Adopt Me: How to get Gingerbread!

You're going to need plenty of Gingerbread if you want to buy the new holiday pets!

Adopt Me's Winter Holiday event is finally live, and there are brand new pets to obtain. The Frost Fury can only be purchased with Robux, but the remaining five new festive pets are all available via the new Gingerbread currency that can be found all throughout the event! The new pets are rather expensive, but if you log in every day to save up on Gingerbread, you should have enough for a new festive pet in no time!

How-to get Gingerbread

Per the festive holiday, Adopt Me has been kind to provide plenty of ways to collect Gingerbread. There are four minigames to choose from that will each provide large sums of Gingerbread, and they can be completed daily. You can also skate around the ice rank repeatedly to collect a couple hundred Gingerbread.

Ice Rink

In the center of Adoption Island you'll find a large ice rink to skate around. Besides the genuine joy of ice skating in Adopt Me, the area is littered with tons of Gingerbread to collect. Just skate around and follow the Gingerbread paths to collect a couple hundred of the new currency.

You must collect the Ice Rink Gingerbread in a special pickup spot. This pickup spot is still in the Ice Rink area, and the game will remind you if you've forgotten. But be warned: merely collecting the Gingerbread on the Ice Rink will not add it to your Inventory! You must collect the Ice Rink Gingerbread after you're finished skating.

You can even leave your server and join a new one to reset all of the Gingerbread in the ice rink.


There are three minigames to play that will earn you Gingerbread fast. You should be able to come back to Adopt Me every day during the event to complete these and earn more Gingerbread.

Speedy the Penguin

This minigame is found at the Ice Rink. Speedy the Penguin is located just below the bridge and he will challenge you to a timed race around the rink. You must skate through the yellow rings all around the Ice Rink. The hard part of the minigame is avoiding the penguins, as they will knock you down. If you successfully complete the race, talk to Speedy and he will award you 800 Gingerbread. For future races, try beating your score!

Resets: Alternating in-game days.

Build the Snowball Launcher

Scattered throughout the map are three large boxes of presents that you must search to build the Snowball Launcher. Successfully building the Snowball Launcher will award you 800 Gingerbread. 

Resets: This minigame can only be completed once.

Finding all three Snowball Launcher parts can be tricky, so check out this video from Telanthrical below.

Build the Snowmen

This minigame involves a bunch of melted snowmen scattered throughout Adoption Island. These snowmen desperately need your help! Building five snowmen in total will complete the minigame and award you 300 Gingerbread. They aren't too difficult to find, just run around Adoption Island and you're bound to find them.

Resets: Every real-life day.

Feed the Frost Fury

Eventually a random popup will show up on your screen asking you to feed the Frost Fury. If you accept, you will be teleported to an enclosed location full of ice, a cauldron, and a very hungry Frost Fury. Melt as much ice as you can within the time limit. The more ice you melt, the more Gingerbread you will be rewarded with. You don't get as much Gingerbread as you would from the above minigames.

Resets: Alternating in-game days.

Purchase Gingerbread With Robux

Of course, you can always purchase Gingerbread for Robux. This can be done within the Ice Castle where the new pets, accessories, and toys are available to purchase.

Here are all of the Robux prices to purchase Gingerbread during the event:

  • 200 Gingerbread - 20 Robux
  • 800 Gingerbread - 80 Robux
  • 3,000 Gingerbread - 300 Robux
  • 7,500 Gingerbread - 600 Robux
  • 16,000 Gingerbread - 1,200 Robux
  • 50,000 Gingerbread - 3,500 Robux
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  1. How long does it take before a new minigame starts?

  2. Anybody else saving up for a snow owl? So am I its my dream pet. One day left and I’m on 6,156!

    1. I have a snow owl! Any offers? It’s normal UwU

    2. I farmed for a few days and I managed to get all the Winter Pets except for the Frost Fury, and it only took me 2 weeks, 45 minutes a day.

  3. The Gingerbread on the lake don’t actually respawn when you leave and rejoin its by timing and in game days I think

  4. Where is the ice castle. Thanks

  5. Hi can you please tell me what the gingerbread men are for. How can I use them. Thank you

  6. Please tell mw how long it takes till the adopt me lake reset the gingerbread

    1. The Winter Update ends on January 19.

  7. when does this game end

    1. January 19th.

  8. i need two more pet snowman to make a neon ;-;

  9. The snowmen are not reset each day. Have not been able to build the snowmen for days now. Very fusterating. Losing out on alot of gingerbread.

    1. Weird!

  10. Speedy only gives out one lot of 800 I think as I’ve been trying for days and only got it once

  11. Hi it was really helpful but I have a have a question what can u do with gingerbread.

    1. You can buy festive pets and accessories in the Ice Castle.

  12. How do you buy animals, though?

    1. Animals are purchased with Gingerbread in the Ice Castle, check out this link to see prices:

  13. thanks
    this helped

  14. I think you only get 800 gingerbread from Speedy the first time you race.

  15. I think last Christmas event was better than dis one.

    1. Same!! I liked when we road the reindeers, lost are gingerbread, had a calender, it was super fun. This event was fun too, but I still like to last one better too.

    2. Why is that?

  16. Thanks! This will really help grow my YouTube channel!

  17. 1. When it turns from day to night, and night to day, Speedy lets me race but he only awarded me 800 gingerbread the first time I ever raced, even when the days (in games) the minigame doesn’t reset.
    2. I signed up for a writer and I never got a response.

    1. Same, maybe that was on purpose? But I dont know. Ill try contacting the creator:)

    2. Weird, it should reset. Maybe it is just the gingerbread to collect that resets. I’ll double check on Speedy.

      1. Right, now the gingerbread respawns when it alternates in game days, not when you rejoin, there goes my gingerbread farm method-

  18. How fast do you have to finish the ice rank to get the 800 ginger bread??

    1. So long as you skate through all of the circles, you will get the Gingerbread. This course times how long it takes, so it is more of a speedrun. 🙂

  19. what do you do with the gingerbread after? like can you buy a pet with it or will we only find that out after the update is over?

    1. The Gingerbread is used to buy all festive pets, accessories and toys found within the Ice Castle.

  20. Hey Can U Tell Us How To Get Popcorn Bucket?

    1. The Popcorn Bucket is currently only available through giveaways from popular YouTubers or on Twitter. I haven’t added it to the list, since not everyone can get it.

      1. Hi! I have some problems…
        1. The frost fury feeding game I saw never on.
        2. Why cant speedy give anymore gingerbread?

        1. Sorry to hear that! Feed the Frost fury pops up on your screen at random. You might need to spend more time running around in-game for it to trigger.

          Not sure about Speedy… some have reported that he’s not giving anymore Gingerbread. I’ll keep track of this and update the guide as nexessary. Thanks for checking in! 🙂

  21. Thank you for this! I wanted to see how much gingerbread you could get on your first day with the winter update if you did them all at once, and this means you can probably get the new snowman in less then 15 minutes

    1. Yep, you can get the new snowman real quick!

      1. I tried to find all snowmen and I only found 3 in more than an hour

        1. There’s one on the left when you enter from the neighborhood, one at Trading Central (Basically in front of the nursery, but a lot of traders stay there.), one behind the hospital, and 2 near the camping site.

        2. Have you talked to Winterkin for hints?

  22. Hi good afternoon , Can you please put if that mini game is daily or not? I talked to Speedy again but he didn’t award me with gingerbread. Is it because I have already completed this mini game? For me its not daily.

    1. All minigames have been updated with their reset times. The Speedy quest should reset on alternating in-game days. So, you should be able to do the race multiple times per day, depending on how long you play.

  23. Thank you this helpee me alot