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All Minecraft Legends Mobs

Mobs are your allies and enemies.

Minecraft: Legends is a new take on Minecraft, substituting the familiar crafting and survival gameplay for a strategic battler genre. Players will control armies of mobs similarly to the Pikmin series and battle the forces of the Nether. Many familiar and new mobs are present in Minecraft: Legends, which may leave you wondering what mobs are in Minecraft: Legends.

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All Mobs in Minecraft Legends Explained

Minecraft Legends Overworld Mobs

These are friendly mobs and will assist you in Minecraft Legends. Some are used in your army as mounts, or other helpful purposes. Combining these will allow you to fight the Piglins and other forces of evil. Here are all the friendly mobs in Minecraft Legends.


Zombies act as one of the most common soldiers in your army. They fight in close quarters and can swarm enemies in large numbers. They do not last long in combat but are easy to come by.


Skeletons are another common soldier type but fight at range rather than up close. They are fragile against melee units, so you need to keep them in the back. They have a decently slow reload time between shots.


Llamas can fight at range by spitting at enemies. Not much is known about their purpose in Minecraft: Legends, but they will likely be a ranged unit and offer storage or mobility.


Horses are used as mounts in Minecraft and in Minecraft: Legends. They have no combat actions, so you will primarily be using them to travel around the map.


We don't expect pigs to provide combat abilities, but they may have other uses, such as food or being cute. With a carrot, you may be able to make one a mount as well.


Creepers are expendable mobs known for blowing up and destroying anything it the surrounding blast. As they are expendable, you will want to save these for large groups of enemies and take them out with the AoE explosion.


Turtles are a supporting unit with their hard shells, but they lack speed, so they may end up holding your army back. Their cuteness more than makes up for this, though.


The Allay is a friendly mob that will do all your mining, harvesting, and building for you. The blue Allays will gather materials, while yellow ones build. This allows you to focus on strategy and defeat the Piglins.


Foxes are a friendly mob in Minecraft: Legends, so hopefully, they won't be stealing players' items. With luck, they will do the opposite and use their thieving abilities against enemies.


Wolves are great pets and will not only protect players but charge at enemies as well. These good boys and girls are some of the strongest animal mobs and a worthy addition to any army.

Emerald Calvary Golem

The Emerald Calvary Golem is both a mount and melee unit. They are incredibly fast but not as strong as other golems. As a result, they are better used for exploring or moving around combat and not directly engaging in battle.

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Mossy Golem

The Mossy Golem is a support unit that can heal allies with water. This makes them great for keeping your units alive. They can also slow enemies with this water. The downside is they have a lengthy cooldown between shooting water.

Plank Golem

The Plank Goelm acts as a better version of Skeletons. They also fire arrows at range, but have greater shooting speed.

Cobblestone Golem

Cobblestone Golems are the beefier versions of the Zombie, boosting much higher HP. They also have a great damage output but suffer in the speed department.

Grindstone Golem

Grindstone Golems serve as crowd control. Their attacks have a powerful knockback effect, allowing you to control the battlefield. This makes them great against large numbers of enemies.

First of Stone

This is one of the most powerful units in your army. The First of Stone is a giant version of the Grindstone Golem and throws large boulders. They are best used as siege weapons, but can deal with enemy troops as well.


We don't know what Ocelots do in Minecraft: Legends at this time. In Minecraft, they gave gifts and scared Creepers away, so it's possible they will be able to collect items and give them to you in Minecraft: Legends.

Regal Tiger

The Regal Tiger is a new mob, acting as a high-speed mount and powerful melee combatant. Players should seek these out whenever they can, as they are better mounts than horses.

Minecraft Legends Nether Mobs

These are the mobs that will oppose you in Minecraft: Legends. The Piglin army is the main antagonist, so many of the forces in this army are Piglin or other Nether-based mobs. Here are all the hostile mobs in Minecraft: Legends.


Runts are small Piglins that make up a large part of the Piglin army. They have low health, but can deal large amounts of damage.

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Lava Launcher

The Lava Launcher is the Piglin equivalent of the First of Iron. It ires Magama Cubes from great distances and has a strong knockback effect. They are deadly against your units and structures.


Piggos are quadruped Piglins that are extremely aggressive. They rush in and headbutt your army. Their damage output isn't the best, but they have great knockback and can control the battlefield if they swarm you.

Portal Guard

The Portal Guard is like the Lava Launcher and easily compared to the First of Stone. This massive Piglin used a giant hammer on a chain and can deal massive damage. It has great armor and high HP, making it difficult to defeat.


The weakest mob in the Piglin army, these are incredibly easy to kill. They can be dangerous in large swarms but are easily dispatched.


Bruisers are strong staples in the Piglin army. They wield large swords and can easily kill weaker mobs in your army. Tackle these with care and use strategy to defeat them before they deplete your army.

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All Minecraft Legends Mobs

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