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Bedwars is a popular Roblox Game that follows the bedwars game mechanic where you collect resources and upgrades to defend your bed and destroy your opponents' beds. Recently, the developers of this Roblox game added several new commands to the custom match mode that can allow you to fine-tune the game and make it more or less difficult.

In the list below, we provide the full list of commands currently available in the game and a quick rundown of what they do. This is not an expansive list, but we expect it to change as the developers continue to work on the game!

Update February 2022: A new command has been added called /enchant

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Command SyntaxDescription
/announce MessageGives a notification message to all in-game players. Replace Message with what you'd like to announce.
/blacklistitem Item NameRestricts said item from being used in the custom match. Replace ItemName with the item that you want to remove. Items with multiple words should be separated with underscores.
/cohost allGives all players co-host permissions and access to the host panel.
/disablekit KitNameDisables the said kit from being used in the custom match. Replace KitName with the kit that you want to remove.
/disaster DisasterNameSpawns the specified disaster in the game. Replace DisasterName with the disaster you'd like to spawn.
/enchant EnchantmentName_LevelApplies the Enchantment listed in the command. Replace EnchantmentName with the enchantment and replace Level with the enchantment level you'd like to apply.
/give @PlayerName | @all | @team:TeamColor ItemName AmountGives the selected players the specified amount of the selected item. Replace PlayerName or TeamColor with the name of the player or color of the team that will receive the item. Replace ItemName and Amount with the item and amount to give the selected players.
/kick UserNameReplace UserName with the username of the player you'd like to kick from the match. Must use the user's username and not their Display Name.
/luckyairdropForces an airdrop of 1-10 Lucky Blocks in a random area on the map. Lucky Blocks contain rare loot/weapons.
/setDeathmatchTime XXSets the time until the deathmatch countdown begins.
Replace XX with the number of seconds to wait before the deathmatch timer starts.
/setGeneratorMultiplier XXSets the multiplier spawn rate for resource generators.
Replace XX with a number above zero to set the spawn rate. The lower the number, the faster it spawns! (.00001 makes it spawn much faster than 1000)
/sethealthgreen Player RegenAmountChanges a player's self regen healing rate. Replace Player with the name of the player to change, and replace RegenAmount with the healing rate.
/spawn ItemName AmountSpawns an item of your choosing. Replace ItemName with the name of the item and replace Amount with how much of that item you want.
/togglespawn Name true/falseToggles the spawning of said item. Replace Name with whatever you'd like to spawn, then type true if you want to enable spawning and false if you'd like to disable spawning of that item.
/tp allTeleports all players to a point on the map.
/tpbed Color_bedTeleports you to a team bed. Replace Color with the color of the bed to which you want to teleport.
/tp UserNameTeleports you to another player. Replace UserName with the user to whom you'd like to teleport.

That's all the commands available in the game so far. Remember to use the proper capitalization and syntax exactly as it's listed above!

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All Roblox Bedwars Commands

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  9. /spawn vending_machine 10

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  11. if we type /spawn [item] [number], do we need to put underscore in front of numbers
    P.S thanks for the commands I trolled my friends enough lol

  12. /spawn emerald_inf
    /spawn diamond_inf
    /spawn iron_inf
    /spawn aarow_inf
    /spawn firework_aarow_inf

    1. So can you command for zip line
      /spawn zipline inf

      1. Are these commands available without admin

        1. I think yes cuz I used it without being admin

  13. What are all the items that can be spawned using spawn command?

  14. This is going to be a future command in the next update enjoy

    1. Future command:/enchant sorry for one mistake ???

      1. Ummm only works with enchantment table but it’s been fixed

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  15. how do i spawn entities?

    1. /spawn dodo or duck_entity

      1. That includes penguin

    2. I don’t believe there is a command for that yet, but I’ll look around and see if I find anything. I think the only codes available are the ones listed above.

      1. You’re wrong it’s an actual command

        1. Cool, so the command is already listed, it just applies to entities, too. Thanks for the info!

  16. New command:/enchant

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    2. Any enchantment name

      1. OK do you want to know how it works

        1. Get enchantment table 1st before you get the command ready

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      1. So can you command for zip line
        /spawn zipline inf

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      1. Yes

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