How to fix Pikmin Bloom not counting steps

A key feature of Pikmin Bloom is that your level and experience depend on your walking distance. However, the game becomes pointless if the step counter malfunctions. In fact, numerous iPhone and Android users have complained about the issue of Pikmin Bloom steps not counting. If you’re also encountering this issue, here’s all you need […]

All Pikmin Games, Ranked From Worst To Best

Pikmin is one of the most unique series to ever drop on Nintendo consoles. It’s rare that something adds itself to the lineup of Nintendo mascot characters, like Link, Mario, or Fox McCloud, but with Pikmin’s release in 2001, originally on the Nintendo GameCube, Olimar and his Pikmin friends became instantly recognizable. Now, with six […]

How to play all Pikmin games in order

When it comes to crashed spaceships and adorable plant creatures, Pikmin takes the cake. I’ve been looking forward to Pikmin 4 since it was announced, which led to me wanting to take a stroll down memory lane and replay the Pikmin series. With multiple entries, it can be hard to determine what order you should […]