Best Minecraft Mushroom Island Seeds (December 2023)

These seeds have so many mushrooms for your next survival base.

Mushroom Islands are rare but high in demand since hostile mobs cannot spawn on Mycelium blocks and the Mooshrooms wandering the islands can be used as an unlimited food source.

We've searched far and wide to find the best Mushroom Island seeds, with this list containing the biggest, prettiest, and most resource-heavy Mushroom Islands we could find in Minecraft! Each island is available for both Java and Bedrock players, with each version having its own structures both in and around the islands.

Best Minecraft 1.20 Mushroom Island Seeds

Bedrock and Java players can enjoy each and every one of these islands, regardless of what they are playing on. While the islands will hold their shape and size regardless of version, I've noticed that they will contain different structures depending on whether you are playing Bedrock or Java. However, that won't ruin the splendor of these islands—coordinates have been provided for both versions so you can enjoy the mushroom life to the fullest.

Mushroom Oases

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 3828780748748138346

This adorable pair of Mushroom Island each comes with a personal water pool. They would be great for making matching bases in a co-op survival world or for creating an intricate mushroom-themed resort. Whatever you do with them, they'll serve you well as a safe place to take shelter.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mushroom Island 1: 777, 126Mushroom Island 1: 777, 126
Mushroom Island 2: 945, 247Mushroom Island 2: 945, 247
Large Warm Ocean Ruin Cluster: 504, -184Large Warm Ocean Ruin Cluster: 376, 136
Shipwreck: 664, -120Shipwreck: 696, 136

Stingray Island

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 2935338118930363637

While another large Mushroom Island stands between Spawn and this island, pushing further ahead to visit Stingray Island is a must! The cracked appearance it has from above comes from several of the many caverns littered about the surface. As a bonus, the nearby Deep Ocean contains a variety of ocean-based structures you can explore after building a base on the island.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Stingray Island: 676, -229Stingray Island: 676, -229
Large Cold Ocean Ruin near Shipwreck: 328, -136Large Cold Ocean Ruin near Shipwreck: -184, 72
Ocean Monument: -200, 168Ocean Monument: 40, -152
Shipwreck 2: -152, 184Shipwreck 2: 392, -248

Neighboring Mushroom Islands

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -1426072061141048063

This world has three large Mushroom Islands right off of the coast of the mainland. The surrounding Deep Ocean contains plenty of shipwrecks, Ocean Monuments, and both Cold and Warm Ocean Ruins. With all of this treasure at your fingertips, you'll be able to live a very successful life surrounded by mushrooms.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mushroom Island 1: 213, 45Mushroom Island 1: 213, 45
Mushroom Island 2: -240, -169Mushroom Island 2: -240, -169
Mushroom Island 3: -215, -587Mushroom Island 3: -215, -587
Ocean Monument: 208, 175Ocean Monument: 216, -200

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Mini Mooshroom Archipelago

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 6875096463354234893

This Mushroom Island is very easy to miss if you don't know what you're looking for. While it's nowhere near large enough for a base, its small size makes it perfect for gathering materials! Harvest all of the Mycelium with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch and bring it home to grow mushrooms. You could also rearrange the Mycelium within the biome to use it as a Mooshroom spawner.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mini Mushroom Archipelago: -259, -283Mini Mushroom Archipelago: -259, -283
Ruined Portal: -360, -328Ocean Monument: 136, 136
Trail Ruins: 248, 392Shipwreck: 168, 40

Set of Four Mushroom Islands

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -1045532699648011584

A short distance away from the snowy Spawn on this seed lies a Cold Ocean containing a set of four Mushroom Islands! The largest one is nearest the shore. To the east of the large Mushroom Island is the next biggest one, with the two smaller islands floating to the northeast. The ocean itself is filled with Ocean Ruins, shipwrecks, and Ocean Monuments in both versions of the game. The eastern edge of the ocean turns into a Warm Ocean, giving players the opportunity to gather all of the loot residing in either type of ocean in one go.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Large Mushroom Island: 483, 90Large Mushroom Island: 483, 90
Mushroom Island: 1,600, 232Mushroom Island: 1,600, 232
Small Mushroom Island: 1,543, -201Small Mushroom Island: 1,543, -201
Small Mushroom Island 2: 1,340, -473Small Mushroom Island 2: 1,340, -473

Cavernous Coral Island

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1515270020932870471

Spawn is set on the edge of a vast Desert. Behind you lies the rest of the Desert as well as a Mangrove Swamp, while the Warm Ocean ahead of you contains many treasures, including a Mushroom Island at its center. Java players will find a nearby structure cluster consisting of a few Warm Ocean Ruins, a Pillager Outpost, and a Desert Temple. Bedrock players will be able to find all of those structures nearby with the exception of the Pillager Outpost, which can be found further to the west in a large Savannah.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mushroom Island: 123, -108Mushroom Island: 123, -108
Desert Temple near Pillager Outpost: 24, 520Desert Temple: -232, 312
Large Warm Ocean Ruin Cluster: 152, 456Large Ocean Ruin Cluster: 40, -136
Shipwreck: 120, 184Shipwreck: 248, 120

Family of Mushroom Islands

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -3185067588952855816

To the east of spawn, players can find a larger Mushroom Island followed by two smaller ones. The largest island has a lake within it as well as plenty of Mooshrooms, ravines, and a few ruined portals. The first of the smaller islands contains a Lush Cave, while the second island has Mooshrooms and sugar cane. For players looking for a little more adventure, shipwrecks, and Ocean Ruins can be found throughout the ocean around the islands.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Main Island: -48, -3Main Island: -56, -12
Small Island: 894, -96Small Island: 896, -99
Lush Cave: 915, -2, -98Lush Cave: 917, -3, -98
Ocean Ruins: 155, 360Large Ocean Ruins: -154, 179
Ocean Monument: 96, 831Ocean Monument: 231, 313

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Mushroom Island for Cave Lovers

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 8222430344847096072

This island is a spelunker's dream! Located only 300 blocks west of spawn, the island is riddled with caverns that go directly from the surface to deepslate, allowing players to easily go deep into the depths of the earth to find diamonds, amethyst geodes, mine shafts, and even Lush Caves! I found plenty of things to explore without fear of starvation thanks to the Mooshrooms and the farmable grass on the island.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mushroom Island: 176, -192Mushroom Island: 176, -192
Mineshaft: -576, -13, -260Mineshaft: -606, -18, -141
Ruined Portal: -419, -301Ruined Portal: 325, -261
Ocean Monument: -351, -479Ocean Monument: 56, 231
Shipwreck: 197, -162Shipwreck: 23, 123

Frozen Mushroom Island

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 79601082490583906

If you love mushrooms but also want to rule the icy biomes, this seed is as good as it gets! If you head south from spawn and cross 500 blocks of icy waters, you'll come across a giant Mushroom Island jutting out of the ice and extending into a Cold Ocean biome. The waters surrounding the island are filled with clusters of Ocean Ruins, Ocean Monuments, and even a few amethyst geodes to explore.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mushroom Island: -173, 494Mushroom Island: -173, 494
Ocean Monument: -367, 304Ocean Monument: -233, 40
Snowy Village: 272, 32Snowy Village: 227, 109
Ocean Ruins Cluster: -159, 416Ocean Ruins Cluster: 186, 1,093
Shipwreck: -319, 576Shipwreck: -245, 1,205

Village Spawn near Mushroom Island

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: 8725724824042561

If you're looking for an immediate boost in your Minecraft adventure, village spawns are as good as they get. That's what makes this seed so interesting—it spawns you in a Plains Village, with a giant Mushroom Island only a few blocks off the coast. The water body around the island is littered with multiple Ocean Monuments, and the nearby lands have numerous villages clustered close to each other.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Village: SpawnVillage: 152, 120
Ruined Portal: 312, 232Buried Treasure: 200, 8
Shipwreck: 24, -344Shipwreck: 120, -232
Mushroom Island: 232, -296Mushroom Island: 251, -303
Ocean Monument: 168, -248Ocean Monument: 664, 184

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Best Minecraft Mushroom Island Seeds (December 2023)

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