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Remnant 2 Archetype Tier List: All Classes, Ranked

This Archetype is the remnant of myself...

Remnant 2 is a unique souls-like game that offers players up to eight classes—known as Archetypes—to choose from to fight the Root, an ancient enemy that terrorizes the in-game multiverse. At first glance, it may look like picking a class that can dish out the most damage may be the best choice. However, I quickly discovered that without the proper strategy and team to support me, this playstyle could result in my death. This guide will cover all Remnant 2 Archetypes and how they compare.

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Remnant 2 Best Class/Archetype Tier List

SMedic, Handler, Engineer
AGunslinger, Alchemist, Summoner, Invader
CExplorer, Challenger

All Archetypes in Remnant 2, ranked

We ranked Archetypes according to their overall performance and utility in Remnant 2. Keep in mind that subsequent balance changes may be introduced by developers, in which case we will make proper adjustments to this ranking to reflect them.

All S-tier Archetypes in Remnant 2


Medic is the healer Archetype in Remnant 2, with the primary role of keeping their team alive in combat. Their Prime perk is Regenerator, which lets them fully restore a friend's health using a Relic. Leveling up further enhances this perk's capabilities by providing the healed ally with temporary damage and damage resistance bonuses, bolstering their combat effectiveness.

It goes without saying that healing in a souls-like game has immense value on its own, but Medic has another trick up its sleeve: they can revive downed allies almost immediately, an invaluable tool when fighting bosses like the Bloat King.


Handler is undoubtedly one of the most independent Archetypes in Remnant 2 thanks to its Bonded Prime Perk, which allows players to be revived by their dog companion, provided they have at least one Dragon Heart charge available. It can even be used to remotely revive other teammates who are down while the Handler focuses their attention elsewhere, most likely on the thing that downed their teammate in the first place.

The Handler's role in the team can be multifaceted, with their perks allowing them to increase the team's damage output with the Howl perk or even heal other team members using the Support Dog skill. While their healing may not be at the level a proper Medic can provide, this ability has proven extremely useful in many of my playthroughs.


Engineer is a secret Remnant 2 Archetype that has caught the community by surprise. The best way to describe this Archetype is heavy fire support. Its Prime Perk High Tech overclocks a weapon, granting it an increased rate of fire, infinite ammo, and a 25% damage increase for 15 seconds. And here I thought that Gunslinger carries the biggest firepower! To top it all off, the Engineer's class-specific Trait fortifies their armor, making it more effective, putting this Archetype right into the S tier of this list.

As an added fire support feature, Engineers have Heavy Vulcan Skill, which allows them to deploy a Vulcan Cannon Turret, which the Engineer can pick up and use with a Heavy Carry Mode. If you have Engineer Prime, it will overclock the weapon whether you carry it or have it deployed. Once deployed, the Turret can fire on targets in one of two modes:

  • Support mode: the Turret will fire at the targets you aim at by default, giving you a boosted attack damage.
  • Autonomous fire mode: press the Skill button again to enable autonomous mode on the Turret, where it will fire at the target closest to it.

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All A-tier Archetypes in Remnant 2


Gunslinger is the main DPS Archetype in Remnant 2, providing a near-unlimited amount of firepower at a rapid rate. The Loaded Prime Perk grants the Gunslinger infinite ammunition and no reload time on their weapon, allowing them to dish out a serious amount of firepower rivaled only by the Engineer.

Gunslinger works best in a team, relying on allies to provide healing and other benefits. Ideally, you would want a Medic on your team if you pick this Archetype, or at least somebody to take the brunt of enemy fire, as any kind of sustained damage will quickly knock you down, as I found out the hard way.


Alchemist is a pure support Archetype of Remnant 2, with the sole purpose of providing their team with various buffs. They have the ability to keep one additional Concoction buff active with their Prime Perk Spirited, which enables versatile tactical options. Alchemist is one of the hidden Archetypes, and to unlock it, you need to craft the Philosopher's Stone Engram.


Summoner is an Archetype with a distinctive ability to summon and command minions to do their bidding. They can also use skills to imbue their little army with increased damage, attack speed, and movement speed, making them even more effective against enemies. Their Prime Perk Ruthless is even more useful, which allows them to sacrifice their minions for additional damage.


Invader is probably the most challenging class to unlock in Remnant 2, which goes well with the Archetype's elusive image. They are shadow warriors, relying on illusions and subterfuge to aid their team and strike unsuspecting enemies. Their Prime Perk Shadow spawns a decoy that draws enemy fire for 3 seconds and boosts the character with +5% additional damage against enemies not targeting them. Another helpful feature I particularly like with this Archetype is the Untouchable Trait, which provides them with an increase in Evade Window of up to 30% when maxed.

All B-tier Archetypes in Remnant 2


Hunter is a team-dependent sniper class in Remnant 2. It is a ranged damage Archetype that specializes in marking enemies for their teammates. Their Prime Perk is Dead to Rights, and it allows them to deal Ranged Weakspot damage. They provide various boosts to their team via their skillset, like spotting enemies through walls with the Mark skill, as well as boosting the team’s critical chance against marked targets.

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All C-tier Archetypes in Remnant 2


Explorer plays a support role in Remnant 2, enhancing the team's loot-finding capabilities, boosting team damage, improving movement speed, and uncovering hidden treasures. The usefulness of this Archetype strongly ties into the loot acquisition and farming boosts they provide to their team, but unfortunately, this class falls behind in all other areas.


Challenger is the tank class in Remnant 2, with the sole purpose of taking the brunt of the punishment for their team. Die Hard is their Prime Perk, which gives them an invulnerability period while regenerating their HP; while it can be useful in sticky situations, it comes with the huge downside of a ten-minute cooldown. I personally found this Archetype lackluster in all other areas, and many players think that a tank slot in a game where damage output takes priority is best filled with some other class.

On the upside, they are an incredibly fun Archetype to play and can create powerful combos combined with other Archetypes. I like running the Challenger while primarily using one of the top 10 best melee weapons in Remnant 2. I found it especially effective if I also had an Engineer Archetype in my team for the added fire support.

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Remnant 2 Archetype Tier List: All Classes, Ranked

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