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How Cross Realm play works in World of Warcraft

Adventuring is better with a friend.

World of Warcraft is a huge game with dozens upon dozens of servers to choose from. As the juggernaut of an MMO is nearly two decades old, players have joined at different periods and not everyone has decided to conveniently play on the same realm. So, rather than pay that nasty $25 character transfer fee, let's take a look at what Cross Realm play can do for you.

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Can you play with friends on other servers in WoW?

While players can join one another across realms, there are some limitations. To play with your friend, you must be Real ID or BattleTag Friends. If you have yet to become friends this way, you can invite them by typing the following in the chat window "/invite Character Name-Realm Name." From there, invite them as you would normally through the Friends List. While partied together, players can do quests, queue for dungeons and battlegrounds, and raid on normal and heroic. However, you will not be able to trade or join the same guild unless the realms are connected. Connected realms are servers that share a database and are functionally the same realm.

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List of Connected United States Realms

  • Nesingwary, Vek'nilash, and Nazgrel
  • Dentarg and Whisperwind
  • Fizzcrank and Aggramar
  • Echo Isles and Draenor
  • Cairne, Prenolde, Cenarius, Korgath, Tortheldrin, Frostmane, and Ner'zhul
  • Winterhoof and Kilrogg
  • Arygos and Llane
  • Fenris and Dragonblight
  • Icecrown, Malygos, Garona, Onyxia, Burning Blade, and Lightning's Blade
  • Quel'dorei, Sen'jin, Boulderfist, Bloodscalp, Maiev, Dunemaul, and Stonemaul
  • Velen, Eonar, Scilla, Ursin, Andorhal, Zuluhed, Black Dragonflight, Skullcrusher, and Gul'dan
  • Draka, Suramar, Darrowmere, and Windrunner
  • Galakrond and Blackhand
  • Shandris and Bronzebeard
  • Bladefist and Kul Tiras
  • Uldaman and Ravencrest
  • Misha and Rexxar
  • Alleria, Khadgar, Exodar, and Medivh
  • Shu'halo and Eitrigg
  • Uther and Runetotem
  • Azjol-Nerub, Khaz Modan, Blackrock, Nordrassil, and Muradin
  • Alexstraza and Terokkar
  • Drak'thul, Skywall, Mok'Nathal, Silvermoon, Borean Tundra, Shadowsong, Hydraxis, and Terenas
  • Duskwood and Bloodhoof
  • Azuremyst, Staghelm, Dawnbringer, and Madoran
  • Tanaris and Greymane
  • Doomhammer and Baelgun
  • Ysera and Durotan
  • Elue, Gilneas, Auchindoun, Laughing Skull, and Cho'gall
  • Malfurion, Trollbane, Grizzly Hills, Lothar, Gnomeregan, Moonrunner, Ghostlands, and Kael'thas
  • Balnazzar, Warsong, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, Alterac Mountains, Undermine, and Anvilmar
  • Gurubashi, Aegwynn, Hakkar, Daggerspine, Bonechewer, and Garrosh
  • Dalvengyr, Dark Iron, Coilfang, Demon Soul, and Shattered Hand
  • Garithos, Chromaggus, Anub'arak, Smolderthorn, Nathrezim, Crushridge, Drenden, and Arathor
  • Dethecus, Detheroc, Blackwing Lair, Haomarush, Lethon, and Shadowmoon
  • Rivendare, Firetree, Drak'tharon, Malorne, Spirestone, Stormscale, Frostwolf, and Vashj
  • Azshara, Azgalor, Destromath, Thunderlord, Blood Furnace, Mannoroth, and Nazjatar
  • Ysondre, Magtheridon, Anetheron, and Altar of Storms
  • Akama, Dragonmaw, Mug'thol, Eldre'Thalas, Korialstrasz, Antonidas, and Uldum
  • Executus, Kalecgos, Shattered Halls, and Deathwing
  • Agamaggan, Jaedenar, The Underbog, Archimonde, Burning Legion, Norgannon, Kargath, Blade's Edge, and Thunderhorn
  • Spinebreaker, Wildhammer, Gorefiend, Eredar, Zangarmarsh, and Hellscream
  • Kirin Tor, Steamwheedle Cartel, and Sentinels
  • Farstriders, Silver Hand, and Thorium Brotherhood
  • Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
  • The Scryers and Argent Dawn
  • Cenarion Circle, Sisters of Elune, Blackwater Raiders, and Shadow Council
  • The Venture Co, Maelstrom, Lightninghoof, Ravenholdt, and Twisting Nether

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How Cross Realm play works in World of Warcraft

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