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Minecraft Piglin Guide – Trades, Bartering, & More!

Piglins were added as a snapshot in the 20w07a Snapshot and will be apart of the 1.16 Minecraft Nether Update that is scheduled for sometime in 2020. This new “neutral” monster can be found in the Nether and is useful for bartering and trading with for certain items that aren’t renewable in your Minecraft world! […]

Best Minecraft Shaders (February 2020, 1.14-1.15)

Our Best Minecraft Shaders List takes a look at all the most popular shader options for the game! If you’re looking to really give Minecraft some additional atmosphere, or just want to make some of the views in the game a bit more breathtaking, then it’s a good idea to have one of these installed. […]

Minecraft: How to Make Netherite Armor, Tools, & Weapons

Netherite is a brand new resource that can only be found exclusively in the Nether! We’re taking a look at exactly what you need to do to get Netherite to craft yourself some Netherite Armor and Netherite Weapons. It’s a bit more complicated than you’d think, because it takes some additional steps than just mining […]

Minecraft: How to Make a Soul Fire Lantern

Minecraft is adding a bunch of new things in the 1.16 update, and one of those is the Soul Fire Lantern. This is a new Lantern type that requires some resources from the Nether. Lanterns are an alternative to Torches when it comes to lighting. You can place Torches onto walls, but you can’t hang […]