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Verdant Moon is unique since players pretty much hold the reins for the entire game, meaning that they're the ones who are left to figure out everything within it. To work with this, an unofficial Trello has been created that offers a small guide to help players learn the basics of Verdant Moon gameplay.

Weapon Locations

There are a total of six weapons in the game as of Oct. 7, 2021, all of which can be found, unlocked or purchased.

1. Sword

  • The sword is automatically unlocked at the start of your adventure—you spawn in with it the first time that you enter the Gray Garden. It can also be purchased from the merchant in the Gray Garden.
    • Abilities:
      • M1: 8.2 damage
      • M1 Combo: 41 damage
      • M2: 10 damage
      • Regal Slash: Quick slashes with no knock back that can be used as a combo extender for 18 damage
      • Counter: A simple counter for 16 damage
      • Divine Eruption: 3 pillars emerge from the ground and protrude forward, damaging and knocking back any hit for 12 damage
      • Passive attack: Bonus HP awarded

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2. Spear

  • Purchasable from the Merchant within the Gray Garden.
    • Abilities:
      • M1: 7.8 damage
      • M1 Combo: 39 damage
      • M2: 10 damage
      • Luring Strike: Two stabs, extends your combo for 10 damage
      • Lucent Blade: Enhances your weapon with lightning and gives an attack speed buff, but takes away one M1 hit opportunity
      • Last Storm: Small charge up and a lunge forward for 12 damage
      • Passive attack: Better Dash

3. Push Dagger

  • Purchasable from the Merchant within the Gray Garden.
    • Abilities:
      • M1: 6.6 damage
      • M1 Combo: 33 damage
      • M2: 9 damage
      • Blink: Your next M1 will make you damage and teleport to the nearest target for 14 damage
      • Quick Gauge: Stabs the enemy quickly, can be used as a combo extender and goes through block for 14 damage

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4. Axe

  • Obtainable by talking to Laire the Axe Trainer who can be found in Fortune inside of a small house on a hill. You will also need 350 coins and a high amount of Sword or Push Dagger XP which can be gathered by using either weapon in battle or by completing quests.
    • Abilities
      • M1: 8.25 damage
      • M1 Combo: 33 damage
      • M2: 12 damage
      • Cinder Slam: Launch upwards and slam down to produce fire and knock back any targets for 14 damage
      • Pressure Kick: Kicks and ragdolls opponent for seven damage
      • Iron Fury: A lunging kick for eight damage

5. Scythe

  • Obtainable by speaking with the mysterious Scythe Trainer in the Graveyard near Silver Forest 2. You will also need 350 coins and a high enough XP level for either your Sword or Spear. For a more in-depth guide on how to find ??? the Scythe trainer, check our article here.
    • Abilities
      • M1: 8.5 damage
      • M1 Combo: 34 damage
      • M2: 12 damage
      • Vestigial Spirit: Summon a floating purple skull that will pop and hurt whomever it impacts for 3 damage
      • Curse Reap: Envelop your scythe in dark particles and swing it in a 360, damaging all who are in its path for 16 damage

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6. Greatsword

  • Obtainable by speaking with Varielle the Greatsword Trainer in the Undergrowth. She's sitting on a ledge near the parkour wall—almost to the abyss. You will also need 350 coins and 60+ kills prior to speaking with her.
    • Abilities
      • M1: 16 damage
      • M1 Combo: 32 damage
      • M2: 14 damage
      • Fortify: Enchant yourself and negate all hit stun
      • Exile Crash: Same attack as M2 for 15 damage
      • Giant's Wrath: Three slashes that deal 8.7 damage each (26 damage total) and knocks the enemy back

Those are all of the weapons available in Verdant Moon at the moment! If more weapons are added we will update this list accordingly!

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