Minecraft: How-to Tame a Fox – Finding Foxes, Held Items List!

Learn how-to tame foxes in Minecraft with our guide! We'll walk you through the step-by-step process of finding and taming foxes, as well as taking a look at what makes them different, and a look at the possible items they might be holding onto!

How-to Find Foxes

You can only find foxes in specific biomes. These biomes are taiga, giant tree taiga, and snow taiga. Foxes can also sometimes be found in taiga villages. Foxes that are spawned in a snowy taiga biome will be white in color. Foxes can be found sleeping in the forest during the day, or looking for a shaded area to rest. They will sometimes head into villages at night where they will occasionally steal crops that are dropped by the villagers.

What Do Foxes Eat?

Foxes will only eat Sweet Berries. That is the food they are attracted to, so you will need to locate them in taiga biome where foxes spawn. Be careful around them, they have thorns and will damage you! They also slow you down if you run through a patch of them, so make sure to detour away from them if you're trying to escape something.

Taming Foxes in Minecraft

Foxes will not trust you if they spawn in the wild. You need to breed the foxes in order to make a fox that will follow you around! There's a few items you might want to have that can be useful. Sweet Berries to breed the foxes, a Name Tag for distinguishing your friendly fox, and a Lead to bring them home!

Step 1: Locate the Foxes

As mentioned in the previous section, they only spawn in taiga biomes. So, find one of these and locate some spawns. You'd ideally like to interact with them during the day because they will be attempting to sleep in the forest. Once you find some, you will need to start sneaking because they have a tendency to run away if you get too close otherwise. If you have to go down or up a block, you can jump while sneaking to maintain your sneakiness!

Step 2: Wall in Two Foxes

You will pretty typically come across a couple of foxes in a group. Sometimes, this group will be a baby and an adult fox. It doesn't really matter, you just need to find two foxes. Sneak over to them and place a 2-high box around them so they can't escape. If one of them is a baby, just wait until it eventually becomes an adult.

Step 3: Feed the Foxes Sweet Berries

You will need to have some sweet berries, these can be located in the taiga biome on the ground in bushes. Be careful around these bushes, they have thorns and will deal damage you and slow you down if you try to run through them! Once you've got at least two sweet berries, you can feed each fox one and it will create a baby fox! This fox will now trust you, and not run away from you like other foxes. However, while it's still a baby, it will follow the adult foxes if they run away! It can be useful to have a name tag with you to name the newly created fox so you don't get it mixed up with the others.

Step 4: Lead Your Fox

If you want to bring your fox back to your base or house, you will need to use a lead. Attach the lead to your newly created fox and bring it on home with you!

Tamed Fox Behavior

Now, they are only technically tamed in that they won't flee at the sight of you. As mentioned, you are going to have to use a Lead to get it to go live near your base. However, your "tamed" fox will defend you if you are attacked! So, if you've got the mind for it, you can create your own little army of foxes that will defend you from harm.

Held Items

Foxes have a low percentage chance to spawn while holding an item in their mouth! Here's a look at all of the possible items you can find:

  • Egg
  • Emerald
  • Feather
  • Leather
  • Rabbit Hide
  • Rabbit's Foot
  • Wheat

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  1. Uh… So I was taking my Fox to my base and when I released it, the Fox somehow got my leash and won’t let it go. How do I get it back??

  2. When i tamed my fox and hit something it stood there and didn’t do anything. It did not trust the other players in my worlds and ran away from them. Is this how a normal tame fox behaves?