Best Minecraft Seeds (2020) – Xbox One, PS4, & All Platforms!

We're taking a look at some of the best seeds for Minecraft!

Our Minecraft Best Seeds post features a bunch of newly found seeds to some good areas to start your next Minecraft world. We have cool seeds for every type and version of the game! Seeds are a great way to get your adventure started in an exciting area. With the random nature of landscape creation in the game, it's nice to at least have some guarantee of what you are getting yourself into.

Our list of some of the best Minecraft seeds will give you a bunch of fun starting point options for your next world! I've listed what version of Minecraft they will work with. Bedrock works with the Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and mobile versions! We'll be listing some coordinates along with each seed, so that you can check out some key areas in the various areas of the world. You can enable coordinates when you create a world in Bedrock or use the F3 key on Java. You can also make your way over to the spot or use the /teleport command!

Best Minecraft Seeds

Spawn in Woodland Mansion on an Island Seed

Woodland mansion on island Minecraft seed

Credit: Killstepz - Seed: 7022255194271259518 - Platform: Java - Version: 1.16

This would be a great survival type seed, because you spawn right inside a woodland mansion that is on a small island. That's a great place to start and turn into your own little evil lair. From here, you can boat or swim over to a village that is pretty close by. If you head up river, you will see a savanna biome and you will go through a desert biome and run right into another village! If you head in the opposite direction, you will find another pretty nice land mass with some desert and a ruined portal.

Key Locations

  • Woodland Mansion on Island: 34 63 17
  • Village on Water: 337 63 -244
  • Savanna Biome: 299 64 -333
  • Desert Village: 678 71 -474
  • Pyramid: 592 65 -758
  • Desert Village #2: 590 64 -902
  • Birch Forest Hills Biome: 1071 74 -839
  • Ruined Portal: 207 74 915

2 Woodland Mansions, Village, Witch Hut Seed

Image of woodland mansions and village at spawn seed

Credit: MGJared - Seed: -8993723640229201049 - Platform: Java - Version: 1.16

If you want a jammed packed seed right at the spawn then this one delivers! You will find two Woodland Mansions that spawn really close together which is apparently quite rare. You've got a village in-between those, and another village not too far from there. There's a swamp biome (get yourself some slimeballs) along with a Witch Hut, and you can even find a Ruined Portal nearby.

Key Locations

  • Village: -163 63 330
  • Village #2: -497 65 629
  • Woodland Mansion #1: -337 67 225
  • Woodland Mansion #2: 144 63 223
  • Witch Hut: 56 65 68
  • Ruined Portal: 161 63 372
  • Flower Forest Biome: 1177 73 533

Rivers Intersecting at Spawn Seed

Many rivers converging in one place in Minecraft

Credit: mMarijn - Seed: -837628466 - Platform: Bedrock - Version: 1.16

Fans of water and rivers will want to start up a new world for this seed right away! You spawn right in the middle of an area where multiple rivers converge and it makes the landscape look very impactful. Not only that, there's a village very close by, as well as a Witch Hut that you can use for potions or maybe taming a black cat! You also have access to a ruined portal in a mountainous area, a taiga village, and a birch forest all around you. There's a whole lot to love about this seed if you like variety.

Key Locations

  • Village Near Spawn: 29 66 169
  • Swamp Biome: -232 63 -137
  • Witch Hut: -316 66 -224
  • Ruined Portal in Mountain Biome: 174 87 -381
  • Taiga Village & Biome: 507 65 -313
  • Birch Forest Biome: 512 77 787
  • Ruined Portal #2: 784 74 851

Savanna Village Overlapping w/Dark Oak Forest Seed

Savanna village near desert and dark forest biomes in Minecraft

Credit: lickthaticecreamcone - Seed: -98141769 - Platform: Bedrock - Version: 1.16

This is a pretty cool seed because there's this great looking savanna village that is overlapped with a dark oak forest biome. You're also right near a desert as well, so there's three biomes connected at the village. There's also a very large ravine right near the village that you can explore. At spawn, you will find a village right nearby that's worth checking out! If you head into the desert, there's a couple of pyramids and another village.

Key Locations

  • Village Near Spawn: 162 75 108
  • Savannah & Dark Oak Forest: 126 68 588
  • Large Ravine: 130 16 518
  • Birch Forest Biome: 188 72 374
  • Pyramid: 250 65 816
  • Pyramid #2: 202 65 1120
  • Desert Village: -368 67 1278

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was created very close to spawn.

  • Soul Sand Valley: -11 47 -3
  • Ruined Portal: -643 40 485
  • Crimson Forest: -537 73 659
  • Bastion Remnant: -96 83 528

Woodland Mansion at Spawn Seed

Woodland mansion at spawn near a swamp biome in Minecraft

Credit: JakeyScarHand512 - Seed: 1609055592099966422 - Platform: Java - Version: 1.16

If you're looking for a huge Woodland Mansion at spawn then this seed will be great for you! There's also a nearby swamp, and a flower forest within easy walking distance. You'll also find a pretty nice village right on the beach that has a dock and is really well designed. There's another larger village not too far from the mansion, along with a nearby ruined portal and shipwreck.

Key Locations

  • Woodland Mansion: 207 63 65
  • Flower Forest: 109 64 -89
  • Village: -140 62 801
  • Tall Birch Forest: 514 91 -81
  • Large Plains Village: 694 66 72
  • Ruined Portal: 951 64 205
  • Shipwreck: 979 55 228

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was created very close to spawn.

  • Crimson Forest: -28 35 318
  • Warped Forest: 160 46 452
  • Basalt Delta: -13 77 -27
  • Fortress: 299 68 639
  • Bastion Remnant: -318 59 34

Skinny Mushroom Island Seed

Skinny mushroom island biome in Minecraft

Credit: Plebiain - Seed: 2332439756294123069 - Platform: Java - Version: 1.16

This might be one of the most unique seeds I've ever come across. The main attraction is the spawn, where you start out on a huge skinny mushroom island. This is a rare biome, and the attraction of it is that monsters will not spawn on it. There's also a Ruined Portal on this island which will make for some easy loot. So it's a great safe place to build out your base. From here, you can find a cold ocean with some awesome icebergs, mountain biome, and another ruined portal. If you keep heading towards land from here, you'll come across a swamp biome with a Witch Hut. There's also a shipwreck stuck in an iceberg that looks awesome. If you head even further, you will find a desert biome with a pyramid, as well as a really great desert village that spans over some mountains! You even get some snow here because it mixed with the mountain biome.

The Nether is a solid one if you head into the portal near your spawn. You'll find all of the biomes you want within a reasonable distance of each other. You can also find a Fortress and Bastion Remnant nearby if you want to explore those!

Key Locations

  • Ruined Portal: -325 66 372
  • Ocean Monument: 350 61 864
  • Coral Reef Biome: 839 60 569
  • Cold Ocean Biome w/Icebergs: -582 81 640
  • Mountains Biome: -1102 83 563
  • Ruined Portal #2: -1119 73 686
  • Swamp Biome: -1105 64 758
  • Witch Hut: -1304 65 820
  • Shipwreck in Iceberg: -1420 72 947
  • Pyramid: -1509 74 1226
  • Desert Mountain Village: -1779 89 1325
  • Savanna Biome: -1801 64 1492
  • Desert Village #2: -1850 63 1757

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was created very close to spawn.

  • Crimson Forest: 7 74 12
  • Warped Forest: -78 75 7
  • Basalt Delta: 61 53 -424
  • Fortress: 78 53 -466
  • Bastion Remnant: -284 73 229

Many Biomes At Spawn and Huge Mesa Seed

Swamp, dark forest, mesa, and desert biomes in Minecraft

Credit: DJEvvo - Seed: 9058136630944956755 - Platform: Java - Version: 1.16

If you want a variety of biomes nearby then this is a great Java seed for that! There's a swamp, dark forest, mesa, and desert biome all nearby the spawn. The mesa is absolutely huge, and it features at least three exposed spider spawners in it! You'll also find quite a few mine cart chests on tracks all-around the area. You'll also find a couple of villageds not too far away from the spawn as well. The Nether is a pretty good spawn once you get out from the caves. You'll find a warped forest, soul sand valley, and crimson forest all within range of each other. There's also a bastion remnant and large fortress to explore!

Key Locations

  • Swamp Biome: -119 63 123
  • Dark Forest Biome: -48 78 155
  • Ruined Portal: 38 70 347
  • Pyramid: 100 65 298
  • Mine: 195 64 244
  • Exposed Spider Spawner: 201 64 205
  • Exposed Spider Spawner #2: 195 64 179
  • Exposed Spider Spawner #3: 245 71 231
  • Village: -510 64 439
  • Village #2: 688 64 -186

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was created very close to spawn.

  • Warped Forest Biome: -75 74 57
  • Soul Sand Valley Biome: -799 84 238
  • Crimson Forest Biome: -657 39 97
  • Bastion Remnant: -78 91 204
  • Fortress: -777 61 245

Hillside Savanna Village Seed

Hillside savanna village seed

Credit: NDV Games - Seed: 1486378202 - Platform: Bedrock - Version: 1.16

If you're looking for various villages, biomes, and a few ruined portals then this seed could be a good option for you. One of the nice features of this one is the savanna village that is partially on a hill with a waterfall on it. You've got three different ruined portals scattered around some of the biomes near the spawn. There's a desert village, pillager outpost, and a second desert village to explore! In the Nether, you'll find a warped forest and a huge basalt delta if you put your portal near the spawn. There's a soul sand valley not too far from it, and if you venture deeper into the zone you'll find a bastion remnant!

Key Locations

  • Haunted Village: 549 71 96
  • Ruined Portal: 354 77 86
  • Hillside Savanna Village: -294 74 570
  • Desert Village: -819 64 445
  • Pillager Outpost: -887 77 249
  • Ruined Portal in Mountain Biome: 292 82 -557
  • Swamp Biome: 735 63 -931
  • Ruined Portal in Swamp: 817 64 -1028
  • Desert Village #2: 1494 63 -1163

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was created very close to spawn.

  • Warped Forest Biome: 105 93 -62
  • Basalt Delta Biome: -53 86 -172
  • Soul Sand Valley Biome: -214 46 -240
  • Bastion Remnant: 23 36 -151

Ravines & Villages Seed

Large village in plains biome in Minecraft

Credit: MKR Cinema - Seed: -1260790447 - Platform: Bedrock - Version: 1.16

This was a surprising seed, because I just kept coming across additional generated structures! You spawn in-between two villages and large ravines. The area here is pretty flat, so you could build out this area relatively easily. If you head towards the desert biome, you will find two different villages and three pyramids to explore! If you get further from spawn, you'll find a pretty interesting floating island. There's also a ravine nearby with a mine to be explored. In the nether you'll spawn right in a huge basalt delta biome, along with a soul sand and crimson forest not too far away!

Key Locations

  • Plains Village: 137 66 -236
  • Plains Village #2: 85 69 209
  • Taiga Village (Blast Furnace): -294 63 219
  • Desert Village: 542 64 582
  • Pyramid: 554 65 752
  • Pyramid #2: 362 65 879
  • Desert Village #2: 198 67 1063
  • Pyramid #3: 314 69 1123
  • Floating Island: -436 88 -907
  • Ravine w/Mine: -164 4- -1056

Nether Locations

Nether Portal was created very close to spawn.

  • Basalt Delta Biome: 9 74 -6
  • Soul Sand Valley Biome: -106 82 -24
  • Crimson Forest Biome: -243 67 8

Mesa Biome Surrounding a Jungle Seed

Small jungle biome surrounded by mesa in Minecraft

Credit: exitparadise - Seed: 867832618049646 - Platform: Java - Version: 1.15

This is a really beautiful seed with the contrast of the varying colors of the mesa surrounding this bit of jungle biome. You spawn very close to this area in a pretty large jungle that eventually turns into the mesa. This is how you end up with the mix of distinct areas, which would make for a great place to build. There's a ton of mines in the mesa area, you can find a spider spawner exposed as well.

If you decide to go away from spawn across the ocean, you'll find a pretty nice savanna island with a couple of exposed shipwrecks to explore!

Key Locations

  • Jungle Surrounded by Mesa: -42 69 -740
  • Exposed Mine: 353 71 -747
  • Exposed Spider Spawner: 287 69 -886
  • Birch Forest Biome: -31 63 -1146
  • Mountains Biome: 207 86 -1412
  • Village: -1496 63 -1423
  • Shipwreck (Savanna Island): 111 66 269
  • Shipwreck #2: -201 63 349

Village Island & Ocean Monument Surrounded by Ice Seed

Village on an island surrounded by cold ocean in Minecraft

Credit: MichaelMiller2578 - Seed: -3714757682118750540 - Platform: Java - Version: 1.15

Wow, this is a great seed to start out on! Not only do you spawn right in a large village on an island that is surrounded by ice, you're also a stones throw away from an ocean monument that you can explore. There's more monuments to find as well, plus many ruins and shipwrecks you should come across. If you want to find a mainland area, you can find it not too far from your spawn (listed in the coordinates below). It has many different biomes on it, I found mountains, forest, dark forest, and even swamp!

Key Locations

  • Spawn Village: 103 75 9
  • Ocean Monument: 142 61 112
  • Ocean Ruins: 72 37 119
  • Shipwreck: 259 51 367
  • Ocean Monument #2: 785 61 97
  • Shipwreck #2: 821 64 43
  • Ocean Ruins #2: 793 48 25
  • Shipwreck #3: 857 57 320
  • Ocean Monument #3: 1184 61 257
  • Ocean Ruins #3: 47 34 -172
  • Mainland: 95 76 -477

Mushroom & Badlands Seed

Mushroom island biome seed

Credit: LordofSnails - Seed: -935877912 - Platform: Java - Version: 1.15

If you're looking for a seed to start at a mushroom biome, then you can do a lot worse than this one! We've got the nice sized mushroom biome to keep out the monsters, but we've also got nearby Badlands with a mine to explore! Not only that, not too far from the mushrooms and the badlands is a village to visit.

Key Locations

  • Mushroom Biome: -50 78 573
  • Badlands Biome/Mine: 220 71 662
  • Large Village: 312 62 620
  • Swamp Biome: 425 64 735
  • Flower Fields & Bees: -293 68 140

What is a Minecraft Seed?

A seed is a randomly generated number that represents a specific world that has been created when you start a new game of Minecraft. This seed can be used by other players to play in the exact world you are playing in!

How-to Use Minecraft Seeds

Using Seeds in Minecraft is relatively simple, and the process is largely the same across all versions of the game. When you are creating a new world, look for the "More World Options..." area, or in some cases you'll just find a blank text box that you can paste your seed code into.

Minecraft how to use a seed example

Once you find this box, paste the particular seed you want to load into it and you're done! The more complicated part, is that some seeds don't work for some versions of the game. For example, all positive seeds (numbers without a - at the beginning of them) are usable from Bedrock to Java. Furthermore, if you have a negative seed from Bedrock, you have to add 4294967296 to it for it to work in the Java version (Learn more here). Finally, negative Java seeds will NOT work in Bedrock at all. There will be irregularities between Bedrock and Java seeds, which can include differences in neutral temperature and ocean biomes.

If you've got an updated version of Minecraft on your mobile device or console (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One), then all Bedrock codes should work!

What's the Best Seed in Minecraft?

There is no best seed for Minecraft! It's very subjective and based on how you want to play. If you want to play on a seed surrounded by water, then make sure to pick an Island Seed. If you want more variety, then make sure to select a seed that has a lot of biomes in a small area.

Specific Seed Types

If you are looking for a specific type of seed, then we have some separate pages that delve deeper into those:

Seed Versions

You will now see version numbers listed on each of the below seeds. If you are using a previous or more updated version of the game, it might sometimes appear differently in your world! This does not mean you shouldn't try them or give one a shot, because a lot of the time they will be largely the same.

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