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How to play Mercy in Overwatch 2 – Abilities and Tips

Your guardian angel.

Mercy is the guardian angel of Overwatch, a kind soul who seeks to protect those in danger. She is an excellent healer and was once considered a mandatory pick in the first game. With her Resurrect ability, she can do what no other hero can- revive the dead. Come join us as we explain how to play Mercy effectively in Overwatch 2.

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Mercy hero guide for Overwatch 2

What is Mercy's role in a team?

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Mercy excels at single-target healing due to her massive healing per second. Since enemy Damage heroes easily pick her off, Mercy must flit between teammates with Guardian Angel, ever on the move. When allies have full health, she can grant them a damage boost with her staff. Although all her abilities are helpful, her Resurrect ability has unprecedented utility. If she stands next to an ally recently eliminated, she can bring them back to life, allowing them to fight again.

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How is Mercy different in Overwatch 2?

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The primary element that has changed is Mercy's Guardian Angel movement. In the first game, you could super jump to launch yourself into the air, but it wasn't a feature. In Overwatch 2, her Guardian Angel ability now has a meter. When this meter reaches its max level, the acceleration of Mercy's jump cancel or dash cancel is greatly increased.

Guardian Angel can also be canceled mid-flight and shoot you in the opposite direction if you cancel Guardian Angel while walking backward and pressing jump. In addition, Mercy's Angelic Descent ability can now be activated by pressing crouch or jump. Although Mercy's Angelic Descent previously only slowed her descent, it can now slow her ascent. Lastly, Mercy's Regeneration passive boosts the universal Role: Support passive effectiveness by 50%, granting her 22.5 health per second rather than 15.

Mercy's abilities, listed

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Here are Mercy's abilities, along with their purpose in battle.

  • Caduceus Staff
    • Pressing fire heals an ally while pressing alternate fire gives that ally a damage boost. This effect will last as long as the staff's beam is attached.
  • Caduceus Blaster
    • Fires bullets at the enemy. Mercy carries this weapon with her staff, and she can switch weapons with 2 (or the equivalent button on the console).
  • Guardian Angel
    • Launches you toward an ally in proximity. You can cancel this ability with jump to propel yourself past the ally or crouch to propel yourself upwards. This ability is frequently used to super jump, as well as reposition.
  • Resurrect
    • Revives a recently eliminated ally after a short channeling period. This ability can be canceled with knockback, stuns, and Ana's Sleep Dart. If your Resurrect is canceled, your ability charge is not refunded.
  • Angelic Descent
    • Causes you to fall slower than before. This ability can also be used to slow down your ascent. Angelic Descent is often used to hover in mid-air, making you harder to hit.
  • Regeneration (Passive)
    • Increases the effectiveness of the general Support passive. This enables you to passively heal 22.5 health per second rather than the standard 15.
  • Role: Support (Passive)
    • Grants you passive healing over time. This is a universal buff for all Support class heroes.
  • Valkyrie (Ultimate)
    • Allows you to fly for 15 seconds, enhancing your healing and damage boost abilities. Valkyrie causes your staff's beam to connect to not only one but all allies in the vicinity as long as they are within range. This can be used either to protect your team from significant damage or to take out a low-health enemy in an offensive maneuver.

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Mercy tips and tricks

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After playing Mercy for an extended amount of time, there are a few gameplay tricks you pick up along the way. Here is some advice for newer Mercy players.

  • A popular hero combo is called Pharmercy, where Mercy consistently heals and boosts Pharah's damage. This is a lethal combination since Mercy can fly using Guardian Angel and keep up with Pharah's mobility.
  • You can move while using Resurrect, so try floating in and resurrecting while in mid-air. This will take enemies by surprise and give you time to escape. You can also crouch while reviving, so use this trick to stay behind cover when possible.
  • Don't be afraid to let the bullets fly. Even though you are a Support hero, you are not defenseless. If a low-health Damage hero is harassing your backlines, try and take a few shots at them. You'd be surprised how helpful Mercy's gun can be during a crisis.
  • Sometimes, it's better to let your ally die. While this sounds taboo, depending on the state of the game, it can be more beneficial to let your team reset and group up. If the Resurrect succeeds but you both die to the enemy team, it can negatively impact your team's situation. A risky revive may sound epic, but it may hinder your team rather than help them.

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How to play Mercy in Overwatch 2 – Abilities and Tips

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