Maplestory Leveling Guide (2024)

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Even among MMO titans such as Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft, Maplestory has proven to be one of the more popular games in its genre after 20 years. However, leveling can be a challenge for those who have taken a break from the game and are looking to come back as well as entirely new players. Luckily, with the right knowledge, any player can grind their way to max level optimally.

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How to level quickly in Maplestory - Leveling Guide

Best locations for leveling in Maplestory

For optimal categorization of leveling, it is best to separate levels into brackets that show which areas to farm experience and which monsters are the best to kill. The list below will show levels and the best Maps and monsters to use to level up as quickly as possible:

  • Levels 1 to 10: By far, the simplest bracket is levels one through ten because the tutorial is the fastest way to get through them.
  • Levels 11 to 15: The best Map for this short-level bracket is Henesys: Spore Hill. Here, you can farm out Green Mushrooms until you hit level 15.
  • Levels 16 to 19: Once you hit level 15, the best Map to farm is Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple Entrance. Golems can be found here and quickly slain.
  • Levels 19 to 25: For this level bracket, Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3 is the best Map to use, as it holds level 19 Flaming Mixed Golems for players to take down.
  • Levels 26 to 30: Upon reaching level 25, players can begin to kill level 25 Streetlight enemies in Concrete Road easily: Streetlight Row, making it one of the best spots for this bracket. However, players can also opt for North Forest: Giant Tree once they hit level 26, as they can take down level 26 Evil Eyes here.
  • Levels 31 to 40: Taking a break from mob farming, the best way to level up in this bracket is by doing dungeons. Specifically, players can tackle Ellinel Fairy Academy, Gold Beach, or Riena Strait to blast through these levels quickly.
  • Levels 41 to 45: Abandoned Offices: Mr Hazard’s Lair 2 is the destination for this level bracket due to level 40 Hazard's Rotten Cronies spawning and level 42 Hazard's Mean Cronies.
  • Levels 46 to 50: Upon reaching level 45, slaying level 45 Jr. Neckis in Swamp Region: The Swamp of Despair is the best move forward. However, if you're careful about which mobs you're fighting, you can head to Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land to specifically fight Terrified Wild Boars.
  • Levels 51 to 60: In this level bracket, you'll be farming in Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land. Specifically, instead of Terrified Wild Boars, you'll be hunting regular ones instead. They spawn in large groups, making XP farming very quick.
  • Levels 61 to 65: Here, you have Mushroom Castle dungeon to spice up your grind if you feel the need. However, if you're enjoying the farm life, head to Excavation Site: Military Camp 1 to take down Skeledogs and/or Mummydogs.
  • Levels 66 to 70: Reaching level 65 will allow you to make quick work of the Copper Drakes found in Swamp: Silent Swamp, so head there next and start taking down those lizards.
  • Levels 71 to 75: Orbis: Stairway To The Sky 1 is your next best location. Here, you can hunt three different mobs: Cellions, Grupins, and Lioners. You'll probably find yourself craving variety in this grind, so three mobs may feel like a breath of fresh air instead of one.
  • Levels 76 to 80: Dungeoncrawlers, rejoice! Upon reaching level 75, the best location to farm is in The Afterlands dungeon, so head there next and get to clearing.
  • Levels 81 to 83: The smallest level bracket on the list is 81 to 83. The reason is that the best mob to hunt next are the White Fangs in El Nath Ice Valley II. However, they're only the best mob until you reach level 83.
  • Levels 84 to 89: Reaching level 83 will allow you to make short work of the Racos in Verne Mine: Dangerous Raccoon Nest. Sorry, White Fangs, but raccoons have outclassed you.
  • Levels 90 to 95: Those who fear critters should fear this bracket, because the next two mobs to kill are the Scorpions and Sand Rats located in Sunset Road: Sahel 2.
  • Levels 96 to 100: Variety is the spice of life and probably farming as well. With that in mind, for this level bracket head to Alcadno Research Institute: Lab – Area C-3 to hunt D. Roys and Neo Huroids. However, if you're looking for a break you can complete the Elin Forest dungeon instead.
  • Levels 101 to 105: Reaching level 100 will make Elin Forest obsolete, so it's back to regular old farming in Minar Forest Leafre: East Forest. Here, you'll slay tons of Beetles until you reach level 105.
  • Levels 106 to 110: Monster Park is a unique area that will break the monotony of farming with plenty of big bad bosses to take down.
  • Levels 111 to 115: Final Mission: Zakum’s Alter is the next location to take on. Here you can find Zakum, who gives some big XP.
  • Levels 116 to 120: In this bracket, the best farming spots are actually two different dungeons. those being the Lion King’s Castle and Monad.
  • Levels 121 to 130: It seems that dungeons may be turning into more of a middle-ground rather than a break, as Fantasy Theme World and Korean Folk Town are the best two spots for this level bracket.
  • Levels 131 to 135: You wouldn't kill a poor bunny, would you? What about the Moon Bunnies in Black Mountain: Entrance? Of course you'll kill them, right? They give amazing experience for this bracket.
  • Levels 136 to 140: El Nath: The Cave of Trials II is your next location. Here, you can hunt down plenty of Cerebes and Bains for big XP.

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  • Levels 141 to 150: Everyone's heard of the Green Goblin, but for this level bracket you'll be slaying plenty of Yellow Goblins in Korean Folk Town: Goblin House. Spider-Man and Goblin Slayer both send their regards. However, if goblin-slaying isn't your thing, there are a few alternative dungeons that will rocket you forward, those being Three Doors, Heizen Temple, and Commercial Republic.
  • Levels 151 to 155: Here, the far and away best spot for farming is the Kerning Tower dungeon. Sorry, farming fans, but dungeons are quickly becoming the norm.
  • Levels 156 to 160: Kerning Tower 2F: Cafe's Enraged Espresso Machines and Kerning Tower 5F: Cosmetics Shops' Deadly Dressing Tables are the best two options for farming through this level bracket.
  • Levels 161 to 170: Options exist for farming and dungeon fans alike in this bracket, as the two dungeons Future Henesys and Omega Sector, will do the trick. On the farming side, the Mutant Orange Mushrooms in Singing Mushroom Forest Ruins: Dark Spore Hill and then the Mateons and Plateons in Omega Sector: Boswell Field IV will do the trick.
  • Levels 171 to 180: More farming and dungeoneering await in this bracket as well, with the Kritias and Ninja Castle dungeons being great spots, while Gray Commuter Saucers in Inside the Mothership: Corridor 204 followed by Advanced Knight As in Knight Stronghold: Knights’ Chamber 1 round out the curve smoothly.
  • Levels 181 to 190: Twilight Perion is the only dungeon in this bracket, while Gray Commuter Saucers in Inside The Mothership: Corridor H02 and Advanced Knights A through E in Knight Stronghold: Hall of Honor make for great farming mobs.
  • Levels 191 to 200: While Twilight Perion is also a great dungeon spot for this bracket, it is outclassed by the Haven dungeon here. Furthermore, farming Swollen Stumps in Twilight Period: Deserted Southern Ridge and then Sinister Rocky Masks in Twilight Period: Forsaken Excavation Site 2 is a very quick option.
  • Levels 201 to 205: A single mob stands alone in this bracket as the best, the Happy Erda found in Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Happiness.
  • Levels 206 to 210: Reverse City is a great dungeon for this bracket, but you can also go to Blazing Erdas in Extinction Zone: Fire Zone, Erda Rats in Reverse City: Subway Tunnel 1, and then Seeker T-Drone Model As in Reverse City: T-Boy’s Research Train 1 are great locations and mobs.
  • Level 211 to 215: Reverse City: Hidden Research Train is the best option for this bracket due to the Strong Seeker T-Drone Model A and Bs to be found there. Plenty of enemies, plenty of experience, plenty of time saved.
  • Levels 216 to 220: Yum Yum Island is such a great name for this bracket's dungeon, but for all you farmers out there, head to Slurpy Forest: Slurpy Forest Depths and take down plenty of Angry Flyons and Ripe Wolfruits instead.
  • Levels 221 to 225: Take a trip to Yum Yum Island Hidden Illiard Field and slay plenty of Potent Lytones Potent Stonepys to advance through this bracket quickly.
  • Levels 226 to 230: Lachelein Clocktower: Nightmare Clocktower 2F holds the Dreamkeepers, who are the best enemies to farm in this bracket. They also have an awesome name, so that's notable.
  • Levels 231 to 235: Head to Arcana: Between Frost and Thunder 2 next. Here, you'll find your next farming targets in Snow Cloud Spirits and Thunder Cloud Spirits aplenty.
  • Levels 236 to 240: Arcana: Cavern Lower Path holds the best mobs to farm in this bracket, those being the Befuddled Spirit mobs.
  • Levels 241 to 245: Your next targets are the Mournful and Discordant Spirits found in Arcana: Labyrinthine Cavern – Upper Path. You wouldn't think already dead enemies would give XP, but I guess these guys still have a lot of... spirit.
  • Levels 246 to 250: Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 3 is the next Map you're headed to. Here, you can slay plenty of Aranya and Aranea followed by the Deeper of Darkness in Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 7.
  • Levels 251 to 260: The mobs become few and far between towards the end of your farming journey, so Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5's Dark Miscreations and Dark Constructs are the best option for this entire bracket.
  • Levels 261 to 275: As stated above, the mobs become few and far between towards the end, which stays true for this bracket. The best Map to farm is Limina: End of the World 1-5, with your targets being Ascendions and Foreberions.

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Ways to make leveling easier in Maplestory

While the leveling brackets are the best base for leveling, there are ways to make the process go even faster in Maplestory. With the right information and items in tow, the leveling experience can be made much less time-consuming and tedious:

  • Maple Guide: The Maple Guide is your go-to manual for leveling quickly. While this guide explains the best areas for leveling, the Maple Guide is another great option for optimal leveling, as it will suggest areas that you are at a good level for.
  • Damage buffs: Reducing time-to-kill when farming dozens of mobs over and over can save a ton of time overall. A good example of this is the Monster Park potions which last half an hour and give damage boosts that will allow you to clear areas much faster.
  • Runes: Starting at level 30, runes can appear in Maps and be activated for a beneficial effect and an XP boost. The runes scale with your level, making them an invaluable tool throughout the entire leveling process.
  • Burning Maps: Similar to runes, at level 100, Burning Maps will begin appearing. These Maps are regular levels, but when burning, they offer greatly boosted XP that decays as you and other players clear them out. However, because of the XP boost, Burning Maps are typically a much better farming option than even the most optimal spots, so take advantage of them should they appear to you.
  • Special Portals: Special Portals can appear on your current Map randomly, offering you a chance at extra XP and rewards. This makes them a great random boost to the farming process and breaks up the monotony.
  • Hyper Teleport Rocks: Assuming you can afford them, these items can drastically speed up the leveling process since they're an instant teleportation item.
  • Experience boosts: While a no-brainer, experience boosts can make leveling a breeze. These boosts stack on top of each other, so gathering as many as possible is the optimal way to level quickly.

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