Phasmophobia Cheat Sheet – Updated! (February 2024)

Your number one cheat sheet for all your Ghost-busting needs!

In Phasmophobia, players must prepare to face the supernatural, but the supernatural comes in the form of many ghosts. To make things worse, these ghosts have different weaknesses and only respond to certain ghost tools. Because of this, some Phasmophobia players may find themselves getting confused fast. This is especially true when you start throwing Tarot cards and Cursed Items into the mix. Luckily we at PGG have a nifty cheat sheet that both new Phasmophiva players and old can use as a player resource.

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Phasmophobia Cheat Sheet - All Ghost Weaknesses, Abilities, and Evidence

Use the following table as a player resource to learn everything there is to know about Phasmopobia's many ghost types. We recommend reading first what tests specific ghosts respond to, what evidence types to look for, and any abilities to watch out for in-game. 

BansheeDOTSGhost OrbFingerprints
DemonGhost WritingFingerprintsCold
DeogenDOTSGhost WritingSpirit Box
GoryoDOTSEMF 5Fingerprints
HantuGhost OrbFingerprintsFreezing
JinnEMF 5FingerprintsFreezing
MareGhost WritingGhost OrbSpirit Box
MimicFingerprintsFreezingSpirit Box
MoroiGhost WritingFreezingSpirit Box
MylingGhost WritingEMF 5Fingerprints
ObakeEMF 5Ghost OrbFingerprints
OniDOTSEMF 5Freezing
OnyroGhost OrbFreezingSpirit Box
PhantomDOTSFingerprintsSpirit Box
PoltergeistGhost WritingFingerprintsSpirit Box
RaijuDOTSEMF 5Ghost Orb
RevenantGhost WritingGhost OrbFreezing
ShadeGhost WritingEMF 5Freezing
SpiritGhost WritingEMF 5Spirit Box
TwinsEMF 5FreezingSpirit Box
WraithDOTSEMF 5Spirit Box
YoakiDOTSGhost OrbSpirit Box
YureiDOTSGhost OrbFreezing
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All Cursed Items and uses - Phasmophobia Cheat Sheet

This section of our cheat sheet will go over the various Cursed Items you can find in Phasmophobia. There are seven Cursed Items that you can find in random locations on maps. Each item will have different effects and uses in-game. We recommend taking some time and reviewing all items so you know how to use them in Phasmophobia. But before using any of the Cursed items listed below, ensure you have enough sanity. In short, all Cursed items will cost a certain amount of sanity, and using them without enough sanity is not recommended for survival.

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Cursed ItemWhat it doesPhoto Reward?
Music BoxCauses the ghost to sing, allowing you to locate it.No reward unless you use it to get a ghost photo
Ouija BoardAllows players to start cursed hunts, get EMF readings, and get Ghost interactions.Yes
Voodoo DollCan be used to start hunts, Ghost interactions, and EMF ReadingsYes
Summoning CircleAllows players to get ghost photos by summoning the ghost.No reward unless you use it to get a ghost photo
BoneGives a money bonus if you take a picture of it.Yes
Haunted MirrorPlayers can use the mirror to locate the Ghost Room.Yes

Overall, all Cursed Possessions/Items offer players the ability to get photo rewards and earn money or get a certain interaction from a ghost at the cost of sanity. The cost of sanity will vary, and all Cursed Items will have risks when using them. In short, using certain items will have a small chance of causing a cursed hunt which will cause the ghost to start hunting players regardless of sanity level. Other items may outright kill you, which is the case with some Tarot cards. Find out more about the cursed item called Tarot cards below:

All Tarot cards and Effects - Phasmophiobia Cheat Sheet

Tarot cards are a subsect of Cursed items that grant various effects without any special requirements needing to be met. There are 10 of these Tarot cards, and all will appear randomly inside a Tarot card deck. The following is a list of all 10 Tarot cards and their documented effects in Phasmophobia.

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TarotColor FlameEffect
The Wheel of FortuneRed or GreenGreen Flame +25 sanity, Red Flame -25 sanity
The TowerBlueCauses a Ghost interaction
The MoonWhiteCauses Sainty to drop to zero
The High PriestessLight YellowRevies a dead player or the next one to die
The Hanged ManNoneKills the player who gets the card
DeathPurpleStarts a cursed hunt
The HermitCyanTraps ghost in ghost room for one minute
The DevilPinkStarts a ghost hunt toward the nearest player.
The FoolLight PurpleIt appears as a different card and changes to the Fool, which has no effect.
The SunYellowRestores sanity to 100 percent.

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Phasmophobia Cheat Sheet – Updated! (February 2024)

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