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Minecraft: How-To Make Concrete & Concrete Powder (2020)

Learn how-to make Concrete in Minecraft in a variety of colors with our easy to follow guide! In this step-by-step process, we’ll show you how-to easily craft Concrete Powder in sixteen different colors and turn it into hardened Concrete. How-to Craft Concrete Concrete is a sturdy and vibrant building material that will add a great […]

Minecraft How to Make a Bed (2020)

We’re taking a look at how to make a Bed in Minecraft! If you’re looking to get through the night without the creepy monsters making your life difficult while traveling outdoors, then a bed is a great option to get right back to the daylight hours. We’re taking you step-by-step in this tutorial on what […]

Minecraft Best Enchantments – Armor, Sword, Pickaxe, Trident & More!

Our Minecraft Best Enchantments Guide features all of the top options for enchanting your Armor, Crossbow, Sword, Pickaxe, Bow, Axe, Shovel, Elytra, Fishing Pole, and even your Trident! If you’re looking to get the most out of your enchantments in Minecraft, then we’ve got all of the information you’ll need. Gaining Experience You will need […]

Minecraft Village Seeds (1.14+ & 1.15+)

Our Minecraft Village Seeds post includes some great world options with nearby villages that you can begin your next world on! These are for both Bedrock and Java, so you should be able to find something you like on any platform. Villages can make your game a whole lot easier by giving you a place […]

Best Minecraft PE Seeds for 2020 (1.14 – 1.15+)

We’re taking a look at some of the Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds that you can find! These will make starting a new world a lot easier, and give you a leg up on having an epic place to build your next creation. Landscapes are randomly generated when you start a game, so picking a […]