmage
2x - Likkim
2x - Soul of the Murloc
2x - Underbelly Angler
2x - Storm Chaser
2x - Thunderhead
2x - Bloodlust
2x - Rain of Toads

Deck Code

Copy Code

Best Warlock Decks

Warlock has been bouncing around with multiple decks at its disposal from Even Warlock to Zoo, and even Cube came back again as a viable option. It also had a generally viable control version, plus you could throw a Mecha'thun Warlock at the ladder for good measure. All that basically means is that the class has had a versatile lineup as we head into the rotation. The class will be losing a lot of the cards that powered those decks, and Zoo in particular is completely decimated which includes the Hall of Fame bound Doomguard . If you liked Mecha'thun, however, then you might be in luck because there's some possibilities still there for that deck.

Warlock in Rise of Shadows

After a weak first day, it looks like Warlock might have found a pretty good Zoo build. Unfortunately, it looks like Warlock is largely locked into this style of play which has been so prevalent over the years for the class.

Warlock Deck Guides


Warlock Neutral
2x - Flame Imp 2x - Abusive Sergeant
2x - Grim Rally 2x - Argent Squire
1x - The Soularium 2x - Crystallizer
2x - Voidwalker 2x - Mecharoo
2x - EVIL Genius 2x - Saronite Taskmaster
1x - Arch-Villain Rafaam 2x - Dire Wolf Alpha
2x - Knife Juggler
2x - Scarab Egg
2x - Magic Carpet
2x - Sea Giant

Deck Code

Copy Code

Best Warrior Decks

Warrior hasn't been doing too terribly in the meta, but it's been largely limited to Odd decks. However, a lot of people feel that Warrior's core is looking pretty strong going into the rotation. The class is also receiving one of the better looking legendaries with Blastmaster Boom. You'll only need to get a couple of bombs into your deck to be able to fill up your board with Boom Bots and the new Dr. 7. Warrior is also one of the few classes with a hero card sticking around after the rotation which makes it in an even better spot.

Warrior in Rise of Shadows

While Bomb Warrior started off hot, it turns out that Control Warrior is the most dominant deck for the class. It is also one of the best options for the ladder right now!

Warrior Deck Guides

Control Warrior

Warrior Neutral
2x - Eternium Rover 1x - Youthful Brewmaster
2x - Omega Assembly 2x - Acolyte of Pain
2x - Shield Slam 1x - Harrison Jones
1x - Town Crier 1x - Zilliax
2x - Execute 1x - Archivist Elysiana
2x - Warpath
2x - Weapons Project
2x - Shield Block
2x - Militia Commander
2x - Omega Devastator
2x - Brawl
2x - Dyn-o-matic
1x - Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

Deck Code

Copy Code

Bomb Warrior

Warrior Neutral
2x - Eternium Rover 2x - Augmented Elekk
2x - Omega Assembly 2x - Seaforium Bomber
2x - Shield Slam 1x - Zilliax
1x - Town Crier 1x - Archivist Elysiana
1x - Slam
2x - Warpath
2x - Clockwork Goblin
2x - Shield Block
2x - Militia Commander
2x - Wrenchcalibur
2x - Brawl
2x - Dyn-o-matic
1x - Blastmaster Boom
1x - Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

Deck Code

Copy Code
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  1. I have a better version of Whirlwind Shaman: turn 9 Ravenholdt assassin + Ancestral Spirit, then turn 10 Whirlwind + windfury = 28 dmg to face, cancer and you can’t kill ravenholdt because of ancestral spirit and stealth.