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LA Noire – All answers & questions


As you solve cases in L.A. Noire, like a real detective, you'll be faced with multiple questions during interrogations that you need the right answer for...And there are a lot of questions! Here's every interview question in L.A. Noire and all the correct answers so you can easily breeze through with no trouble.

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All interrogation questions and answers in LA Noire

Note that I've written this guide based on the Remastered version of L.A. Noire, which changes Truth, Doubt, and Lie to Good Cop, Bad Cop, and Accuse.

If you're playing the original version, the answers are the same; just select Truth, Doubt, or Lie instead of Good Cop, Bad Cop, and Accuse.

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There are five types of cases with questions in Rockstar's L.A. Noire: Patrol, Traffic, Homicide, Vice, and Arson. My favorite is the Homicide cases, and no, I'm not a maniac. It's where things start to get spicy, and you go from regular beat cop to "Finally, I'm doing proper TV show detective work now!"

All Patrol desk questions and answers

Buyer Beware

Clovies Galetta

  • Eyewitness Account—Accuse. Evidence—Layaway Voucher.
  • Possible Murder Suspect—Bad Cop. Hartfields Jewelry Store, Suspect Positively Identified, Possible Religious Motive.
  • Details of Shooting—Good Cop.

Edgar Kalou

  • Argument with Gage—Accuse. Evidence: Suspect Positively Identified.
  • Possible Religious Motive—Bad Cop.
  • Shooting Incident—Accuse, Murder Weapon Serviced, Eaglesons Gun Store.

All Traffic desk questions and answers

The Driver's Seat

Nate Wilkey

  • Purpose at Scene—Good Cop.
  • Knowledge of Adrian Black—Good Cop.
  • Contents of Wallet—Bad Cop.
  • Bloodstained Pipe Found—Good Cop.

Margaret Black

  • Slaughterhouse Receipt—Good Cop.
  • Location of Adrian Black—Good Cop.
  • Photograph signed 'Nicole'—Accuse. Evidence—Concealed Message.
  • Cavanagh's Bar matchbook—Good Cop.
  • Stenzel Glasses Case—Good Cop.
  • Alibi for Mrs. Black—Good Cop.

Frank Morgan

  • Link to Abandoned Vehicle—Accuse. Evidence—Receipt for Live Hog.
  • Location of Adrian Black—Bad Cop.

The Consul’s Car

Oswald Jacobs

  • Witness Report—Good Cop.
  • Hispanic Suspects—Bad Cop.
  • Possible Suspect Vehicle—Good Cop.
  • Vehicle Stripped of Parts—Bad Cop.

Juan Francisco Valdez

  • Packard Purchase History—Bad Cop.
  • Theft of Consular Vehicle—Bad Cop.
  • Association with 'Gabriel'—Accuse. Evidence—Valdez's Notebook.

William Dewey

  • Association with Valdez—Accuse. Evidence—Alleged Bribery.
  • Whereabouts of Del Gado—Bad Cop.
  • Wrench used in auto theft—Bad Cop.

Anna Rodriguez

  • Motive for Auto Theft—Good Cop.
  • Last Contact with Gabriel—Accuse. Evidence—Breakfast Plates.
  • Diplomatic Plates Recovered—Bad Cop.

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Shannon Perry

  • Eyewitness Report—Good Cop.
  • Suspect Vehicle Description—Good Cop.
  • Argument Overheard—Bad Cop.

Dudley Lynch

  • Hit and Run Incident—Bad Cop.
  • Association with Victim—Good Cop.
  • Argument Overheard in Bar—Bad Cop.
  • Joint Business Venture—Bad Cop.

Lorna Pattison

  • Hit and Run Incident—Bad Cop.
  • Nature of Argument—Bad Cop.
  • Partnership with Leroy Sabo—Accuse. Evidence—Insurance Letter.

A Slip of the Tongue

Cliff Harrison

  • Vehicle Reported as Stolen—Good Cop.
  • Motive for Flight—Bad Cop.
  • Vehicle Purchase Details—Good Cop.

Richard Coombs

  • Details of Transaction—Good Cop.
  • Description of Suspect: Good Cop.
  • Association with Marquee—Good Cop.
  • Check Payment Details—Bad Cop.
  • Suspicious Transaction—Bad Cop.

James Belasco

  • Stolen Auto Courier—Bad Cop.
  • Association with Archer—Accuse. Evidence—Fake Address.
  • Auto Theft Racket—Bad Cop.
  • Stolen Vehicles Warehouse—Bad Cop.

Jean Archer

  • Stolen Kaiser Frazer—Bad Cop.
  • Association with Belasco—Accuse. Evidence—Stolen Auto Courier.
  • Stolen Auto Courier—Bad Cop.

Gordon Leitvol

  • Knowledge of Theft Racket—Bad Cop.
  • Pink Slip Supply—Bad Cop.
  • Coombs Auto Deliveries—Bad Cop.

Steven Bigelow

  • Pink Slip Supply—Bad Cop.
  • Association with Leitvol—Accuse. Evidence—Deliveries Ledger.

Gordon Leitvol

  • Deliveries to Industrial St—Accuse. Evidence—Betting Slips.

The Fallen Idol

June Ballard

  • Doping Allegation—Bad Cop.
  • Suspect Mark Bishop—Bad Cop.
  • Injured Female Passenger—Accuse. Evidence—Underwear.
  • Fake Shrunken Head—Bad Cop.

Jessica Hamilton

  • Crash Incident Report—Accuse. Evidence—Underwear.
  • Contact with Parents—Accuse. Evidence—Letter from Mother.
  • Association with Bishop—Bad Cop.
  • Evidence of Criminal Abuse—Good Cop.

Gloria Bishop

  • Domestic Disturbance—Bad Cop.
  • Whereabouts of Bishop—Good Cop.
  • Check for $20,000—Bad Cop.
  • Abuse of Jessica Hamilton—Bad Cop.

Marlon Hopgood

  • Association with Bishop—Accuse.
  • Whereabouts of Bishop—Good Cop.
  • Relationship with Ballard—Bad Cop. Evidence—Empty Film Canister.
  • Evidence of Blackmail—Accuse. Evidence—Check for $20,000.

All Homicide desk questions and answers

The Red Lipstick Murder

Dick McColl

  • Suspect Seen with Victim—Good Cop.
  • Ring Stolen From Victim—Bad Cop.
  • Knowledge of Husband—Bad Cop.

Jacob Henry

  • Movements of Victim—Accuse. Evidence—Husband's Alibi.
  • Last Contact with Victim—Good Cop.
  • Motive for Murder—Accuse. Evidence—Death Threat Note.

Jacob Henry #2

  • Access to Murder Weapon—Accuse. Evidence—Husband's Alibi.
  • Lipstick Markings—Good Cop.
  • Deterioration of Marriage—Accuse. Evidence—Marital Problems.
  • Missing Jewelry—Good Cop.

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The Golden Butterfly

Michelle Moller

  • Missing Watch and Rings—Good Cop.
  • Last Contact with Victim—Bad Cop.
  • State of Parents Marriage—Bad Cop.

Hugo Moller

  • Footprints at Crime Scene—Accuse. Evidence—Size 8 Work Boots.
  • Missing Persons Report—Bad Cop.
  • Alibi for Hugo Moller—Accuse. Evidence—Husband's Alibi.
  • Movements of Victim—Good Cop.
  • History of Violence—Accuse. Evidence—Butterfly Brooch.

Hugo Moller #2

  • Disposal of Evidence—Good Cop.
  • Access to Braided Rope—Bad Cop.
  • Access to Tire Iron—Accuse. Evidence—Bloody Tire Iron.
  • Victim's Vehicle Recovered—Accuse. Evidence—Overalls.

Eli Rooney

  • Place of Employment—Bad Cop.
  • Access to Braided Rope—Good Cop.
  • Motive for Moller Murder—Bad Cop.
  • Footprints at Crime Scene—Bad Cop.

The Silk Stocking Murder

Barbara Lapenti

  • Possible Suspects—Good Cop.
  • Movements of Victim—Bad Cop.
  • Evidence of Break-In—Accuse. Evidence—Broken Window.
  • Breakdown of Marriage—Accuse. Evidence—Charm Bracelet Photograph.

Diego Agular

  • Missing Jewellery—Bad Cop.
  • Movements of Victim—Good Cop.

Angel Maldonado

  • Last Contact with Victim—Accuse. Evidence—Husband's Alibi.
  • Jewelry Taken from Body—Good Cop.
  • Divorce Proceedings—Accuse. Evidence—Divorce Papers.
  • Bloodstained Shirt Found—Bad Cop.

Clem Feeney

  • Distinctive Necklace—Bad Cop.
  • Contact with Victim—Bad Cop.
  • Movements of Victim—Good Cop.

The White Shoe Slaying

Catherine Barton

  • Suspicious Persons—Good Cop.

Lars Taraldsen

  • Possible Suspects—Accuse. Evidence—Bow Rope.
  • Alibi for Lars Taraldsen—Bad Cop.
  • Victim's State of Mind—Bad Cop.
  • Last Contact with Victim—Accuse. Evidence—Muddy Shoes or Wet Jacket.

Benny Cluff

  • Last Contact with Victim—Good Cop.
  • Vagrant Male Suspect—Bad Cop.
  • Yellow Cab 3591—Good Cop.

Richard Bates

  • Contact with Victim—Bad Cop.
  • Account of Movements—Bad Cop.

James Jessop

  • Contact with Victim—Bad Cop.
  • Incident with Bates—Bad Cop.
  • Movements Prior to Murder—Bad Cop.
  • Cab Ride with Victim—Bad Cop.

Stuart Ackerman

  • Motive for Murder—Bad Cop.
  • Contact with Victim—Bad Cop.
  • Alibi for Stuart Ackerman—Accuse. Evidence—Purse.

The Studio Secretary Murder

John Ferdinand Jamison

  • Interference with Evidence—Good Cop.
  • Discovery of Victim's Body—Bad Cop.

Mr. Robbins

  • Contact with Victim—Good Cop.
  • Relationship with Victim—Good Cop.
  • Knowledge of McCaffrey—Bad Cop.

Grosvenor McCaffrey

  • Criminal History—Bad Cop.
  • Relationship with Victim—Accuse. Evidence: Book.

James Tiernan

  • Relationship with Victim—Accuse. Evidence—Victim Last Seen.
  • Victim's Book Found—Bad Cop.
  • Alibi for James Tiernan—Accuse. Evidence—Liquor Purchase.
  • Access to Murder Weapon—Bad Cop.

Grosvenor McCaffrey #2

  • Alibi for McCaffrey—Accuse. Evidence—Torn Letter.
  • Access to Tire Iron—Accuse. Evidence—Tiernan Accusation.


  • Military Service—Accuse. Evidence—McCaffrey's Criminal Record.

James Tiernan #2

  • Events Prior to Murder—Accuse. Evidence—McCaffrey's Accusation.

All Vice desk questions and answers

The Black Caesar

Fleetwood Morgan

  • Morphine Overdose Victims—Accuse. Evidence—Morphine for Distribution.
  • Numbers Slips Recovered—Bad Cop.

Jermaine Jones

  • Army Surplus Morphine—Bad Cop.
  • Link to Ramez Removals—Bad Cop.
  • Involvement of Ottie—Accuse. Evidence—Distributor Identified.

Merlon Ottie

  • Army Surplus Morphine—Accuse. Evidence—Finkelstein Identified.
  • IOU Note from Jose Ramez—Good Cop.

Reefer Madness

Howard Parnell

  • Parnell's Soup Company—Bad Cop.
  • Factory Sealed Cans—Bad Cop.
  • Knowledge of Cruz Brothers—Bad Cop.
  • Inside Man Jorge Garcia—Good Cop.

Sergio Rojas

  • Factory Sealed Soup Cans—Bad Cop.
  • 20th Century Market—Accuse. Evidence—Juan's Silver Dollar.

Airto Sanchez

  • Knowledge of EJ—Accuse. Evidence—Juan's Silver Dollar.
  • Parnell's Soup Shipments—Bad Cop.
  • Juan and Jorge Cruz—Good Cop.

The Setup

Candy Edwards

  • Whereabouts of Hammond—Accuse. Evidence—Magazine Coupon.
  • List of Odds Recovered—Accuse. Evidence—Bookmaker's Odds.
  • Plans to Leave Town—Bad Cop.

The Naked City

Virginia Reynoldson

  • Victim's State of Mind—Accuse. Evidence—Sleeping Pills.
  • Victim's Personal Life—Accuse. Evidence—Men's Smoking Jacket.
  • Relationship with Victim—Bad Cop.

Dr. Stoneman

  • Relationship with Victim—Accuse. Evidence—Benzedrine Prescription.
  • Additional Medications—Bad Cop.

Dress Store Owner

  • Victim's Employment History—Good Cop.

Heather Swanson

  • Relationship with Victim—Good Cop.
  • Informed of Mr. Henderson—Good Cop.

Henry Arnett

  • Relationship with Victim—Bad Cop.
  • Informed of Mr. Henderson—Accuse. Evidence—Housekeeper's Statement.
  • Burglary Suspect Leblanc—Bad Cop.

Mrs. Everstrom

  • List of Stolen Items—Accuse. Evidence—Fabergé Cigarette Case.
  • Burglary Incident Report—Good Cop.

Henry Arnett #2

  • Professional Burglary Ring—Accuse. Evidence—Fabergé Cigarette Case.
  • Motive for Randall Murder—Accuse. Evidence—Train Ticket.
  • Identity of Mr. Henderson—Accuse. Evidence—Contraband List.

Manifest Destiny


  • Club Shooting Incident—Bad Cop.
  • Knowledge of McGoldrick—Good Cop.

Elsa Lichtmann

  • Army Surplus Morphine—Bad Cop.
  • Morphine Overdose Victims—Bad Cop.

Meyer Harris "Mickey" Cohen

  • Finkelstein Drug Operation—Bad Cop.
  • 111 Club Shooting Incident—Bad Cop.

Felix Alvarro

  • Informed of Coolridge Heist—Bad Cop.
  • Motive for Shooting—Accuse. Evidence—Sniper's Pocketbook.

Jack Kelso

  • Army Surplus Morphine—Bad Cop.
  • Ex-Marine McGoldrick—Good Cop.
  • Arms Stolen From Coolridge—Good Cop.
  • SS Coolridge Robbery—Bad Cop.

Courtney Sheldon

  • 6th Marines Being Targeted—Accuse. Evidence—Note.
  • SS Coolridge Robbery—Accuse. Evidence—Beckett's Confession.

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All Arson desk questions and answers

The Gas Man

Don Steffens

  • Travel Competition—Good Cop.
  • Suburban Redevelopment—Bad Cop.

John Cunningham

  • Suburban Redevelopment—Good Cop.
  • Promotional Contest—Bad Cop.

Ivan Rasic

  • InstaHeat Model 70—Bad Cop.
  • Heater Service History—Accuse. Evidence—Heater Serviced by Ryan.

Walter Clemens

  • Knowledge of Varley—Bad Cop.
  • Employment with InstaHeat—Bad Cop.
  • Knowledge of Ryan—Accuse. Evidence—Clemens' Anarchists Pamphlet.

Matthew Ryan

  • Anarchist Literature—Accuse. Evidence—Ryan's Pamphlets.
  • InstaHeat Model 70—Accuse. Evidence—Ivan's Statement.
  • Suburban Redevelopment—Bad Cop.
  • Attempted Murder Charge—Accuse. Evidence—Ryan's Criminal Record.

Reginald Varley

  • Works at Sawyer Residence—Accuse. Evidence—Heater Serviced by Varley.
  • Suburban Redevelopment—Accuse. Evidence—Matthew Ryan's Statement.
  • InstaHeat Model 70—Accuse. Evidence—Mosquito Coils.

A Walk in Elysian Fields

Dudley Forman

  • Morelli Fire Witness Report—Bad Cop.
  • Suspicious Activity—Bad Cop.
  • Planned Demolitions—Bad Cop.
  • Promotional Travel Contest—Good Cop.

Leland Monroe

  • Elysian Linked to Arsons—Bad Cop.
  • Promotional Travel Contest—Accuse. Evidence—Elysian Fields Flyers.
  • Local Land Acquisitions—Bad Cop.
  • Rancho Escondido Fire—Accuse. Evidence—Poor Cement Quality.

House of Sticks

Elsa Lichmann

  • Disputed Claim Payout—Bad Cop.
  • Connection to Buchwalter—Bad Cop.
  • Motive for Dispute—Good Cop.

A Polite Invitation

Curtis Benson

  • Motive for Fraud—Accuse. Evidence: Share Certificates.
  • Suburban Redevelopment—Accuse. Evidence—Insurance Agreement.
  • Buchwalter Case Settlement—Bad Cop.

Nicholson Electroplating

Fred Nicholson

  • Nicholson Planet Explosion—Bad Cop.
  • Whereabouts of Okomoto—Accuse. Evidence—Spy Camera.
  • Whereabouts of McLellan—Bad Cop.

Vernon Mapes

  • Nicholson Plant Explosion—Bad Cop.
  • Whereabouts of Okomoto—Bad Cop.
  • Whereabouts of McLellan—Accuse. Evidence—Prop Spinner.

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