Best MTG Arena Decks

It's a kind of Magic the Gathering.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is one of the most respected deck-building games. Mechanics of this game, which has its roots in the classic Magic: The Gathering card game, have inspired multitudes of clones, the most famous being Hearthstone.

Although competition in the deck-building genre is fierce, MTG Arena is still going strong, and its meta is active as any game out there. You'll need some help to succeed, and we have just that—the best MTG Arena decks!

Best MTG Arena Meta Decks

These Magic: The Gathering Arena decks are masters of the current Standard meta, so take a chance to move up the ladder with them. As this game is very competitive, bookmark this page and check it often, as we'll update it according to MTG Arena meta status.

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Mono-Red Goblin MTG Arena Deck

The Mono-Red Goblin deck is one of the best aggro decks in the game, with good reason! These goblin cards overwhelm the opponent and tend to finish him in 4-5 turns. No wonder this deck has over 60% wins.

  • x4 Fireblade Charger
  • x3 Thundering Rebuke
  • x21 Snow-Covered Mountain
  • x4 Frost Bite
  • x4 Battle Cry Goblin
  • x4 Goblin Javelineer
  • x3 Hobgoblin Bandit Lord
  • x4 Hobgoblin Captain
  • x4 Hulking Bugbear
  • x2 You See a Pair of Goblins
  • x2 Den of the Bugbear
  • x2 Abrade
  • x2 Kumano Faces Kakkazan
  • x1 Twinshot Sniper

On The Hunt MTG Arena Deck

When the aggressive approach fails, you'll need some mid-game cards. On The Hunt deck gives you a chance to score a win, even if the initial aggro strategy has failed you. That's why this deck has over 60% wins.

  • x4 Rugged Highlands
  • x1 Fangblade Brigand
  • x2 Lunar Frenzy
  • x3 Moonrager's Slash
  • x1 Reckless Stormseeker
  • x2 Outland Liberator
  • x3 Snarling Wolf
  • x1 Arlinn, the Pack's Hope
  • x3 Kessig Naturalist
  • x1 Tovolar, Dire Overlord
  • x2 Unnatural Moonrise
  • x1 Rockfall Vale
  • x3 Hungry Ridgewolf
  • x1 Howling Moon
  • x1 Howlpack Piper
  • x2 Packsong Pup
  • x3 Weaver of Blossoms
  • x2 Wolf Strike
  • x3 Child of the Pack
  • x1 Halana and Alena, Partners
  • x2 Racers' Ring
  • x9 Mountain
  • x9 Forest

Mono-White Aggro MTG Arena Deck

If you look at the most popular decks, being aggressive is a good idea in MTG Arena. The Mono-White Aggro deck is one of the best in using cheap minions to demolish enemies. You'll be highly ranked in MTG Arena if everything goes as planned. This deck has an over 59% win rate, which is enough of a reason for you to try it.

  • x2 The Wandering Emperor
  • x4 Hopeful Initiate
  • x2 Usher of the Fallen
  • x4 A-Luminarch Aspirant
  • x1 Intrepid Adversary
  • x3 Clarion Spirit
  • x4 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
  • x3 Elite Spellbinder
  • x1 Brutal Cathar
  • x4 Skyclave Apparition
  • x3 Adeline, Resplendent Cathar
  • x4 Inquisitor Captain
  • x21 Snow-Covered Plains
  • x2 Cave of the Frost Dragon
  • x1 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire
  • x1 A-Faceless Haven
  • x1 The Wandering Emperor
  • x2 Fleeting Spirit
  • x2 Archon of Emeria
  • x2 Extraction Specialist
  • x1 Reidane, God of the Worthy
  • x2 Sigrid, God-Favored
  • x2 Valorous Stance
  • x2 Portable Hole
  • x1 Circle of Confinement

Jeskai Combo MTG Arena Deck

Jeskai Combo MTG Arena deck revolves around the Goldspan Dragon card. What you want is to cast a lot of spells to buff Goldspan. It's not one of the faster decks, but the result is very effective. It has an over 50% win rate but is 100% fun to play!

  • x3 Island
  • x5 Mountain
  • x2 Hall of Storm Giants
  • x4 Stormcarved Coast
  • x4 Riverglide Pathway
  • x1 Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance
  • x1 Otawara, Soaring City
  • x4 Goldspan Dragon
  • x3 Lier, Disciple of the Drowned
  • x4 Spikefield Hazard
  • x2 Fading Hope
  • x1 March of Swirling Mist
  • x3 Voltage Surge
  • x2 Show of Confidence
  • x3 Jwari Disruption
  • x2 Galvanic Iteration
  • x1 Sejiri Shelter
  • x1 Silundi Vision
  • x2 Unexpected Windfall
  • x4 Big Score
  • x4 Expressive Iteration
  • x4 Fable of the Mirror-Breaker
  • x1 Spell Pierce
  • x1 Fading Hope
  • x1 Flame-Blessed Bolt
  • x1 March of Swirling Mist
  • x1 Negate
  • x2 Disdainful Stroke
  • x1 Cinderclasm
  • x1 Test of Talents
  • x1 Dragon's Fire
  • x2 Behold the Multiverse
  • x1 Burn Down the House
  • x1 All-Seeing Arbiter
  • x1 Hullbreaker Horror

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Orzohv Control MTG Arena Deck

Orzohv Control deck is a control deck that lets you take your time to set up while you control the playing field. This is a Black and White deck with which you are good enough to defend against most opponents. Remember that you have to have a plan, or your defenses will collapse after a while. With this deck, you'll have at least a 56% win rate.

  • x3 The Wandering Emperor
  • x1 Sorin the Mirthless
  • x2 Tainted Adversary
  • x1 Legion Angel
  • x4 Vanishing Verse
  • x1 Power Word Kill
  • x2 Hagra Mauling
  • x2 Bloodchief's Thirst
  • x4 Invoke Despair
  • x1 Farewell
  • x2 Emeria's Call
  • x3 Reckoner Bankbuster
  • x2 Life of Toshiro Umezawa
  • x2 The Meathook Massacre
  • x4 Wedding Announcement
  • x2 The Restoration of Eiganjo
  • x3 Plains
  • x2 Swamp
  • x4 Scoured Barrens
  • x1 Field of Ruin
  • x4 Brightclimb Pathway
  • x4 Hive of the Eye Tyrant
  • x4 Shattered Sanctum
  • x1 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire
  • x1 Takenuma, Abandoned Mire
  • x1 Skyclave Apparition
  • x3 Legion Angel
  • x2 Henrika Domnathi
  • x3 Ray of Enfeeblement
  • x2 Duress
  • x2 Check for Traps
  • x1 Farewell
  • x1 The Meathook Massacre

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