Hogwarts Legacy – Jackdaw’s Rest Quest Guide

Here lies Jackdaw and the missing map pages...

In Hogwarts Legacy, you'll need to progress through the main story quests to improve your character and unlock more features. Completing Jackdaw's Rest is a crucial part of the story that will allow you to unlock the Talents page, which contains essential upgrades to your character, such as extra spell slots and powerful spell alterations. Here's a guide on completing the Rest and all its puzzles, all while gathering rewards along the way.

How to complete Jackdaw's Rest in Hogwarts Legacy

To receive the Jackdaw's Rest quest, you'll need to finish the Prisoner of Love quest. This ends with you venturing to a secret vault in the Forbidden Forest that you hope might contain the missing map pages. Unlocking the vault is a puzzle itself and requires you to pull out some drawers in the correct pattern.

How to open Jackdaw's Vault in Hogwarts Legacy

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There doesn't seem to be particular order in which you have to pull the drawers out, but you will need the correct pattern on both sides to unlock the vault. On each side, you'll need to pull one drawer from the top, middle, and bottom using your Accio spell. It should look like the picture above if you've done it correctly.

On the left:

  • Top Left
  • Middle Right
  • Bottom Right

On the right:

  • Top Right
  • Middle Left
  • Bottom Left

Once you unlock the vault, you'll find a letter to Anne that she never received. Exit the cave to speak to Jackdaw, and he'll agree to meet up with you in the Forbidden Forest later to lead you to his remains which hold the missing pages.

Check your map to see the exact starting point of the quest. You can use the Floo Flame for the Forbidden Forest and follow the road all the way up to it. Jackdaw will be waiting for you and begin leading you toward the entrance. However, he'll make you continue alone, giving you the password to open it at the fountain.

The Whisper Fountain

To find the entrance, you will continue following the path forward. You'll notice plenty of warning signs and spider danger signs. If you aren't a fan of spiders, like me, this is a particularly daunting quest, but you'll get through it fine with some spells. Ensure that you keep a close eye on any branching paths on your compass. Usually, they will lead you to loot chests.

Once you reach the fountain, you can press X or Square to whisper the password. This will open the entrance but also initiate an ambush of goblins to attack you. You'll have to defeat the loyalists to continue inside.

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How to complete Rune Puzzle #1 in Jackdaw's Rest

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Shortly after entering, you'll come across the first rune puzzle. These runes can be hit with the basic spell and unlock a portion of the door. The goal is to hit each one as quickly as possible before they time out. It helps to aim in by pressing LT on your controller and beginning with the one farthest away. Aim at each one, then press RT to cast a basic spell and activate each button.

When the gate opens, you can continue forward. You'll come across a few branching paths ahead. One to the right side will lead to a mini spider den where you'll have to kill off some spiders, but can also collect a chest. It's important to use Revelio as much as you can to reveal nearby chests. The more loot you can get out of the experience, the better.

How to get across Floating Platforms #1 in Jackdaw's Rest

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As you continue through, you'll then come to the first set of floating platforms. This one is not required to cross for the quest but leads to another chest. Head around to the right side of the gap near the lit lantern, then use Accio to drag the middle platform over to your side. You can jump onto it when it is close enough. When you're on it, aim your Accio to the far platform on the opposite side to pull the middle platform toward it. Then you can navigate up to grab the loot. Head back over to the other side using the same methods to continue on.

How to complete Rune Puzzle #2 in Jackdaw's Rest

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You'll come across your second rune puzzle. This one is only slightly more difficult than the first, but with the same methods in mind. You will need to hit each rune button before they time out to open the gate; only the third button is further out and slightly hidden. You can use Revelio to locate it more easily, then use your basic cast with RT to hit all of them again.

Continue through the gate and look out for some more chests nearby. You will essentially traverse around a little loop until you come to the next set of floating platforms.

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How to get across Floating Platforms #2 in Jackdaw's Rest

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This set of floating platforms is more essential to cross. But there is a little detour you can make to collect another chest. Use Accio to pull the middle platform to you. Then you can hop onto it. You can branch off to the left side by aiming at the left fixed platform and casting Accio. This way has a chest you can quickly grab before continuing. Head back out to the gap and hop onto the platform. Cast Accio on the far-fixed platform to pull yourself to the other side of the gap to continue forward.

From here, you will reach a larger open space of the Rest, where you will have to fight off some spiders, including some particularly nasty ones that are more powerful than the others. An important tip to keep in mind is to dodge when prompted by a spider attack from underground. You'll see a little radius pop up on the ground where they will jump out of. Once you kill all the spiders, you can focus on the last rune puzzle.

How to complete Rune Puzzle #3 in Jackdaw's Rest

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This puzzle is the most difficult out of all of them, simply because the buttons are more spread out. You'll still need to hit them all with the basic spell as quickly as possible. The key is to position your character appropriately so you can see all the buttons at the same time. The best spot is on the ground facing the lower undercover and aligned with the gate above. You can use Revelio or the image above to help locate each of them.

Once you get the timing right, you can walk through the gate and find a long bridge leading to Jackdaw's Tomb. Cross over the bridge, and you'll find Jackdaw's remains.

Jackdaw's Remains

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Before searching the remains, you'll want to head off to the right and left sides of the tomb on either side of the remains and collect the chests and loot available. This is the best time to collect them because once you search the remains, it will awaken the guards ahead of you. You'll find the missing map pages on Jackdaw's remains and then must fight off the guards.

Six of these are the same as the ones you fought before with Professor Fig in Gringotts. However, the three other ones are more powerful versions that will only awaken once you destroy the rest. The key is to dodge most of their attacks, especially when you are prompted with the red light, and use Expelliarmus to disarm them as much as possible.

Once the guards are defeated, you can walk through the archway that appears to enter the Map Chamber. Here you will interact with Rackham's portrait, and he will heed you to bring the whole map book back with you before continuing further. All in all, this is an important quest for the main storylines, and you can pick up some decent rewards:

  • Unlock Talents
  • 200 XP
  • Unlock Professor Sharp's Assignment 1

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