Realm Royale Hunter Class Guide – Tips, Abilities, Builds, Legendary Weapon

If you are looking to dominate in Realm Royale then Hunter is one of the best classes to try!

Our Realm Royale Hunter class guide will run you through all of the class's abilities, builds, legendary weapon, and some tips to get ahead as the evasive Hunter!

It's very early in the life of Realm Royale. The game is in Alpha so a lot of things can change in the near future. However, we can't resist taking a look at all of the classes in a bit more detail. We'll be updating this guide as the game evolves, but for now check out how to get better with the Hunter class right now!

Hunter Passive Ability

Hunter gains 10% Swap Speed and Reload Speed as their passive. Neither of these are super exciting since you will likely just be using your Longbow and not switching or reloading often.

Hunter Abilities

Hunter is a great class if you like to move around quickly, kite your enemy and pop them with your powerful Longbow.

  • Dodge Roll: Quickly roll in the direction you are moving.
    • One of the weaker movement abilities in the game. Good for quickly moving forward or back, but isn't great for getting positioning on enemies.
  • Blast Shot: An explosive projectile that damages (text cutoff).
    • Quick ability that can do a chunk of damage to multiple enemies in a small blast radius.
  • Flare: Fire a flare that reveals enemies in a large (text cutoff).
    • Good for scoping out areas or finding someone who is hiding in a building.
  • Proximity Mine: A mine that explodes when enemies are near.
    • You can place this in doorways or places where you expect enemies to be running towards. Decent, but not great.
  • Withdraw: Leap backwards and enter stealth.
    • One of Hunter's better abilities, allows you to back out and enter stealth. You can fire your weapon while in stealth.

Standard Build: Blast Shot, Withdraw

Blast Shot does a nice chunk of damage in a small area, while Withdraw gives you the ability to escape from sketchy situations. You can also still fire your weapon while in the stealth that Withdraw provides. Firing your weapon will break the stealth!

Legendary Weapon

Longbow: 900 Damage, 2.0 Shot per second.

The Longbow is one of the best weapons in the game currently. One common misconception about it is that you need to completely charge it before you fire. You do not need to do this! You can take a quick shot that will do less damage (still in the 500 range) if you are looking to just hit someone up close. If you charge it up fully it will do the full 900 damage. It does have a brief travel time, but it doesn't have drop on it. In just about every fight you can just run the bow and not switch.

Hunter Tips

Here are some general tips that should help you get better with the Warrior class.

  • Use your Dodge Roll to bounce back to cover or to quickly get after an enemy!
  • Blast Shot can hit multiple enemies so use that to your advantage.
  • Flare is a nice ability for scoping out certain areas where you are certain they are enemies. It makes for a nice way to see where people are hiding in a Forge.
  • Proximity Mine can be placed in the path of enemies, or you can use it to cover an area and alert you when someone is coming!
  • Withdraw is a pretty insane ability, you can bounce back and away to escape in stealth. You can use the stealth to move into a different position without your enemy knowing. You can also use it to evade enemy fire and then take a shot at them while still in stealth!
  • Charge up your Longbow shots while behind cover and then strafe outwards and snap them off. You don't want to be exposed if you are wanting to go for a full draw with this weapon.
  • The charge of the bow is both for damage and range. If you do a short charge it won't go nearly as far, but you can still hit and damage people up close. If you want a full max damage hit with full range then you have to fully charge it.
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  1. nice cool graphics game everything is cool

  2. There is a drop on the bow shot, even when fully charged.

    1. It must be really small because I’ve seen players fire across basically the full render distance and it doesn’t look like it drops.