Best Minecraft Seeds for May 2020 (1.15 & 1.14)

We're taking a look at some of the best seeds for Minecraft!

Our Minecraft Best Seeds List features a bunch of newly found seeds to some good areas to start your next Minecraft world. We have cool seeds for every type and version of the game! Seeds are a great way to get your adventure started in an exciting area. With the random nature of landscape creation in the game, it's nice to at least have some guarantee of what you are getting yourself into.

What is a Minecraft Seed?

A seed is a randomly generated number that represents a specific world that has been created when you start a new game of Minecraft. This seed can be used by other players to play in the exact world you are playing in!

How-to Use Minecraft Seeds

Using Seeds in Minecraft is relatively simple, and the process is largely the same across all versions of the game. When you are creating a new world, look for the "More World Options..." area, or in some cases you'll just find a blank text box that you can paste your seed code into.

Seed Usage Example Image

Once you find this box, paste the particular seed you want to load into it and you're done! The more complicated part, is that some seeds don't work for some versions of the game. For example, all positive seeds (numbers without a - at the beginning of them) are usable from Bedrock to Java. Furthermore, if you have a negative seed from Bedrock, you have to add 4294967296 to it for it to work in the Java version (Learn more here). Finally, negative Java seeds will NOT work in Bedrock at all. There will be irregularities between Bedrock and Java seeds, which can include differences in neutral temperature and ocean biomes.

If you've got an updated version of Minecraft on your mobile device or console (Nintendo Switch & Xbox One), then all Bedrock codes should work! PlayStation 4 is currently the main outlier (other than Java), so you will need codes that are specifically for the PlayStation.

What's the Best Seed in Minecraft?

There is no best seed for Minecraft! It's very subjective and based on how you want to play. If you want to play on a seed surrounded by water, then make sure to pick an Island Seed. If you want more variety, then make sure to select a seed that has a lot of biomes in a small area.

Seed Versions

You will now see version numbers listed on each of the below seeds. If you are using a previous or more updated version of the game, it might sometimes appear differently in your world! This does not mean you shouldn't try them or give one a shot, because a lot of the time they will be largely the same.

Specific Seed Types

If you are looking for a specific type of seed, then we have some separate pages that delve deeper into those:

Minecraft Seeds List

Here's a list of some great seeds that should give you a fun starting point for your next world! I've listed what version of Minecraft they will work with. Bedrock works with the Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and mobile versions! We'll be listing some coordinates for you to check out some key areas in some of the biomes. You can enable coordinates when you create a world (Bedrock), and either make your way over to the spot or use the /teleport command!

Here's a list of the Best Minecraft Seeds:

Village Island & Ocean Monument Surrounded by Ice (Java - 1.15.2)

Credit: MichaelMiller2578 - Seed: -3714757682118750540

Wow, this is a great seed to start out on! Not only do you spawn right in a large village on an island that is surrounded by ice, you're also a stones throw away from an ocean monument that you can explore. There's more monuments to find as well, plus many ruins and shipwrecks you should come across. If you want to find a mainland area, you can find it not too far from your spawn (listed in the coordinates below). It has many different biomes on it, I found mountains, forest, dark forest, and even swamp!

Key Locations

  • Spawn Village: 103 75 9
  • Ocean Monument: 142 61 112
  • Ocean Ruins: 72 37 119
  • Shipwreck: 259 51 367
  • Ocean Monument #2: 785 61 97
  • Shipwreck #2: 821 64 43
  • Ocean Ruins #2: 793 48 25
  • Shipwreck #3: 857 57 320
  • Ocean Monument #3: 1184 61 257
  • Ocean Ruins #3: 47 34 -172
  • Mainland: 95 76 -477

Large Island w/Village - Also Diamonds at Spawn! (Bedrock - 1.14.6)

Credit: dstrllmttr - Seed: -1007380239

Originally, I was going to post this seed just for the large island with a village on it! That was before I did some exploring right next to spawn and found two diamond spawns that will get you a total of ten diamonds! These are literally right in two separate ravines that are next to spawn. You will need to be careful because there's quite a bit of lava around, but it's obviously worth it for a quick 10 diamonds right when you start a game. You can take this diamond over to the island village and have quite a nice start to your game. The village island is really not too far from where you spawn, so just hop in a boat and head towards the coordinates listed below! There's also a pretty large forest/taiga village that's a bit of a hike but worth seeking out.

Key Locations

  • Spawn: 449 73 0
  • Ravine w/2 Diamond: 473 11 -23
  • Ravine w/8 Diamond: 503 11 -21
  • Island Village: 653 64 572
  • Large Taiga Village: 1362 71 929

Double Skeleton Spawner (Bedrock - 1.14)

Credit: Yungxblunt - Seed: -1627030624

Finding Bedrock seeds with double spawners are pretty hard to find, so this one is pretty unique. Not only do you have the spawners that aren't too far from spawn, you have quite a few villages to explore! One of these in particular is a really awesome Savanna Village that has some houses on a hill and is overall pretty interesting looking.

Key Locations

  • Double Skeleton Spawners: 391 45 60
    • Dig Straight Down From: 391 72 60
  • Desert Temple: 266 65 222
  • Desert Village: 152 67 184
  • Savanna Village: 157 64 -268
  • Lava Filled Ravine: 423 17 304
  • Haunted Village: 1082 63 458
  • Ship Wreck: 12 55 353
  • Underwater Ruins: 35 51 439

Mansion & Village at Spawn (Java - 1.14.4)

Credit: Killstepz - Seed: -6760285559310078106

This seed has you starting out right next to a huge Mansion that is also right next to a pretty large and active village. You've got a Jungle biome right next to it, and you can find some Swamp, Bamboo, and Birch not too far away.

Key Locations

  • Mansion Entrance: 64 73 82
  • Village: 103 64 -4
  • Swamp Biome: -227 68 440
  • Bamboo Forest: 251 97 -303
  • Birch Forest: -655 64 162

Taiga Island w/Diamonds (Bedrock - 1.14)

Credit: DeliciousTidePod - Seed: 1796811328

This one is pretty nice because you start out on a pretty great Taiga Island, and not only that you can pretty much dig straight down (be careful) and find some Diamond right away! There's a cave system under the spawn, and if you head to the coordinates (show them in the options) listed below you will find six diamonds!  There's also a ravine that's a bit of a hike from spawn, but if you make the trip you'll be rewarded with a couple of exposed diamonds. If you're looking for a Stronghold, that can be found at a Badlands Village along with a large ravine!

Key Locations

  • Cave Diamonds (Six!): 32 11 29
  • Ravine Diamonds: -1046 13 217
  • Badlands Biome: 34 75 269
  • Badlands Mine: -79 69 377
  • Large Badlands Village w/Ravine & Stronghold: 54 65 951

Mushroom & Badlands (Java - 1.15.2)

Credit: LordofSnails - Seed: -935877912

If you're looking for a seed to start at a mushroom biome, then you can do a lot worse than this one! We've got the nice sized mushroom biome to keep out the monsters, but we've also got nearby Badlands with a mine to explore! Not only that, not too far from the mushrooms and the badlands is a village to visit.

Key Locations

  • Mushroom Biome: -50 78 573
  • Badlands Biome/Mine: 220 71 662
  • Large Village: 312 62 620
  • Swamp Biome: 425 64 735
  • Flower Fields & Bees: -293 68 140

Acacia Waterfall Village (Bedrock - 1.14)

Credit: Jfonzy - Seed: 33480944

While I initially liked this seed for awesome looking Acacia Village with the house surrounded by the waterfall, I found a lot more to love about it. There's a nearby Haunted Village you can head over to, and there's a Desert Village you can find as well. Near that Desert Village is a cave, if you head down into it and get to the bottom, you'll find a Diamond spawn with eight Diamond in it! That's a pretty huge bounty and can really get you started on your way to a new build.

Key Locations

  • Acacia Village: 518 69 134
  • Haunted Village: 136 65 531
  • Desert Village: 79 63 87
  • Diamonds in Deep Cave (Near Desert Village): 51 11 98
    • Cave Entrance: 41 64 128
    • If you teleport here you will be in front of lava where the Diamonds can be found. There's EIGHT Diamond here to find, so it's worth exploring. It is kind of hard to find if you go through the cave, try to use the coordinates to guide you.
  • Desert Temple: -195 72 43

Five Diamonds at Spawn (Java - 1.15.2)

Credit: SpaceBoiArt - Seed: -6959476951899901279

If you're looking to get started with some diamond tools right off the bat, then you might want to try out this seed. Literally, right next to the spawn is a humongous sinkhole that you can go down into and find five diamonds spawned right at the bottom of it. This hole goes ALL the way to the level of where the diamond is and you will find them not too far if you go straight down. This spawn is right at a pretty large village the encompasses the majority of this Giant Tree Taiga biome. If that's not enough for you, there's a monster spawner very close to where you spawn as well. It's not too far down in a nearby hole.

Key Locations

  • Diamonds in Cave: -155 11 45
  • Spawner Cave Entrance: -220 70 95
  • Spawner Location: -219 65 93
  • Ship Wreck: -157 64 351

Jungle Island (Java - 1.15)

Credit: SpaceBoiArt- Seed: 6989950847981476017

Trying to find a great island based seed? Well, this one is pretty great because it features jungle biome on the island and it is surrounded by a coral reef! This one will be great for a play through if you're looking to see how island living might be. Enjoy the tropical weather and the access to an abundant reef. There's plenty of ship wrecks to find, and a village not too far away if you want to get back to civilization.

Key Locations

  • Ship Wreck Near Spawn: X: -152, Y: 51, Z: 24
  • Jungle Temple: X: -1016, Y: 69, Z: 8
  • Village: X: -508, Y: 62, Z: 244
  • Buried Treasure: X: 169, Y: 63, Z: -359

Big Hole (Java - 1.15)

Credit: TheScyphozoa- Seed: 8879956355735410260

This is a pretty unique seed because there's a HUGE hole located on the map that you could make a focal point for your next build. The screenshot shown does not do it justice, it's pretty huge and with the right Minecraft Shaders, it would look pretty amazing with the increased shadows and lighting. This might be part of a new evil lair you can put together! There's also some other good finds across the map, like the ship wreck that is right next to a pretty awesome icy island that is in a circular bay and surrounded by other small land based islands!

Key Locations

  • Spawn w/Village: X: -219, Y: 73, Z: 61
  • The Big Hole: X: 277, Y: 71, Z: -254
  • Taiga Village: X: 37, Y: 79, Z: -756
  • Ship Wreck Next to Ice Island: X: -180, 55, -896
  • Flower Forest Biome: X: -1020, Y: 82, -681

Huge Mansion (Bedrock - 1.14+)

Credit: MinecraftChill - Seed: 2033394339

If you want to start out a game in luxury then check out this bedrock seed that features one of the largest mansions I've ever seen! It has multiple floors for you to explore and it's actually a bit spooky to make your way around this mansion. You'll find some items in chests and various other things of interest. This is a fun one to give a shot if you've never played on a seed like this before.

Key Locations

  • Mansion: X: 526, Y: 91, Z: 81
  • Ravine: X: 346, Y: 31, Z: -186
  • Monster Spawner: X: 819, Y: 55, Z: -365

Awesome Valley (Java - 1.14+)

Credit: LightningDashr - Seed: 1861004534102875792

If you're looking for a large picturesque area to layout your home and potential village or whatever then this seed is a great place for it. You are flanked by two mountains and have a river running through the center of it. You'll have great views on a day to day basis, and have incentive to climb the nearby mountains to explore.

Key Locations

  • Desert Village: X: 230, Y:65, Z: 34
  • Large Village: X: 295, Y: 65, Z: 724
  • Witch Hut: X: 145, Y:65, Z: -843
  • Badlands Biome: X: 190, Y: 88, Z: 499

Triple Biome: Badlands, Dark Forest, & Mushroom (Java - 1.14+)

Credit: MaidenChinah - Seed: -1909600681984991067

This is a great seed if you want some specific diversity really close by. You've got the beautiful Badlands on one side, a dark forest with dark oak forest, and then the Mushroom biome to the south. Mushroom biomes are highly sought after because hostile monsters will not spawn there. There's a pretty interesting Mineshaft broken up between the Badlands and forest biomes that you can explore. If you're looking for generated structures, there's ship wrecks to be found in the sea and an Ocean Monument. There's also three pretty large villages scattered around in different biomes!

Key Locations

  • Underwater Ship Wreck: X: 105, Y: 51, Z: 96
  • Witch Hut: X: -443, Y: 68, Z: -396
  • Village w/Cave & Ravine: X: -482, Y: 72, Z: 231
  • Large Savannah Village w/Small Ravine: X: -874, Y: 70, Z: 230
  • Ocean Monument: X: 319, Y: 61, Z: 558
  • Swamp Village: X: 514, Y: 64, Z: 746

Mountain Village w/Monster Spawner (Bedrock - 1.14+)

Credit: DarkAgeOutlaw - Seed: -1231267014

This is a pretty cool mountain village with a farm inside of a cave and a monster spawner right next to it! In the mobile version of the game, you'll find a waterfall pouring onto some unfortunate villager's house! There's also a Zombie Village not too far away from this one, so that is a fun thing to check out.

Key Locations

  • Mountain Village: X: -250, Y: 72, Z: -209
  • Monster Spawner: X: -266, Y: 71, Z: -242
  • Zombie Village: X: 180, Y: 83, Z: -310
  • Large Village: X: -310, Y: 67, Z: -1136
  • Another Large Village: X: -295, Y: 64, Z: 644

Village Island (Java -1.14+)

Village Island Seed for Java Image

Credit: Ph3nomen0N - Seed: -772124751310384583

This is a really awesome seed because you literally spawn on a big island with a huge village attached to it! You can build yourself a couple of new Minecraft Houses that match up with the neighborhood! If you aren't enjoying the island life, you can go towards the desert that isn't too far away and find a desert temple and village! This isn't an ordinary village either, there's a cave right in the middle of it that you can explore and find a dungeon spawner. Not too far from here, you'll also find a forest with another very large village.

Features Map

Here's a large map showing off some of the nearby locations you can check out (click to enlarge)! Do you find this useful? Let me know in the comments and I will make more for the other seeds!

Key Locations

  • Desert Temple: X: -307, Y: 783, Z: 554
  • Desert Village w/Dungeon Spawner: X -650, Y: 64, Z: 570
  • Forest Village: X: -740, Y: 70, Z: 212

Amazing Mountain Village (Bedrock - 1.14+)

Amazing Mountain Village Seed Image

Credit: Fredrick_Zelder - Seed: -1400738501

If you're looking for an amazing mountain village to start your next Minecraft world then this is a great one to try! It is one of the more unique village arrangements I've ever seen, with many buildings being high up on a mountain. Not only that, there's an additional nearby village that has a Stronghold buried deeply beneath it! If you like diversity in your biomes, you start out near a pretty big swamp and if you explore around near the the Stronghold village you will find an Ice Spikes biome!

Key Locations

  • Mountain Village: X: 943, Y: 78, Z: -1104
  • Taiga Village: X: 165, Y: 66, Z: 585
  • Village w/Stronghold Underneath: X: 990, Y: 68, Z: -825
    • Stronghold: X: 948, Y: 24, Z: -825
  • Ice Spikes Biome: X: 1448, Y: 92, Z: -908

Tons of Stuff Near Spawn (Bedrock - 1.14+)

Tons of Stuff Near Spawn Seed Image

Credit: Dodriofan480 - Seed: 1961838222

This seed features a lot of different things surrounding the spawn area that you'll be able to investigate. If you want to start a monster xp grinder, there's a spawner right next to spawn! Just head over to the forest area and you'll see some open area that heads down into a cave. Make your way down the natural path of the cave and you should run right into it. There's an additional spawner nearby this one, so you aren't going to be hurting for finding spots to farm monsters.

There's also multiple nearby ravines which nearly all have exposed diamond! These should be a lot of fun to explore and will get you started off on the right foot. There's a Desert Pyramid near a couple of these ravines, and further away is a good sized Desert Village. You'll even find a large Savannah Village, if that's more of what you are looking to utilize!

Key Locations

  • Monster Spawner Cave Entrance: X: 414, Y: 60, Z: -25
    • Monster Spawner: X: 390, Y: 44, Z: -16
  • Second Monster Spawner Cave Entrance: X: 615, Y: 64, Z: 25
    • Second Monster Spawner: X: 615, Y: 39, Z: 14
  • Desert Village: X: 535, Y: 66, Z: 522
  • Desert Pyramid: X: 251, Y: 67, Z: 878
  • Ravine w/Exposed Diamond: X: 690, Y: 14, Z: -87
  • Pillager Outpost: X: 668, Y: 68, Z: 205
  • Desert Pyramid: X: 379, Y: 71, Z: -354
  • Small Ravine w/Diamond Nearby: X: 297, Y: 11, Z: -441
  • Larger Ravine w/Exposed Diamond (Multiple Spots): X: 426, Y: 12, Z: -371
  • Savannah Village: X: 185, Y: 69, Z: 962

Diamonds at Spawn + Huge Ravine (Bedrock - 1.14+)

Diamonds at Spawn Seed Image

Credit: TheBigButtlol - Seed: -974562123

If you want to start off with enough diamond to craft a few important items, then this is a great one. There's a huge ravine right near spawn that has two diamond spawn locations that will set you up nicely for the rest of the game! Be careful though, these spots are at the bottom of the ravine, and you don't want to go falling off the edge. You've also got a village nearby, so there's a lot of great features in this seed.

Key Locations

  • Diamonds at Bottom of Ravine #1: X: 271, Y: 13, Z: 12
  • Diamonds at Bottom of Ravine #2: X: 308, Y: 13, Z: -16
  • Village: X: 36, Z: -265
  • Big Desert Village: X: 973, Y: -657

Fire & Ice (Java - 1.14+)

Fire & Ice Seed Image

Credit: SlateBrick - Seed: -6183068961479409378

This is a really interesting seed because you start off in the middle of two very distinct biomes. You've got the cold ocean biome which features a lot of frozen areas to explore, and on the other side is the badlands biome that is super pretty and interesting. Combine these two together and you've got the fire and ice seed! If you're looking to increase how awesome this seed looks, maybe check out some Minecraft Shaders?

Key Locations

  • Underwater Ruins w/Drowned: X: -443, Z: -197

Varied Biomes (Bedrock & Java - 1.14+)

Various Biomes Displayed for Seed Image

Image Credit: TelepathicGrunt - Seed: 577830886

This is a wonderfully diverse seed that has a ton of varied biomes all around you! There's multiple villages, some badlands, mushroom forest, deserts, and a frozen area to explore. You can also find an area where Diamonds spawn not too far from where you start.

For further details, check out TelepathicGrunt's guide on where a bunch of great locations are around the map with coordinates!

All Biomes Nearby (All Platforms - 1.14+)

All Biomes Nearby Seed Image

Image Credit: SnoverMC - Seed: 306959825

This is an awesome one to use because there's a huge variety of biomes all around you! This makes for an extremely diverse play through, and you can find all of the stuff you could ever want just by traveling around the map. There's even a large mineshaft straight down below where you spawn.

Ship Wreck Image

Here's a look at the large boat, village, and ruins area you can find!

Key Locations (Java Coordinates)

  • Village, Well, Desert Pyramid, Boat, Underwater Ruins: X:-2746, Z: 1393
  • Large Reef: X:-1924, Z:1493
  • Mesa/Swamp Mineshaft: X: 1555, Z: -355

Tons of Biomes Close Together (Bedrock - 1.14+)

Tons of Biomes Close Together Seed Image

Seed: 266794693

If you want a bunch of different biomes close together then you might want to check this seed out. You've got icy islands, jungle, desert, and swamp all right next to each other. There's a desert village near the spawn, as well as a jungle temple to explore. You can also go deeper into the desert and find yourself an additional village that has a blacksmith!

Key Locations

  • Desert Village: X: 31, Z: 84
  • Second Village w/Blacksmith: X: -322, Z: -362
  • Jungle Temple: X: 360, Z: -218

Many Biomes: Surface Shipwreck, Coral, Desert Village/Temple (Bedrock - 1.14+)

Surface Shipwreck Seed Image

Seed: 343145341

This seed has a lot to offer in terms of biomes, including coral, desert, ocean, and taiga. Also, it has some other great features like a large shipwreck that is on the surface that can be explored. It's also got a nearby desert village and temple, as well as a couple of different Pillager Outposts!

Key Locations

  • Shipwreck: X: 2927, Z: 207
  • Ocean Ruins: X: 3299, Z: -111
  • Coral Biome: X: 3147, Z: 49
  • Small Village: X: 4033, Z: 123
  • Desert Pillager Outpost: X: 3129, Z: 376
  • Snow Pillager Outpost: X: 4009, Z: 603
  • Igloo Ice Village: X: 4159, Z: 900
  • Desert Village w/Blacksmith: X: 3586, Z: -389
  • Desert Temple: X: 3224, Z: -295
  • Huge Lava Filled Ravine: X: 3570, Z: -445

That's it for now, let me know in the comments what more you'd like to see out of this post! More key locations & coordinates? More variations of seeds? What type of seeds?

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  1. Found a seed while making a map. Seed has a stronghold under an igloo!

    Seed: -5710206521012265242

    Coordinates: -275 63 1605!

    when you spawn, go to the coordinates 1160, 60 , -56. there should be a buried treasure that contains 3 DIAMONDS. this is so easy you can get the diamonds in like 30 seconds since the coordinates are pretty close to the spawn point

  3. I found a really good seed that takes you straight to the stronghold (coordinates 1135 50 -255) and the end portal is easy to find. Not to mention, four spots with diamonds in that same cave, as well as a mineshaft and a huge ravine about a hundred blocks away. The seed is 548048171 on bedrock. Try it out! It’s a really easy way to start off a survival world.

    1. WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH I was searching for years for seeds that contain strongholds. BUT my problem wasn’t strongholds. I found like 10 of them but none of hem contained the end portal. FINALLY THIS ONE DOES THANK YOU 🙂

  4. The seed 122516080895 is an open island spawn with a full size shipwreck and a spider and skeleton spawner within 15 blocks of each other directly underneath the ship. Along with a water side village following a river from the ocean for easy villager transport. While digging north at y 25 leads to an abandoned mine shaft that goes down to diamond level.

    1. I’ve played this seed for a long time, it’s got some pretty good features. The stronghold underneath the mushroom island, the two jungle temples in the jungle north of the ocean, a bit more north east of there you’ll find double witch huts and slightly more east of there (on the edge of the badlands) there’s a flower biome with skeleton spawner AND river, meaning you can easily farm all dyes in one spot. Slightly to the south of spawn and then east in the snowy tundra you’ll find a village with an igloo in it as well.

  5. I just found an amazing seed with the spawn next to a shipwreck full of emeralds and a village. Check it out: 8536231227105585937

  6. Seed:5000000
    At spawn there is a ice spikes biome near and a village. Also about 3 caves with coal, iron, and diamonds. A huge mountain that is hovering above a village is near the village. A swamp with a witch is East from the ice spikes. And badlands after that.

  7. 3269530392633675163
    Spawn in a survival island without any trees, with an ocean monument nearby. This is the ultimate test of skill for any long time player.

  8. Seed: -5963157120830809677
    Shipwreck at -121 39 -303
    With chest filled with:
    – 3 gold ingot
    – 3 emeralds
    – 10 iron igot
    – 3 gold nugget
    – 15 iron nugget

  9. I’ve found a seed in minecraft1.15.1 Java. You spawn in a spruce forrest and you just have to go south to find a large village with an iron gollem. I’ve already found two farms, a butcher, a cartographer and more.
    Seed: 1312947847890062643

  10. This are my discoveries on Dodriofan480’s seed.
    SEED: 1961838222

    _Monster Spawner Cave Entrance: X: 414, Y: 60, Z: -25
    _Monster Spawner: X: 390, Y: 44, Z: -16
    _Second Monster Spawner Cave Entrance: X: 615, Y: 64, Z: 25
    _Second Monster Spawner: X: 615, Y: 39, Z: 14
    _Desert Village: X: 535, Y: 66, Z: 522
    _Desert Pyramid: X: 251, Y: 67, Z: 878
    _Ravine w/Exposed Diamond: X: 690, Y: 14, Z: -87
    _Pillager Outpost: X: 668, Y: 68, Z: 205
    _Desert Pyramid: X: 379, Y: 71, Z: -354
    _Small Ravine w/Diamond Nearby: X: 297, Y: 11, Z: -441
    _Larger Ravine w/Exposed Diamond (Multiple Spots): X: 426, Y: 12, Z: -371
    _Abandoned Savannah Village: X: 185, Y: 69, Z: 962
    _ Spider spawner: X: 675 Y: 65 Z: 38
    _Desert village x: -235 y: 65 z: -262
    _Savannah Village x: 37 y: 63 z: – 269
    _Savannah village: X: 531 Y: 67 Z: -740
    _Desert Pyramid near Ice Age: X: 106 Y: 65 Z: -896
    _Swamp Witch Hut: X: -719 Y: 65 Z: 356
    _Pillager outpost near witch hut: X: -824 Y: 65 Z: 327
    _Witch hut swamp: X: -1454 Y: 65 Z: 1233
    _Ravine in acacia forest: X: -1691 Y: 65 Z: 1092
    _Acacia Village: x: -1931 y: 65 z: 986
    _Acacia Village: X: -1614 Y: 65 Z: 915
    _Abandoned Village: X: -713 Y: 65 Z: 916
    _Dark Forest: X: -500 Y: 65 Z: 500
    _Pumpkins :3: X: 500 Y: 66 Z: 29
    _Village: x: 23 y: 65 z: -286
    _Desert Pyramid: X: -387 Y: 65 Z: -465
    _BEES: X: -941 Y: 65 Z: 275
    _Swamp Ravine x: -906 y: 65 z: 746
    _Village: X: -224 Y:65 Z: 513
    _Village: X: 944 Y: 73 Z: 575
    _Mineshaft: X: -798 y: 35 Z: 2698
    _Pumpkins: X: 950 Y: 65 Z: -10
    _Village with pumpkins: X: 930 y: 65 Z:580
    _Moar Pumpkins: X: 1555 Y: 65 Z: 1410
    _Desert Temple and Bees: X: 1657 Y: 65 Z: 1687
    _Old School Village: X: 1796 Y: 65 Z: 1932
    _Ravine with mineshaft : x: 2030 y: 65 z: 1440
    _Desert village: X: 1872 Y: 65 Z: 1373
    _Acacia Village: X: 1440 Y:65 Z: 1850
    _Small corals X: 2208 Y: 46 z: 1475

    This are the things i found interesting while exploring the seed. The worst thing about all this discoveries, is that i was just looking for a Jungle to get some Cocoa and i couldn’t find it

  11. Village Island one didn’t work for me… I spawned in the middle of a forest somewhere that was definitely not an island 🙁 Idk why seeds never work for me anything I could be doing wrong?

    1. Well, I just tested that seed and it doesn’t work exactly the same with 1.15.1 which is the recent patch. It’s also only for the Java version of the game, so if you’re playing on a console or using the Windows version then it won’t work.

  12. Hey, I know the amazing mountain village is a really great seed, but there’s one problem. T H E R E ‘ S N O D E S E R T A N Y W H E R E . That kinda ruins the whole fun for me.

  13. Hey, I was wondering what the texture pack is called that is shown in the very top picture with steve and alex and the dog and chicken. i see it one the minecraft launcher but can never find the actual texture pack. thanks!

  14. Hello,I was wondering if you know of a bedrock seed with a village at spawn and ocean monument near it? The ocean monument would preferably be about 100 blocks away from the village, but its fine if its not. Thank you!

  15. Seed 266794693 Additional Coordinates

    * Stronghold: 2741, 35, 140
    * Library: 2742, 25, 81
    * Village: 2756, -320
    * Village: 1060, 21
    * Dessert Village w/ blacksmith: 2750, 90
    * Village: 2615, -885
    * Village: 2743, -321
    * Sand Temple: 2572, -265
    * Sand Village: 2330, -346
    * Village w/ Blacksmith: 1915, -263
    * Mushroom Island: 108, 643

  16. 77215252
    Nearby village -541/235 – half plains / half swamp (Baby villagers can be either depending on where they pop in village)
    Ocean Temple (Guardian under the Dock) (put up a fence to stop the constant mining sickness)
    6 ocean ruins in the village – 4 visible and 2 in the water on the edge
    Shipwreck 40 blocks towards the mountains (Treasure map 100blocks away)
    Witch Hut 40 blocks away in the swamp
    Dessert village just over the small mountain biome (150 blocks)
    Dark Oak island and massive forrest behind the village just past swamp
    (Nether portal put between the ruins will put you right next to Nether fortress)

    1. I didn’t think there were any fossils in Minecraft. Are you sure you found a fossil? It might of been something else

  17. Hey, I really like this list. I love you include both a description as well as coordinates for important locations. I have to play Bedrock. I was wondering you would be able to post some more seeds for Bedrock?

    1. Oh wow tysm for the seeds now I can play survival better and I even installed the modpack CrazyCraft and now it’s even better!! THX! 😀

  18. I’ve started playing on 306959825 (java 1.14.4) and it’s great so far.

    I went south to the nearest village and found and iron pick and 3 diamonds in a chest. There’s only 3 villagers and 1 bed though.

    There’s a huge maze of caverns (+ravine) underneath there, but no easily accessable diamonds.

    There isn’t any animals in that area, and I had to boat west to find some sheep.

  19. I can’t find the exposed shipwreck in the last one. What are the coordinates please?

    I used that one for that shipwreck and can’t find it. 🙁