Best Minecraft 1.19 Jungle Seeds for Java and Bedrock (October 2022)

Since they were introduced to Minecraft, Jungles have been one of the most all-around abundant biomes in the game. Although somewhat difficult to navigate, they are packed with abundant resources and rare animals. We're looking at some of the best seeds you can play in this list of Minecraft Jungle Seeds!

These are seeds for both Bedrock and Java, so you should be able to find something you like on any platform. Depending on the version you play, structures will generate under different conditions. But, we have combed over every seed to provide you with helpful key locations for both versions!

Every new Minecraft update brings new world generation mechanics, and the Jungle biomes are often affected by these changes. Because of this, we'll be cycling out older seeds and adding new ones as time goes on, so be sure to check back!

Best Minecraft 1.19 Jungle Seeds List

Best Minecraft 1.19 Jungle Seeds

Team Jungle

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1559701409609232210

You spawn next to a direct split between arid and damp environments in this seed. Starting in the Jungle, you need only make a short walk to touch Desert. This is the first world to try if you're looking for biome diversity as you begin the Minecraft 1.19 Wilds update. There are ample structures available for either climate, so there is no shortage of resources available.

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Village: -208 176Village: -184 152
Village: -192 -272Jungle Temple: 40 40
Shipwreck: 232 -328Jungle Temple: 56 552
Shipwreck: 424 56Desert Temple: -488 568
Village: -272 656Desert Temple: -760 248

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The Jungle of Eden

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 4923725547689910475

You start this world in a rare formation: a Jungle inside a large ring of mountains. There are a couple of Ancient Cities close to spawn to explore, which makes this a great map to start with if you want a Jungle-themed 1.19 seed. You might have your work cut out for you though, as thereis only one Village and at least four Outposts within a 900-block radius of spawn! The spawn in this map perfectly represents the Garden of Eden: secluded, enclosed, and beautiful!

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Ancient City: -184 -296Ancient City: 104 104
Ancient City: 488 72Ancient City: -232 -232
Pillager Outpost: 96 336Outpost above Anicent City: 88 -680
Jungle Temple: -424 -248Outpost: -744 -888
Village: -704 -304Village: -360 616

The Jungle Mountains

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 6220793025192987289

In this seed, you start in a beautiful mountain range. A couple hundred blocks away, you'll find a beautiful Jungle biome, complete with Bamboo Fields and a Jungle Temple. The Jungle itself is a medium-sized biome, so you won't have to explore much to get to the key locations listed below. The most attractive part about this seed is the aesthetics. You can start your home in the Jungle near spawn, and when you're ready, climb up the mountain next door and take in the view!

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Inside Mountain Ring: -250 -50Inside Mountain Ring: -250 -50
Jungle Biome: -268 -213Jungle Biome: -268 -213
Ancient City: -280 408Village/Stronghold: -876 -316
Village: -304 592Ancient City: 72 408
Jungle Temple: -184 -376Nether Portal: -632 -376

DK Island

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 966719734663065500

You don't actually start in the Jungle on this seed, but if you take a short adventure, you can sail to a Jungle island with a massive mountain right in the middle. Enjoy the secluded, tropical life when you set up a home base here, with access to everything you need from the jungle climate. Go underground and check out the elaborate cave system beneath!

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Jungle Island: -1085 -745Jungle Island: -1085 -745
Nether Portal: -520 -408Shipwreck: -232 -200
Ocean Monument: -456 -648Shipwreck: -648 -168
Ocean Monument: -1176 328Ocean Monument: -760 -1512
Stronghold: -1708 -380Stronghold: -1276 -1260

The Bamboo Garden

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -469303486518945144

You spawn on a mountainous ring around a Bamboo garden on this seed. If that doesn't sell you, perhaps you'd be interested that this ring is inside a massive Jungle biome. If you just want jungle, jungle, jungle — this is the perfect seed. Build your base inside the Bamboo garden, and establish yourself as King of the Jungle.

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Ancient City: 88 184Jungle Temple: -200 280
Jungle Temple: -328 -344Jungle Temple: -296 -680
Jungle Temple: -248 -792Ocean Monument: 712 -328
Jungle Temple: 136 -936Village: 712 136
Village: -360 -952Ancient City: -968 136

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You, Tarzan

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -228061963

In this wonderful Jungle seed, you spawn at the yellow arrow in the image above, near the far west side of a massive 2,000-block-long Jungle Biome. If you want to start off like Tarzan, King of the Jungle, you'll want to give this seed a try. If you ever want to escape the Jungle and sail off to distant lands, just go back to spawn and sail off in either direction! Don't forget the Jungle Temple right next to your spawn location!

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Jungle Temple: 24 104Shipwreck: 40 -184
Jungle Temple: 568 -264Jungle Temple: 856 -152
Shipwreck: -184 232Village: -360 -200
Shipwreck: -104 392Desert Temple: 168 -504
Village: -544 -160Woodland Mansion: 1592 120

Lush Jungle Mountain

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 708126700

You'll have a very hard time deciding on whether you'd liked to live on the surface or underground on this map seed. You spawn in a large Jungle Biome and near a village and Jungle Temple. However, less than a couple hundred blocks away is the entrance to an expansive Lush Cave that brings just as much plant life and beauty to under the world's surface. Do you think you can choose underground or surface living? Por qué no los dos?

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Lush Cave: 34 118Lush Cave: 34 118
Village: -480 272Jungle Temple #1: -152 216
Junge Temple: 680 280Jungle Temple #2: 568 200
Village: 768 0Village #1: -392 156
Village: 800 -176Village #2: -488 344

The Jungle Cavern

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -1970139536

You have to make a short hike in this seed, but the payoff is certainly worth it. If you want to live in a Jungle biome and want to explore one of the new types of caves in 1.18, you'll love this map. Just a few hundred blocks away from spawn, you'll find a huge chunk of jungle with an elaborate Lush Cave inside. Don't forget to check out the Jungle Temple nearby!

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Jungle Temple: 232 1192Jungle Temple: -184 568
Mansion: 376 1640Village: 152 328
Village: -848 544Village: -1000 168
Outpost/Desert Temple: 368 256Ancient City: 152 792
Village/Desert Temple: 544 48Outpost: -776 216

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Best Minecraft 1.19 Jungle Seeds for Java and Bedrock (October 2022)

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