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How to Get Poké Balls in Pixelmon

Pixelmon is a popular mod for the famous game Minecraft. It is one of the oldest mods available but has been consistently updated, with new content being added on a semi-regular basis. The latest official release was even made available after Minecraft’s 1.16 Nether Update! Today, we’ll be covering how to get all the different types of Poké […]

Best Minecraft Challenge Maps 1.16 (March 2021)

In Minecraft Challenge Maps, you’re typically pitted against other players in custom built game-modes that usually involve never-before-seen changes to the Minecraft mechanics or multiple mini-games. Not all of these maps require more than one player, but the more, the merrier! Do you think you can best your friends and net the most points in […]

Best Minecraft Survival Maps 1.16 (March 2021)

Survival Maps are sought out primarily because they challenge our knowledge of the game and don’t require data-heavy resource packs. They also don’t require a lot of tampering on your end if you wish to play them. They bring you fun new mechanics that don’t completely change the game but instead expand on the experience. […]

Best Minecraft Puzzle Maps 1.16 (March 2021)

The best part about Minecraft Puzzle maps is the multitude of ways in which you can play! There are so many different game mechanics; it allows mapmakers to create clever puzzles out of almost anything! In this list, we’re going to be exploring some of the best-designed maps for you to solve! Best Minecraft Puzzle Maps […]

Best Minecraft Parkour Maps 1.16 (March 2021)

Parkour is a well-known natural game mechanic in every game. Players created parkour by challenging each other to jump difficult distances or finding unplanned paths to areas not meant to be explored. Naturally, creative map makers decided to make content specifically geared toward these players and came up with maps that challenge you to reach […]