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Anime Adventures Trading Value List

Check how much your units are worth trading for!

Trading is a great way to get some of the best units in Roblox Anime Adventures and make a substantial amount of Gems.

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If you want to be sure you're making the best trades possible and not getting ripped off, check out the list of values below that I compiled for you and use it as a guide on how much you should trade your units for!

All Units Trading Value in Roblox Anime Adventures

The value of units continuously changes over time as new units come to the game or as units become less or more effective to use in play. This list could change in the future, so keep an eye on potential updates. This is currently how the rankings look in terms of what is the most valuable in the S-Tier to the least valuable in the C-Tier:

S-Tier Value List

JIO (Over Heaven) / Dio (SHINY)Player's Demand4Overpriced
Future Guhon / GohanPlayer's Demand5Stable
Future Guhon / Gohan16,0006Stable
Jio (Over Heaven) / Dio (SHINY)14,5005Stable
Blue Devil / Rin (SHINY)12,5005Stable
Blue Devil / Rin7,5006Stable
Mist Ninja / Zabuza (SHINY)5,8507Stable
Roger / Gol D. Roger5,3505Unstable
Android 21 (SHINY)5,2506Stable
Homuru / Homura (SHINY)4,1508Stable
Emili / Emilia (SHINY)3,6005Stable
Toby / Tobi (SHINY)3,3003Stable
Android 213,1507Stable
Skull Knight (SHINY)3,0506Stable
Hie / Hiei (SHINY)3,0005Stable
Boron / Boros (SHINY)2,7506Stable
Ging / Gin (SHINY)2,5007Overpriced
Saicky / Saiki K (SHINY)2,5003Stable
Jelly / Jellal (SHINY)2,0005Stable
Lulu / Lelouch (SHINY)1,9003Unstable
Gilgamesh (SHINY)1,8505Stable
Unohana / Unohana (SHINY)1,7506Stable
Kumo / Kuma (SHINY)1,6503Stable
Mamy / Mamy (SHINY)1,5507Stable

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A-Tier Value List

Saiky / Saiki1,4503Stable
Tango / Tengen (SHINY)1,4253Stable
Hie / Hiei1,4256Stable
Power (SHINY)1,4006Stable
Kumo / Kuma1,3503Stable
Flamingo / Doflamingo (SHINY)1,3505Stable
Piccoru / Piccolo (SHINY)1,3007Stable
Roger / Gol D. Roger1,3005Stable
Kisoko / Kisuke (Bankai) (SHINY)1,2005Stable
Ezra / Erza (Lightning) (SHINY)1,2004Stable
Merlyn / Merlin (SHINY)1,1504Stable
Yamamoto / Yamamoto (SHINY)1,0004Stable
Wavy / Nejire (SHINY)9753Stable
Ria / Rias (SHINY)9506Stable
Snake Princess / Boa (SHINY)9255Stable
Shisu / Shisui (SHINY)9006Stable
Kenshi / Kenshin (SHINY)8504Stable
Poseidon (SHINY)8004Stable
Kimomaro / Kimimaro (SHINY)8003Stable
Temori / Temari (SHINY)8003Stable
Jozo / Jozu (SHINY)8003Stable
Mist Ninja / Zabuza7254Stable
Harribu / Harribel (SHINY)6755Stable
Angel (SHINY)6755Stable
Issai / Issei (SHINY)6355Stable
Bombietta / Bambietta (SHINY)6255Stable
Luci/Lucy (SHINY)6255Stable
Homuru / Homura6007Stable
Boxo (SHINY)6002Stable
Rohon / Rohan (SHINY)6005Stable
Daky / Daki (SHINY)6005Stable
Ice Queen / Esdeath (SHINY)5754Stable
Getu/Geto (SHINY)5504Stable
Akena / Akeno (SHINY)5504Stable
Nejiri / Nejire5454Stable
Yoshina / Yoshino (SHINY)5005Stable
Gowther / Gowthy (SHINY)4905Stable
Heathcliff (SHINY)4755Stable
Inuyasha / Inuyashu (SHINY)4755Stable
Ji Mo Ri / Jin Mori (SHINY)4704Stable
Akin / Aki (SHINY)4604Stable
Tatsumo / Tatsumi (SHINY)4604Stable
Madoko/Madoka (SHINY)4505Stable
Cooler (SHINY)4504Stable
Heathcliff (SHINY)4755Stable
Inuyasha / Inuyashu (SHINY)4755Stable
Ji Mo Ri / Jin Mori (SHINY)4704Stable
Akin / Aki (SHINY)4604Stable
Tatsumo / Tatsumi (SHINY)4604Stable
Madoko/Madoka (SHINY)4505Stable
Cooler (SHINY)4504Stable
Chainsaw (SHINY)4303Stable
Peruna/Perona (SHINY)4254Stable
Isago/Isagi (SHINY)3903Stable
Ipo/Ippo (SHINY)3853Stable
Buggy (SHINY)3803Stable
Sayako/Sayaka (SHINY)3753Stable
Minata/Minato (SHINY)3753Stable
Kuneko/Koneko (SHINY)3753Stable
Broke/Brook (SHINY)3653Stable
Roshy/Roshi (SHINY)3652Stable
Kyoka/Kyoko (SHINY)3503Stable
Kit/Kite (SHINY)3354Stable
Klay/Klein (SHINY)3353Stable
Todoro/Todoroki (SHINY)3254Stable
Weather/Weather Report (SHINY)3253Stable
Avdo/Avdol (SHINY)3003Stable

B-Tier Value List

Ezra / Ezra Valkyrie (SHINY)2954Stable
Erza / Ezra (True Heart) (SHINY)2754Stable
Kizume / Kisame (SHINY)2753Stable
Toshin/Toshiro (SHINY)2603Stable
Skull Knight2505Stable
Kent/Kento (SHINY)2504Stable
Kobeno / Kobeni (SHINY)2353Stable
Hime/Himeno (SHINY)2353Stable
Fire Fist/Ace (SHINY)2304Stable
Boros / Boron2254Stable
Lucky / Luck (SHINY)1852Stable
Moriu / Moria (SHINY) / Moria (SHINY)1852Stable
Lulu / Lelouch1852Unstable
Yamamoto/Yamamoto (Hellfire)1753Stable
Inuyasha / Inuyashu1754Stable
Ji Mo Ri/Jin Mori1753Stable
Tatsumo / Tatsumi1754Stable
Oshy / Ai Hoshino (SHINY)1705Stable
Ipo / Ippo1603Stable
Mira / Mirko (SHINY)1453Stable
Denjy / Denji Secret (SHINY)1353Stable
Isago / Isagi1353Stable
Carrot (SHINY)1353Stable
Ichi (Full Hollow) / Ichigo (Full Hollow) (SHINY)1254Stable
Kisoko / Kisuke1203Stable
Merlyn / Merlin1153Stable
Haka/Haku (SHINY)1153Stable
Jellal / Jelly1103Stable
Renzi / Renji (SHINY)1002Stable
Nami / Navi (SHINY)954Stable
Ezra / Ezra (Lightning)903Stable
Daky / Daki804Stable
Getu / Geto (Maximum754Stable
Ice Queen / Esdeath703Stable
Veko (SHINY)703Stable
Luci/Lucy (All Keys)654Stable
Piccoru / Piccolo653Stable
Mamy / Mami604Stable
Shisu / Shisui603Stable
Navi / Nami604Stable
Oshy / Ai Hoshino603Stable
Issai / Issei603Stable
Ria / Rias553Stable
Brook / Broke554Stable

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C-Tier Value List

Madoka / Madoka503Stable
Akena / Akeno503Stable
Gati/Geten (SHINY)502Stable
Nightmare Luffo / Nightmare Luffy (SHINY)502Stable
Shingo / Shinji (SHINY)502Stable
Mecha Freezo / Mecha Frieza (SHINY)502Stable
Chainsaw / Denji502Stable
Aki / Akin502Stable
Bombietta / Bambietta453Stable
Sayako / Sayaka453Stable
Peruna / Perona402Stable
Klay / Klein402Stable
Ezra / Ezra (Valkyrie)402Stable
Avdol / Avdo352Stable
Snake Princess / Boa302Stable
Tango / Tengen302Stable
Unohona / Unohana302Stable
Kizume / Kisame252Stable
Kyoka / Kyoko252Stable
Kobeno / Kobeni252Stable
Tobi / Toby202Stable
Ezra / Ezra (True Heart)202Stable
Roshy / Roshi201Stable
Luci / Lucy (Missing Keys)152Stable
Todorro / Todoroki152Stable
Toshin / Toshiro151Stable
Kent / Kento152Stable
Heavy Weather / Weather Report152Stable
Kit/Kite (SHINY)102Stable
Lucky/Luck (SHINY)102Stable
Ging / Gin101Stable
Moriu / Moria101Stable
Haka / Haku101Stable
Fire Fist/Ace51Stable
Ichi (Full Hollow) / Ichigo (Full Hollow)51Stable
Renzi / Renji51Stable
Luffo (Marine's Ford) / Luffy (Marineford)51Stable
Nightmare Luffo / Nightmare Luffy51Stable
Shingo / Shinji51Stable
Mecha Freezo / Mecha Frieza51Stable
Yoshina / Yoshino52Stable
Mira / Mirko51Stable

If you notice a character missing out from the list, it's because they are still too new to the game and haven't yet been valued enough to make it to the standings. These are units that have been in the game for a while that are hardly featured in the summons and are thus harder to obtain. For this reason, they're much more valuable in trades.

This list is meant to be used as a guide for trading with others, but always use your own discretion to ensure you get the best deal and most fair trade possible. Keep an eye out for changes in the future.

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Anime Adventures Trading Value List

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