Raft: Engine Placement Location – Does it Matter?

Quite a unique take on a survival game, Raft tasks players with making their way across the ocean on scrap and trash they harvest out of the ocean to repurpose into a floating raft. Over time the raft will become more and more stable, even allowing for upgrades like sonar and engines. However, specifically with […]

How to get and use Seaweed in Raft

If you want to get Seaweed in Raft, you must search the water around various Islands. Seaweed has a chance to spawn randomly in the water, so you may need to search awhile before you find some Seaweed. Another source of Seaweed is various loot boxes that can appear on both abandoned rafts and huts […]

Raft engine controls anchor not working – How To Fix

If you are having problems with the Engine controls not working with your Anchor, the reason is most likely that you are not using the correct Anchor. In short, only the Advanced Stationary Anchor will work with Engine controls. Because of this, using anything other than an Advanced Stationary Anchor prevents the Engine Controls from working. That said, […]

Can you play Raft on Mac?

Raft is a game that throws you into a world filled with ocean waters alongside your friends. You are asked to perform different tasks and objectives all while maneuvering through different water-based obstacles. Even though the point of the game is to play with your friends, there is one thing that prevents players from really […]

How to get and use Titanium ore in Raft

Titanium ore is a material that is required to make Titanium ingots in Raft. You can use the Titanium ingots to make various items, but getting the ore you need requires some steps. In short, you will need to make a Metal Detector and Shovel. Once you have a Shovel and Metal Detector, you can […]