PS Plus Extra, Premium, and Classic games list

PS Plus is getting revamped into a tiered subscription service, with three levels of tiers available for you to purchase—PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium. Each tier gets more expensive, but the additional benefits it provides also increase, such as getting Extra or Premium will get you access to a massive games list. This includes […]

All Playstation Plus Membership Plans and Prices, explained

The Membership plans and Prices of PlayStation Plus can be hard to decipher. All three PlayStation Plus versions offer the regular benefits players are accustomed to. You can play multiplayer online with your friends, collect free games monthly, get extra deals from PlayStation Store, access cloud storage, and receive everything else Plus members normally get. […]

Purple, Blue, & Pink PS5 console covers are now available for pre-order

PS5 owners have three additional colors to choose from if they want to customize the appearance of their console. Galactic Purple, Starlight Blue, and Nova Pink will complete Sony’s Galaxy Collection of console covers—added to Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, which are currently available. Galactic Purple, Starlight Blue, and Nova Pink PS5 colors pop Related: […]

What games will be included in Ubisoft Plus Classics on PlayStation Plus?

Ubisoft Plus, the popular subscription service on PC, Stadia, and Amazon Luna, is finally making its way to PlayStation. It offers hundreds of Ubisoft titles for a set monthly price. Launching alongside Ubisoft Plus is something called Ubisoft Plus Classics that will be packaged with select PlayStation Plus tiers later in 2022. What is Ubisoft […]

Why can’t I activate PlayStation Plus membership cards? PlayStation card service update

With Sony’s new PlayStation subscription tiers rolling out, users have found several bugs and issues in the leadup to this new system. Players are reporting problems with membership card redemptions on the PlayStation Network, but what can’t users redeem codes on PlayStation? Due to players stacking memberships of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, Sony has […]