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How to make and use a Grindstone in Minecraft

You can use grindstones to repair your items in Minecraft, but doing so will come at a cost; here’s everything you need to know about grindstones.   How to make a grindstone in Minecraft To make a grindstone, you will need to follow the grindstone recipe, which requires the following materials listed below. One stone slab […]

All Minecraft Nether Biomes

Back in the day, we were told to never run in the Nether. If we did, well, we probably died in hot lava. With all these new features, new biomes, and new structures — the Nether is much more interesting to traverse. So gear up, and take down some Fire Resistance potions, because we’re going […]

How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft

Mushrooms are a unique food item that players can find in various places in Minecraft; along with this, they can also grow them, but only if they plant them in a certain way.  How to grow red and brown mushrooms in Minecraft There are two types of Minecraft mushrooms, red and brown, and both can be grown […]

Rarest Items in Minecraft

According to the Official Minecraft Page, there are 11 items in Minecraft Survival that are considered Rare or Epic, and we’ve got the entire list ready for you. We’ve also conveniently included a short description of each item. That’s 11 fewer tabs of research open on your browser! We promise not to charge you for […]