Realm Royale Beginner Guide – How-to Start Playing, Differences Between Other Battle Royale Games!

If you are just starting out in Realm Royale then this beginner guide should help get you ahead of the curve!

Our Realm Royale beginner guide will run you through how-to start playing, differences to other games like Fortnite and PUBG, and what you need to know before you start your first match!

Other Battle Royales

If you are coming from another battle royale game, I'm going to give a bit of a breakdown on how they differ and how they are the same.

Overall Differences

The big difference between the other battle royale games and Realm Royale is the class system. When you start a game you pick one of five classes, each class starts with one particular movement skill that can't be replaced (it can be upgraded in rarity). You can loot two additional skills that can be swapped in and out from chests. This game also has a mount that you can jump on at just about any time, which is very similar to most MOBAs. Another big difference than most battle royale games is that weapons in Realm Royale don't have ammunition! While they do have a magazine size, and you do have to reload some weapons, you do not have to worry about running out of ammo!

Coming from Fortnite?

If you are coming from Fortnite then this game has some similarities in the overall feel of the game. The graphic style and feel of the guns is similar, but the big difference is there's no building or ability to destroy the environment or structures. Aggressively pushing your enemies in this game is usually a bad idea unless you have the cover and weaponry to support it. Fortnite is more gun focused, while Realm Royale has guns, a major part of the game revolves around your class abilities.

Ultimately, if you like Fortnite but dislike the building aspect of it, you might really enjoy this game.

Coming from PUBG?

If you are coming from PUBG you might actually have an easier time making the transition in terms of how to move and utilize cover. While the game looks similar to Fortnite, your usage of cover and focus on being in the right areas of the map are much more important. PUBG obviously focuses way more heavily on gun-play, and has a much more realistic feel.

Realm Royale Beginner's Guide

If you are new to Realm Royale then hopefully this beginner's guide will help get you started on the road to success. If you want a bit more of advanced tips, check out our Realm Royale Tips Guide!

Understanding the Realm Royale User Interface

Here's a quick run through of what all of the things on your UI means!

This is the main area on the bottom left of your screen. I'm going to go through it from top to bottom.

  • At the very top left you have your Chicken count. When you are taken down to 0-health you turn into a chicken. If after 30 seconds your chicken is still alive you are automatically resurrected (even in solo mode). You can be killed and resurrected like this three times, but after that you will no longer turn into a chicken!
  • To the right of that you have the Chicken Trophy. You can only hold one of these at a time, and it is used to create your legendary class weapon. You earn these by looting them from enemies that were in chicken form and are fully eliminated.
  • Next to the Chicken Trophy is your Shard count. You use these Shards to craft Legendary armor, abilities, and your class weapon. They can also be used to craft armor and health potions at the Forge. You can only carry 200 at a time.
  • On the second line is the current armor you are wearing. From left to right: Helmet, Chest, Gloves, and Boots. The color denotes the rarity of each piece of armor. From worst to best: White: Common, Green: Rare, Purple: Epic, Gold: Legendary. The rarities for the most part pertain to armor amount, but in the epic and legendary tiers you get bonus buffs to things like mount speed and ability cooldown reduction.
  • The gold bar is your current armor amount. You can currently have a max of 1,200 armor with a full set of Legendaries.
  • The blue bar is your health, each class has 1,200 health.
  • To the right of your health bar are your potion counts. The gold potions repair your armor, and the green potions restore your health!

Pick Your Class

There are five distinct classes you get to choose from in the beginning of the match: Assassin, Engineer, Hunter, Mage, and Warrior. They all play pretty much how they sound, but here's a quick breakdown on what they bring to the table:


More of a stealthy character, has skills that allow it to temporarily disappear and move around invisibly or shroud a certain area near it. Their Legendary weapon is the Sniper Rifle.

Assassin's passive ability is "Gain 10% Groundspeed." Check out our Assassin Guide to learn more about this class!


Can use a turret or plant a healing totem on the ground. The class uses a Plasma Launcher as its Legendary weapon that can deal splash damage to enemies, it's similar to a grenade launcher.

Engineer's passive ability is "Gain 5 Armor per Second." Check out our Engineer Guide to learn more about this class!


Uses traps and utilizes movement to stay alive. Hunter's legendary weapon is a Longbow. The longbow takes a bit to charge the shot, however, the shot goes very straight but is a projectile so will take a bit of time to reach the target.

Hunter's passive ability is "Gain 10% Swap Speed and Reload Speed." Check out our Hunter Guide to learn more about this class!


If you don't like guns too much, you can roll a Mage and utilize spells like Fireball to take down your enemies. Mages use a Legendary Stone Spear to throw at their enemies.

Mage's passive ability is "Gain 30% potion effectiveness." Check out our Mage Guide to learn more about this class!


If you are a fan of leaping into the fray of battle and hurling axes at your enemies then the Warrior class is for you. Warrior's have a Legendary Axe to throw at their victims.

Warrior's passive ability is "Gain 5 Health per Second." Check out our Warrior Guide to learn more about this class!

Dropping from the Blimp

What's a battle royale game without some kind of air vehicle that brings you to the battlefield? In Realm Royale you've got the blimp. When launching out of the blimp, you do not have the luxury of a parachute, so don't expect to float too far from where you decide to jump out. Once you are headed towards the ground there's no real delay until you actually land. Make sure you target exactly where you want to go!

Finding Loot

Now that you are on the ground, you need to find some loot. There isn't loot scattered around on the ground or in houses, but there's various chests and boxes. Boxes only have potions in them, while chests can have guns, armor, or abilities. There's also a third type that only drops weapons. Go for the chests that potentially have weapons before you go for a potion box, you don't want to be stuck without a weapon for too long.

Left: Chest, Right: Weapon Chest

You do have a dagger to start with, so if someone lands near you or on you and they aren't aware, you can take a few swings at them with that and hopefully get a kill. It's usually just better to get a gun though.

Golden Chests

Periodically a golden chest will show up on your map. If you head to this spot you can find a gold chest that contains a random Legendary weapon in it. As far as I know, this is the only way to get legendary weapons other than the ones you can craft for your class.

Equipping Armor

Armor is the same for each class, you have four slots to fill: Helmet, Chest, Boots, and Gloves. The big difference in armor is that each piece has a rarity (same with guns and skills): common, rare, epic, and legendary. The higher in rarity you go the more armor it gives you. Once you get to epic armor, however, it then gives you bonus stats like +Mount Speed or +Reload Speed depending on the piece. Check out our full list of of armor with stats: Realm Royale Armor List.

Swapping Weapons

I think this is one of the more awkward portions of the game, but to grab a gun that's on the ground when you already have a weapon requires you to hit the loot key and then press the corresponding key that is listed under the weapon you want to swap. I'd much prefer it to just swap the gun I'm holding already if I hit the loot key on it, but maybe they will improve this in the future.

If you want to drop a weapon or skill, you need to hit the item key and then right click it to drop it (PC).

Disenchanting Unused Items

Instead of just leaving any loot you don't want behind, in this game you need to disenchant it. Disenchanting gives you shards, which you can then take over to the Forge (the anvil icon on the map in any city area) to craft Legendary armor, weapons, and abilities.

Crafting Items at the Forge

Once you've got a pretty good pile of shards, you should head over to the Forge to craft some Legendary items. You should head to our more in-depth guide for learning How-to Get and Use Shards at the Forge, but I'll list some quick info below.

  • You can only hold 200 shards at one time.
  • You can only craft Legendary armor, weapons, and abilities at Forge locations.
  • You can only craft a Legendary class weapon if you have a Chicken Trophy.
  • When you craft an item it is locked to you and can't be taken or disenchanted for 10 seconds.
  • You do not need to stand and wait for the item to craft, but it's best to stick around so you can grab it before someone else does.
  • The Forge is a potentially hot spot for activity, so always proceed with caution.

Mounting Up

If you are moving out in the open then it's time to hop on the mount. This can take a bit of getting used to if you have been playing the other battle royale games! You'll need to stand still while you are mounting, and you will need to press the mount key again to dismount.

Watching the Fog

Like most games of the genre, you will need to watch for the damaging circle of doom that is closing in on you. The "fog" as it is known in Realm Royale is relatively slow at the moment, so as long as you keep a reasonable eye on it you shouldn't be too worried. The fog will deal damage to your armor first and then move on to your health. You should be able to drink potions in the Fog now, originally there was a bug where they wouldn't work.

Healing and Repairing Armor

If you've taken some damage to your armor or your health then the main way to get it back is by using potions. You can loot green and yellow potions. The green one will restore your health and is bound to the H key on PC. The yellow one repairs your armor, but you can only use it if you have armor and it has been damaged. The default key for this is G on PC.

Chicken Dance

Once you are downed you turn into a chicken! Do not just quit the game, because if an opponent doesn't finish off your chicken form you will be automatically resurrected after 30 seconds. While in chicken mode you can move around and jump, but you can't attack, pick up items, or heal.

You can turn into a chicken three times before you are eliminated for good. The counter is above your armor & health bar.

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  1. The chickens never drop chicken trophies, and I cannot craft legendary weapon (I don’t see the legendary weapon option in the forge too). Why?

    1. There was a recent update where they removed the ability to craft class legendary weapons. It is going to be added again soon, it was something they were testing.

  2. Someone know which one font is in realm royale logo?

  3. is there a way to drop weapon or potion to my friend

    1. Not yet, but in the next patch there will be!

  4. i cant find a match
    ive been searching for ages

    1. Servers were probably having issues.

  5. Awesome and great game

  6. i cannot login into realm royale because it says unable to connect to server

    1. try disabling your firewall for realm royale. i had issues at first and this resolved them

    2. I believe they were doing some server maintenance, hopefully you can login now.